Elephants are some of the most recognised animals in history, yet many people struggle with their spelling. This is because there are no common words for elephant in English- only Greek and Latin ones! Using a combination of these two languages, we can understand how to spell this word easily.
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The “10 lines on elephant in english for class 4” is a 10 line poem about an elephant. It was written by Rudyard Kipling and is included in the English curriculum for grade 4 students.

10 Lines on Elephant in English

The elephant is a massive creature. Every student in school should get more knowledgeable about this common animal. Here are ten elephant-related statements in English for all pupils in the class. I hope these sentences will teach you anything about this animal. Don’t forget to tell your kids about these lines.

10 Elephant Lines in English for Classes 1, 2, 3, and 4

Here are ten English lines on elephants for students in grades 1, 2, 3, and 4. These lines are simple to remember. You should tell your kids about these lines.  

1. The elephant is the world’s largest mammal.  

2. It has a vast and large body.  

3. It has four large legs that help it maintain its balance.  

4. It has a short tail and two tiny eyes.  


5. Elephants have trunks that aid in food acquisition.  

6. They may be found mostly in Africa and Asia.  

7. They can run and swim more quickly.  

8. They were utilized in wars in the past.  

9. They are very beneficial to the environment.  

It is venerated in the form of Lord Ganesha in India.


10 Elephant Lines in English for Classes 5, 6, and 7

These ten elephant-related statements in English are intended for pupils in grades 5, 6, and 7.  

1. The elephant is a massive creature.  

2. It’s recognized for having a bright mind and a good memory.  

3. Elephants are usually black or grey in hue.  

4. It has four large legs that act as pillars, assisting it in balancing its massive bulk.  

5. It has two very huge ears, but its eyes are little and its tail is short.  


6. It has a large and lengthy trunk that it utilizes to collect food and water.  

7. Elephants may be found mostly in Africa and Asia.  

8. India is home to a large number of elephants. West Bengal, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, and Assam have a large number of them.  

9. In the past, it was utilized as a carrier of weaponry and men in battle.  

10. I’m a big fan of elephants.

10 Elephant Lines in English for Classes 8, 9, and 10

For pupils in grades 8, 9, and 10, here are a few sentences on elephants.  


1. The elephant is the world’s largest land mammal. It is enormous in size.  

2. It has four pillar-shaped legs, two enormous ears, and two little eyes. It seems grey, and the majority of the time they are unattractive and not very nice to look at.  

3. Due to the elephant’s size and rarity, a large crowd gathered to watch it. The elephant at the zoo is a favorite of most children.  

4. In the bush, elephants stick together as a herd. A troop of elephants usually consists of 20 to 25 elephants. A herd is a term used to describe a group of animals.  

5. Elephants have a huge brain, which allows them to retain a lot of knowledge and remember it after a few years.  

6. They have a fantastic mechanism for communicating with one another. With their trunks, they produce a variety of sounds and signs.  


7. Elephants are unable to leap due to their huge bulk and excessive weight. They can, however, run at a maximum speed of 35 kilometers per hour.  

8. They like spending time with intellectual creatures like apes and humans. They exhibit human-like emotions, including the ability to weep.  

9. They take a lot of baths. Enough bathing aids in the protection of their skin from bug bites.  

10. I spend a lot of time observing elephants. One of my favorite animals is this one.  

More than ten lines:

In 3rd grade, students will learn about the elephant. They will write 10 lines on an elephant in English. Reference: few lines on elephant for class 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the line of elephant?

A: A line of elephants is used in a variety of contexts, including as an analogy for the act or process by which something spreads, and to describe a long-running social trend.

How do you write an elephant essay?

A: An essay is a report or other composition of an authors thoughts and opinions on a particular subject, usually presented as either typed or handwritten text. The word essay comes from the French essai (meaning trial), which was originally used in horse racing to indicate that all previous attempts to win the race had been unsuccessful.

What are 5 interesting facts about elephants?

A: Elephants are the largest living land animals and their tusks can grow up to 4 feet long. An elephants trunk has more than 50,000 muscles that work simultaneously. The longest known tree-trunk fracture is a 46 inch girth of an African bush elephant in Sabi Sand Game Reserve on January 17th 2007, making it one of the widest!

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