Often, people are unaware of the impact Mother Teresa had on society. Some examples that reveal her awesomeness include: she volunteered with lepers in India and was a tireless force for good, providing aid to the poor despite being ostracized by many religious institutions at home.

The “5 lines on mother teresa in english” is a short poem that was written by the famous poet, William Wordsworth. The poem talks about how Mother Teresa has given her life to help others and how she will be remembered for this.

10 Lines on Mother Teresa in English

Mother Teresa: 10 Lines for Classes 3, 4, 5, and 6

Here are ten English lines about Mother Teresa for youngsters. Don’t forget to tell your kids about these lines.

1. Mother Teresa is one of the most adored and revered people in Indian history. She made a significant impact on society.  

2. She was born in modern-day Macedonia and immigrated to India. She was a 19-year-old young lady when she arrived.  

3. When she realized the people’s plight, she made the decision to remain here indefinitely. She then spent the rest of her life as a nun.  

4. In recognition of her outstanding effort, she was granted Indian citizenship.  

5. In 1979, as the first Indian citizen, she was awarded the Noble Peace Prize.  


6. In 1980, she received the Bharat Ratna award, and in 1962, she received the Padma-Shri honor. These two awards are the most prestigious in the nation.  

7. She worked for the underprivileged. She mostly assisted the ill and powerless. She feeds them and provides them with free medical care.  

8. She spent the most of her life in the Bengal region.  

9. She used to live a basic life and wore a plain white and blue saree.  

10. There are many lessons to be learned from the life of this incredible and selfless lady.    

Mother Teresa: 10 Lines for Classes 7, 8, 9, and 10

For pupils in grades 7, 8, 9, and 10, here are ten points about Mother Teresa in English. These lines are simple to learn and may be learned by any learner.  


1. Mother Teresa was born in the former Yugoslavia (modern-day Macedonia). On August 27, 1910, she was born. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu is her real name. She is well-known and has received recognition for her contributions to mankind.  

2. She became interested in assisting the needy when she was twelve years old. She arrived in India as a nun when she was 19 years old. Then she made the decision to remain here and help the underprivileged indefinitely.  

3. She was a teacher at St. Mary’s High School in Kolkata, but she couldn’t stand impoverished people’s poverty and misery. That is why she has chosen to spend her life helping the impoverished and disabled.  

4. She then dropped out of school and dedicated her life to helping others. She founded the Missionaries of Charity to assist the needy. Her nonprofit is now active in over 100 countries throughout the globe, achieving great success and assisting people.  

5. She mostly wanted to give free medical care. There were many illnesses that stole people’s lives with ease, yet the cures were so easy. She was a trainer and a hard worker.  

6. She was given the Padma-Shri award in 1962 for her work, which is one of India’s highest honors. Then she became an Indian citizen. In 1979, she won the Nobel Prize for Peace as the first Indian woman to do so. For the country, it was a proud moment.  


7. The following year, in 1980, she received the Bharat-Ratna, India’s most honorable award. And the people of India adored her because of her efforts.  

8. Her way of living was quite basic. She used to dress in blue and white sarees. And never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, She was constantly there for those who were having difficulties.  

9. Her life is a model for other women to emulate.  

10. There are several lessons to be learned from her life. We must learn more about this remarkable woman and show her respect.  

More than ten lines:

The “15 lines about mother teresa” is a short poem written by John Donne. The poem was originally published in 1624 and has been translated into many languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the line of Mother Teresa?

A: The line is a geometric figure formed by the endpoints of two parallel lines.

How do you write a Mother Teresa speech?

What is Mother Teresa famous for?

A: Mother Teresa is famous for being a Catholic nun and missionary who founded Missionaries of Charity, an order of nuns. She traveled extensively in India on behalf of the poor and sick, caring for those afflicted with leprosy. Though little was known about her early life before joining the Sisters Loreto at Agra in 1877 as its Superior General, it is thought that she came from a family involved with both spirituality and medicine.

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