The past continuous tense is used to talk about events that happened in the past and are happening at a specific moment. Here’s an example sentence: I was walking down the hall when I ran into someone.

The “20 examples of past continuous tense” is a list of sentences that use the past continuous tense. The sentences are all in English and provide a good example of how to use the tense.

100 Sentences of Past Continuous Tense

100 Past Continuous Tense Sentences

We’re going to provide you 100 Past Continuous Tense examples. You will be able to learn this tense quickly if you practice all of these phrases.

Affirmative Sentences | Past Continuous Tense

• I was keeping an eye on the bird.

• She was working on her schoolwork at the time.

• Rina was handing me a snack.

• They were on their way to school.

• In their village, it was raining.


• I was planning on purchasing an umbrella.

• He was aiming his gun towards the adversaries. 

• I had an unpleasant odor. 

• They were attempting to solve a significant issue.

• He conversed in both English and Spanish.

• I was bringing John along.


• Alisha was on her way to see her mother.

• Natasha was about to meet that lovely gentleman.

• They were giving it their all to finish the job.

• I was strolling along the street.

• Tom was dressed in black slacks.

• She was making fun of me.


• I was making a joke about the magician. 

• They were abandoning me. 

• I was a karate student. 

• This hide was kept by John. 

• They were on the roof kissing each other.

• He was putting money into a real estate business.


• I was updating a critical piece of software on my computer.

• They were completely ignoring me.

• She was tightly embracing me.

• I was hating my current situation with her.

· They were running behind schedule in class.

• She forbade me from smoking. 


• She was teetering on the edge of the roof. 

Negative Sentences | Past Continuous Tense

• I wasn’t paying attention to the bird.

• She hadn’t completed her assignment.

• Rina was refusing to feed me.

• They didn’t want to go to school.

• There was no rain in their village.


• I had no intention of purchasing an umbrella.

• He wasn’t aiming at the adversaries. 

• I wasn’t smelling anything unpleasant. 

• They weren’t attempting to solve a significant issue.

• He wasn’t conversing in either English or Spanish.

• I wasn’t going to take John with me.


• Alisha had no intention of meeting her mother.

• Natasha had no intention in meeting that lovely man.

• They weren’t giving it their all to finish the job.

• I was strolling along the street.

• Tom wasn’t dressed in black.

• She was making fun of me.


• I wasn’t joking around with the magician. 

• They weren’t going to leave me alone. 

• I wasn’t doing Karate at the time. 

• John wasn’t going to keep this conceal. 

• In the roof, they weren’t kissing each other.

• He wasn’t putting money into a real estate firm.


• I wasn’t updating critical applications on my computer.

• They weren’t paying attention to me at all.

• She wasn’t clutching me as tightly as she had been.

• I wasn’t loathing the time I was spending with her.

• They didn’t seem to be running late for class.

• She wasn’t telling me I couldn’t smoke. 


• She wasn’t going to go over the roof. 

Interrogative Sentences | Past Continuous Tense

• Was I keeping an eye on the bird?

• Did she do her homework?

• Was Rina offering me something to eat?

• Were they on their way to school?

• Did it seem to be raining in their village?


• Was I planning on purchasing an umbrella?

• Was he aiming for the adversaries?

• Was it possible that I was smelling anything unpleasant?

• Were they attempting to solve a significant issue?

• Did he communicate in both English and Spanish?

• Was John coming with me?


• Was Alisha planning on meeting her mother?

• Did Natasha meet that lovely man?

• Were they putting up their best effort to finish the project?

• Was it true that I was going down the street?

• Did Tom have black pants on?

• Was she making fun of me?


• Was I making fun of the magician?

• Were they abandoning me?

• Was it true that I was studying karate?

• Was John going to retain this hide?

• Were they on the roof kissing each other?

• Was he putting money into a real estate business?


• Was I putting critical software on my computer?

• Were they paying attention to me at all?

• Was that why she was clutching me so tightly?

• Was it possible that I was disliking our time together?

• Were they on their way to class?

• Did she say she didn’t want me to smoke?


• Was she about to tumble over the roof?  

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The “past continuous tense examples positive, negative, interrogative” is a list of 100 sentences that uses the past continuous tense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of past continuous tense?

A: To show an action that is in process at the time of speaking, use past continuous tense. Its something like he was running.
-He was jogging when I saw him
-I saw him running when he heard me coming

When use past continuous tense?

A: I was walking when the universe exploded.

What is the past continuous tense of write?

A: You are writing.

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