In the year 1967, King’s personal physician penned an article that was published in the Journal of Nature. It is known as “The White Tiger”, and it has become a symbol for many things: wisdom and fierceness, independence and powerlessness. One cannot hope to understand China without understanding this mythic animal-the one who can save his own life by killing others’

“10 lines on tiger for class 2” is a poem about the life of a tiger. It has 10 lines and is in English.

10 Lines on Tiger in English

The tiger is a stunning creature. In this post, I’ll provide ten English sentences about tigers. I’m hoping you’ll like it.

Tiger has ten lines. 

Tiger has ten lines. for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

1. The tiger is a regal creature.

2. Sundarban is home to a large number of tigers.

3. The tiger is the largest member of the cat family.

4. The tiger is a powerful creature with four legs and a long tail.

5. Their straws are very strong, and their claws are razor-sharp, which aids in hunting.

6. Tigers live an average of 26 years in the wild, but only 14-18 years in zoos.

7. A mature tiger might weigh up to 360 kg.

8. They are the finest jungle hunters; they must kill Deer, Cows, and Rabbits in order to feed and live.

9. Tigers dwell in thick jungles and like to be left alone.

10. The tiger is one of my favorites. 

Tiger has ten lines. for Class 5, 4, and 3

1. The tiger is a jungle-dwelling, powerful animal.

2. The tiger is the largest cat species.

3. In India, tigers known as “Royal Bengal Tigers” exist.

4. They’ve been seen in Sundarban.

5. Tigers have a lot of speed; they can run up to 65 kilometers per hour.

6. Their body stripes are unique, much as human fingerprints. Every tiger has a unique pattern of stripes.

7. The tiger population is dwindling by the day; there are only 4000 tigers remaining in the world.

8. The most important cause for saving the tiger is excessive hunting intent.

9. Tigers make a significant contribution to the biodiversity of the world.

10. Tigers are capable of swimming.

Tiger has ten lines. for Class 7, 8, and 9

1. Among cat species, tigers are the greatest swimmers.

2. There are also white tigers in this planet.

3. Africa and India are home to a large number of tigers.

4. They are attempting to conserve the tiger in African and American national parks.

5. At addition, a large number of tigers are housed in the zoo, despite the fact that they do not feel at ease there.

6. The ‘Siberian Tiger’ is the largest tiger currently accessible. This species is currently very uncommon.

Tigers are hunted for their bones and skin.

8. As a result, their population is dwindling.

9. Every animal, such as the tiger, has its unique beauty and significance in the ecosystem.

10. We must be conscious of the importance of tiger conservation.

The tiger is an incredible creation of Almighty God, and we must protect this endangered creature. We need to launch a campaign to promote the ‘Save Tiger’ movement. A few greedy hunters kill tigers for their bones and skin, which are very valuable commodities. Tigers may still be seen in large numbers in India and Bangladesh. We may be able to conserve this animal species if we raise awareness about it.

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The “5 lines on tiger for class 3” is a poem that I have written for my daughter. It has 10 lines and the last line is “See you next time.”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I write about tiger?

A: Its a big, black cat that lives in my yard.

What are the five sentences of tiger?

A: The Tiger is the largest and strongest cat in the world. It has a reddish-orange coat with black stripes that fade as they run up to its tall ears. Its paws are covered with sharp claws, which it uses for hunting prey or defending itself from predators.

What is the tiger essay?

A: The tiger essay is a type of argumentative writing that argues two different points in order to persuade the reader of one side or another. It can be used to defend an opinion, prove a point, or disprove it.

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