La Puerta Abierta (LPA)/The Open Door is an initiative of the Intercultural Coalition for Family Wellness (ICFamWell), a non-profit organization started in partnership with a sister-project in Latin America,and that aims to support local under-funded programs through clinical mentorship and training. LPA provides locally-based, bi-lingual mental health support services for immigrant families in the Delaware Valley region. We assist them in overcoming trauma that results from displacement of family members, alienation from public services, lack of language skills and reliable relationships in their community. Your donations will make a substantial difference in how much they can enhance not only their lives, but also their contributions to the community as a whole. 

With tens of thousands of immigrants living in the Philadelphia area, La Puerta Abierta cannot single-handedly heal the wounds. We need your help in a myriad of ways, but especially in increasing the awareness of a cause dedicated to human beings who seek social and emotional empowerment.

Please support us by spreading the word about La Puerta Abierta/The Open Door.


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