The following lines are a poem about computers.
I’m sorry I can’t remember your name,
But you’re on my mind all the time.
You see, when we started out together,
we never thought of endings or beginnings;

The “5 lines on computer for class 4” is a simple task that requires only 5 lines on the computer. This task can be completed by students in their free time, or as homework.

10 Lines on Computer for Class 3 in English

10 English Lines on the Computer for Class 3

Here are ten lines in English for class 3 on the computer. I hope these lines are useful to your children. Don’t forget to tell your kids about them.

1. The computer is one of science’s most important inventions. It has altered the whole technological landscape. 

2. With the help of contemporary technologies, the educational system has been updated. 

3. We may now use a laptop to read and prepare our studies. 

4. Our book, too, is kept on a computer. Thousands of books may be stored there, and it is portable. 

5. Pre-made presentations are used by teachers to instruct us. Students will have an easier time understanding the material, and the instructor will save a lot of time. 

6. In the medical field, computers assist in the detection of sickness and, in certain situations, the detection of a cure. 

7. It only functions when we tell it to; it can’t operate on its own.

8. I may be a fun method to pass the time. You may watch movies, listen to music, and sketch while you’re there. 

9. While the computer has many positive aspects, it also has a few negative aspects. A computer addiction that is too strong might harm your eyes. 

Overall, it is a brilliant idea and a scientific marvel. This innovation has made our lives so much easier. 

For Class 3, there are ten lines on the computer.

More than ten lines: 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 10 line computer?

A: 10-line computer is a machine with an integrated printer and the ability to process input from keyboard, mouse or other peripherals.

What is computer simple lines?

A: Computer simple lines are a type of computer graphic that is typically used to represent lines, shapes and/or graphics in 2D animation. Simple line graphics tend to be easy on the eyes and not distracting from other elements of an image or video.

What are the 10 uses of computer?

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