There are so many different types of animals out there that it can be difficult to remember them all. It would be nice if we had a way to learn about these creatures without having to look up every time. Enter 4 Letter Animal Names, an easy-to-read dictionary containing definitions and examples for more than 100 common animal names in the English language.

The “4 letter animals 100 pics” is a blog post that has pictures of 4 letter animal names.

4 Letter Animal Names

Let’s start with the four-letter animal names.

4 Letter Animal NamesList of Animals With Four Letters

4 Letter Animal Names (PDF)

Definitions and Examples of 4 Letter Animal Names


The lion belongs to the felidae family of animals. It is well-known for its powerful and muscular physique. It is short and is often referred to as “King of the Jungle.” Lions are predominantly found in Africa. ‘Panthera leo’ is the scientific name for the lion.

The lion, for example, is the king of the forest.


Waterbirds, such as ducks, are a kind of bird. Sometimes it gets mixed up with the birds. It belongs to the ‘Anatidae’ family. The duck’s scientific name is Anas platyrhynchos.

A duck, for example, is a well-known and beloved aquatic bird.



Goats are a domestic animal that are raised all over the globe. It is well-known and well-liked for its delectable flesh. The nutritional value of goat milk is enormous. It has a 15-year life expectancy. Capra aegagrus hircus is the scientific name for goat.

Goats, for example, are simple to grow and lucrative.


Bears belong to the Ursidae family of animals. They are classed as carnivorous dogs. Ursidae is the scientific name for bears.

For instance, I like seeing bears at the zoo.


Deer belong to the Cervidae family of animals. In this family, there are several sorts of groupings. Deers come in a variety of hues and body forms. Cervidae is the scientific term for deer.

Deer, for example, may run incredibly quickly.



Dove is a white bird that is beloved by everyone on the planet. This bird is raised as a pastime by people. This bird’s scientific name is ‘Columbidae.’

For instance, I have a pastime of raising doves.


The crow is a very well-known bird. Corvus is the scientific name for this bird. It’s black, however grey crows may be seen on rare occasions.

The crow, for example, is an useful bird.


Definition: A lamb is a peaceful and quiet creature. This animal’s scientific name is ‘Ovis aries.’ It’s more common in hilly locations. ‘Sheep’ is another name for it.

Lamb, for example, is a common domestic animal.



What animals have names that are made up of four letters?

Animals with four letters in their names include bears, lions, crows, doves, deer, seals, lambs, and others. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list for you. I’m certain you’ll find it beneficial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What bird has a 4 letter name?

A: The Scarlet Macaw.

What are some good 4 letter words?

Abet, Affix

What animal has 5 letters in its name?

A: The letter E is not in the name of an animal.

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