The popularity of mobile phones is increasing in our society. Texting, chatting and playing games are the most popular activities on a phone for many people. Here are 10 lines about mobile phone usage in English:
1) My cell has been ringing off the hook with unidentified callers lately! It’s driving me crazy!
2) I just got my new iPhone yesterday – what can it do?
3) The last time someone called from this number was … 2 years ago at 9pm so probably not them again today but let’s double check anyways since they’re always calling us to buy something or give us their opinion…

The “10 lines on mobile phone in english for class 5” is a list of 10 lines that are easy to remember and will help you with your English lessons.

10 Lines on Mobile Phone in English

For Classes 1, 2, 3, and 4, there are ten lines on a mobile phone.

For pupils in grades 1, 2, 3, and 4, there are ten phrases on the phone. These lines are straightforward and straightforward. These may be learned by any child. You should tell your kids about these lines.  

1. The cell phone is a significant technological advancement in contemporary science.  

2. It is often referred to as a “cellular phone.”  

3. A phone’s fundamental features include voice calling, video calling, and text messaging.  

4. It is available in a variety of forms and sizes. The majority of phones now have touch screens.  

5. It is equipped with cutting-edge technologies.  


6. We can use the internet while we’re there.  

7. Children may use their phones to play video games.  

8. Every phone has a decent camera that can be used for mobile photography.  

9. We can also use a mobile phone to produce a video.  

10. We should make effective use of this technology.    

For Classes 5, 6, and 7, there are ten lines on a mobile phone.

1. The cell phone is a scientific boon.  


2. We can use our phones to make calls, send texts, and play video games.  

3. It allows us to keep in touch with everyone. That function has been made quite simple thanks to the Internet.  

4. The Internet keeps us informed about what is going on in the globe.  

5. We have access to films, news, and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  

6. Mobile phones have greatly increased communication.  

7. Having fun has been simple. Kids may watch cartoons and play games.  


8. It is also useful for office work. You may plan your job and set a reminder for it.  

9. However, this is not always the case. It may sometimes become a major source of time waste.  

10. In general, we must make excellent use of this innovation.

For Class 8, 9, and 10, there are ten lines on a mobile phone.

1. The cell phone is the most recent contemporary scientific breakthrough that has made communication so simple for everyone.  

2. It has ushered in a technological revolution. People can communicate wirelessly with one another.  

3. Modern mobile phones contain a plethora of functions, including the ability to make video and voice calls. At the same time, you may chat and see someone.  


4. A mobile device may be used to view a movie and listen to music.  

5. The majority of cellphones now have touch screens. Touch phones are simple to use.  

6. The phone contains a camera with which you may snap pictures and record movies.  

7. You have access to the internet and Facebook. It’s so simple, and it’s made the world a smaller place.  

8. In our everyday lives, we need the use of a cell phone. It is impossible for us to imagine a day without it.  

9. It also has certain disadvantages. Young folks are glued to it and spend a lot of time doing so.  


10. A cell phone is a valuable gift from contemporary technology, and we must make effective use of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile phone short paragraph?

A: A mobile phone is a portable electronic device that receives and makes telephone calls over a cellular network, usually by using radio waves in the presence of an antenna.

What is the useful of mobile phone?

A: Mobile phones are useful because they help you to communicate with people, send and receive information, make payments and much more.

What is mobile phone lines?

A: Mobile phone lines are the number of analog connections to a fixed telephone line that can be made simultaneously. In most countries, mobile phones use one or more pairs of copper wires that have been installed in underground cables and connected at each end to a small box called an exchange (in North America) or a base station (in Europe).

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