This is a series of 10 lines on badminton in English for all classes.
1. Badminton, commonly believed to have been invented by the British during the time period between 1858 and 1862, has become one of the most popular sports worldwide.
2. A game which originated from China can be played with a racquet made out of bird feathers tied together at one end with thread and string or strips torn off cloth such as cotton fabric coated in rubber dust mixed with water to make it soft enough to bounce easily when hit by an opponent’s shuttlecock- like that used in squash but smaller because its possible use was more limited than similar racquets used today-and harden into elasticity when dry again if not stretched too much before hitting it back up towards their opponent who then tries his/her best to return it over the net where they are waiting opposite them so that they can win points! However, this technique is no longer allowed because there were many instances of players using rackets or even bats instead!
3. The first international tournament started being held around 1850 after Queen Victoria became interested in playing badminton herself; however still believing this sport had only recently been introduced she challenged any club members outside her clubs (except other royals) wishing to play against her team without tackling their opponents head on! It took about 4 years for some people just getting tired of losing games endlessly decided out of sheer boredom that might as well start initiating these tournaments themselves since nobody else seemed willing to do anything about it either!
4. In 1908 after having lost four consecutive matches against different countries within India itself Sri Gokulam won gold medals winning every single match throughout both individual competition and among teams until 1912 hosting multi country competitions including athletes from neighboring regions while also becoming known internationally? Today he remains what James Frew calls “the father figure” behind modern day Indian badmishonists?! He also founded schools across Bangalore run solely for children learning how play properly meaning girls could now partake although originally women weren’t admitted due men claiming sporting events belonged strictly manly affairs? This tradition continued till 1964 despite court cases trying futilely get justice through gender equality laws proving male chauvinism would always prevail over legal righteousness…only ending once ‘women’s’ participation was granted federally starting 1988…? With less than 20% female representation overall around 2004 according new research done sadly mostly geared towards improving conditions rather than truly advancing fairness we’re actually seeing things changing already

The “10 lines on my favourite game cricket” is a blog post that has 10 lines on the sport of badminton. The article also includes a line about how to play it in English for all classes.

10 Lines on Badminton in English for All Classes

Badminton is a widely played sport all over the globe. This game is commonly played and is regarded as an excellent form of exercise. Today, we’ll look at the game and learn 10 badminton phrases. These principles are quite basic and straightforward for all pupils in any class. If you’re seeking for lines that are both great and appropriate for your class, go there. Also, share these sentences with your children.

10 Badminton Lines for Classes 2, 3, and 4

1. Racquet sports, such as badminton, are popular.

2. It comes in two distinct forms: singles (one player per side) and doubles (two players per side).

3. Two players are separated by a net.

4. Although it is an outdoor game, many individuals play it on their rooftops.

5. Badminton is played on a rectangular court and is usually played outside.


6. Each player attempts to earn points by hitting a shuttlecock across the net.

7. There is a score limit; whomever scores quicker wins.

8. This game is really beneficial to one’s fitness.

9. Doctors recommend that patients play badminton on a regular basis as a kind of physical exercise.

10. I like playing badminton.

10 Badminton Lines for Classes 5, 6, and 7

1. Badminton is the world’s quickest racket sport. It’s quite popular and is played all around the globe.


2. In 1992, this sport was included to the Olympic Games. After then, it grew in popularity all over the globe.

3. Saina Nehwal is India’s best badminton player. She is a fantastic player who has won several honors for the nation.

4. The United States Badminton Association was created in 1936, and the sport has grown in popularity among Americans since then.

5. Badminton is played in almost every country in Europe, America, and Asia. Asian nations like as China, Japan, and South Korea feature a number of outstanding badminton players who have won several accolades and tournaments for their respective countries.

Two rackets and a shuttlecock are the most significant tools for this game. Goose, hen, and bird wings are used to make the shuttlecock. However, there is now an artificial shuttlecock made of plastic. Even yet, the greatest shuttlecock comes from a goose’s left wing.

7. The International Badminton Federation is the major organization that runs badminton all over the globe. Around 150 nations are members of this organization.


8. This game is a fantastic workout for those who wish to keep in shape all of the time. Doctors often recommend badminton to patients who dislike going to the gym.

9. It is my personal favorite game. Badminton is one of my favorite sports.

10. Every winter, we build a basketball court in front of our home and play with a few of my friends and their families.

Badminton Lines for Classes 8, 9, and 10

1. Badminton is one of the most popular sports in the world, and I like it tremendously. This is one of my favorite things since it allows me to keep active throughout the day.

2. Playing badminton on a regular basis will increase your speed, strength, and focus. As a result, I believe that everyone should play badminton on a regular basis.

3. This game is also quite popular across the globe. Because the game requires such a little amount of area, it may also be played inside. This is something that a lot of people do on their rooftops.


4. Single and double games are the most common forms of games. In singles, each side has one player, whereas in doubles, each side has two players. Single-player games need greater power, speed, and strength. Double, on the other hand, does not need as much speed. However, you must have a solid working relationship with your co-player.

5. This game is really interesting since winning a match is not simple. Both teams put in a lot of effort to win every game. At the conclusion of the contest, the scenario becomes very thrilling and enthralling.

6. I began playing badminton at the age of ten. A professional player was one of my relatives. He invited me to join him in practice. Gradually, I improved as a player and became a viable choice for him to train on a daily basis.

7. I now play badminton in the morning every day. When I play this, I don’t need to work out or go to the gym. For the whole day, I feel so much lighter and happier.

8. I pay close attention to excellent players and attempt to pick up on their techniques. It’s difficult to capture their method the majority of the time, but I never give up hope. This fantastic game is still a work in progress for me.

9. If at all feasible, I recommend that everyone plays badminton on a regular basis. It will help you keep healthy and feel good both physically and psychologically.


10. This is my favorite sport, and I like it much.  

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What is badminton paragraph?

A: The badminton paragraph is a type of shuttlecock used in the sport of badminton. Its shape and light weight makes it easy to control as well as hit with power, speed and accuracy.

What is your Favourite game write down about your Favourite game in 9 10 lines?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.
I enjoy playing games like Beat Saber and Star Wars Battlefront II with my friends when we have some time to be together at the end of the day or on weekends while eating pizza

What is the game badminton?

A: Badminton is a team sport in which two opposing players shuttle racquets back and forth over a net.
It came from the Indian game Poona, which was originally played by poor horsemen who used to hit hard flat rocks with their bare hands without using equipment

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