Improving access to quality mental health support for some of our most vulnerable Latino youth and families through training, collaboration and service across the Americas.

What We Do

La Puerta Abierta/The Open Door, provides clinical resources, training and mentorship to an evolving network of individuals and programs who are committed to the emotional well-being of our most vulnerable youth and families in the Latino immigrant and refugee community. Our U.S.-based programming works to eliminate barriers to mental health care for the Latino immigrant community by building the capacity of competent, bilingual clinical providers through training and supervision of interns and volunteers, as well as through community education forums and service learning. 

  A key feature of La Puerta Abierta’s programming has been the development and implementation of a counseling service program model that minimizes the amount of bureaucracy that typically constrains the delivery of quality mental health care to immigrant youth and families who cannot access services elsewhere due to language, economic, legal and social barriers. 

 In our international work (through our Ecuador- based partnerships),we provide ongoing  collaborative training and mentoring on topics such as trauma, addiction, mental illness, family developmental cycles, family and community violence, children and adolescent mental health and internal and international migration.

 Since 2010, we developed and expanded our work in the local immigrant communities of the Delaware Valley, providing a training venue for bilingual university interns and community volunteers. Along with a small administrative staff, an array of mental health services are provided for individuals, youth and families who cannot access services elsewhere due to language, economic, legal and social barriers. In addition, we collaborate closely with other providers, as well as with schools, universities and other community groups, with the goal of shifting attitudes, practice protocols and policies so our immigrant neighbors feel safe and valued as members of our community.




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Collaboration as a Site of Personal and Institutional Transformation: Thoughts from Inside a Cross-National Alliance

Sharon M. Ravitch, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
Cathi Tillman, LSW, Intercultural Coalition for Family Wellness, Philadelphia, PA

March 5, 2010

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Learning from our work: Sharing what we learn

La Puerta Abierta produces clinical materials in both English and Spanish for community-based professionals who are interested in developing and/ or enhancing their clinical skills.   Materials and related links pertain to challenges, as well as strategies to promote healing and healthy family relationships - particularly in communities impacted by stressors associated with immigration.  We are happy to share our "lessons learned" as well as interesting and useful articles and links related to our training and service.  Visit us on facebook or contact us directly at to see what we're doing and learning.  We love to share!

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