My name is Jean and I am a fourth grader. Since this sentence doesn’t seem to make much sense, let me try again!
I love math because it makes everything else easier. My favorite subject in school is science. Science helps us understand how the world around us works so that we can learn more about anything we want to know later on in life.,

The “my self in english 10 lines for class 1” is a blog post about the author’s experience learning English. The author has been struggling to learn the language and is glad that he found this article.

10 Lines on Myself in English

Everyone in the globe has brought with them a variety of things. We all have various names, habits, and activities. In this section, I’ll present you ten English sentences about me. I’ll attempt to define myself in these lines. I’m hoping you’ll like it. That is something you may utilize for your academic studies.

ten lines about me

ten lines about me for School Children

1. My name is Aditya Ray, and I’d want to introduce myself.

2. I reside in Kolkata, the joyous city.

3. My school is Ideal Boys School in Kolkata, and I am in class seven.

4. I am a very regular student there; I like going to courses every day and learning my subjects on a consistent basis.

5. My closest friend’s name is Sunil, and he’s in the same class as me. We have a great friendship.

6. Gardening is one of my hobbies, and I have my own garden in front of our home. In my spare time, I work there.

7. I like reading and have a large library of nice books.

8. I like spending time with my family and going to school. Both of them are really essential to me.

9. My parents are quite affectionate, and they adore me.

10. I am content with my life.

ten lines about me for Students  

1. My name is Rohit Kumar, and I was born and raised in Mumbai.

2. I am 15 years old and read in class nine.

3. Shirish Kumar is my father’s name, and he is a well-known businessman in Mumbai.

4. My mother was a government employee, and she now spends the most of her time with us.

5. I have two sisters and one brother, all of them are wonderful with me.

6. I like watching cartoons, and my personal favorite is Tom and Jerry.

7. When I’m lonely, I like to read novels.

8. I am a book aficionado who has a sizable library.

9. At school, my teachers adore me, and my parents adore me as well.

10. I am content with my life.

I’m hoping you’ll like these lines on me. You may introduce yourself using these sentences.

The “5 sentences about myself” is a blog post that gives 10 lines of text on the author’s life. The author has written in English.

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