Countable nouns are words that can be counted and put in a sentence. They always come before the subject of their sentence, which is what makes them countable. This list will help students keep track of how many times they use a word as well as where it’s used so they know when to stop using it in their sentences!

The “100 examples of uncountable nouns sentences” is a list of 60+ countable and uncountable nouns in sentence. The list includes the word, its meaning, and an example sentence with both types of noun.

60+ Examples of Countable Noun in Sentence for Students

We’ve compiled a comprehensive Countable Nouns is a list of nouns that can be counted., along with sample sentences. These examples will make it easier for you to comprehend these nouns and why they are countable. Let’s have a look at it. 

Countable Nouns is a list of nouns that can be counted.

dog bulb umbrella computer
cat wreath books flower
bottle glass trophy mail
cup chandelier house bucket
plate brush phone car
cow tree doctor problem
pot garland bus guitar 
table crow chocolate fan
chair temple mirror carrot
my school some college
dolphin apple hospital train
church few teacher friend
pen lamp oranges cake
pencil many question calculator
bag chapters country library
book box school answer

countable noun examples in sentencesExamples of Countable Nouns

Uncountable Nouns with Example Sentences is a list of uncountable nouns with example sentences.

  1. Every Sunday, I attend church. 
  2. I’ve finished all of the chapters in this book. 
  3. India is a massive nation. 
  4. I like spending time in the library at school. 
  5. My favorite book is this one. 
  6. This crate is enormous. 
  7. My school is one of my favorites.
  8. Please provide me with the following information. 
  9. To write, I’ll need a pen. 
  10. He questioned me for fifteen minutes. 
  11. In the exam room, I’ll need a calculator.
  12. He has a large bag on his back. 
  13. This table light is not cheap. 
  14. My favorite fruit is oranges. 
  15. Cake is something that everyone enjoys. 
  16. I’m going to need a pencil to write with.
  17. Today I have a lot on my plate. 
  18. I’m in desperate need of some flowers. 
  19. My English instructor is quite intelligent. 
  20. I have a large number of acquaintances. 
  21. He was taken to the hospital and admitted. 
  22. They were late for the train. 
  23. Sofor is my name. 
  24. Putijuri S.C. High School is the name of my school. 
  25. I’d like to have a couple of cookies. 
  26. I am a student at a university. 
  27. Dolphins are my favorite marine creatures. 
  28. My favorite fruit is the apple. 
  29. I’m seated in the chair. 
  30. The inside of this temple is stunning. 
  31. I like looking in the mirror. 
  32. My favorite vegetable is carrots. 
  33. I have a dog as a pet.
  34. I would want to have a cat as a pet. 
  35. Please hand me a bottle of water. 
  36. Bring us two mugs of tea. 
  37. To eat, I use plastic plates.
  38. The cow is a domesticated creature.
  39. Turn the light on.
  40. A wreath of garlands is present. 
  41. Please provide me with a drink of water. 
  42. Above her head was a crystal chandelier.
  43. To clean the room, I’ll need a brush. 
  44. Along the route, there are several trees. 
  45. I’m going to need an umbrella. 
  46. Please deliver some books to me. 
  47. That prize was ours to keep. 
  48. This is my residence. 
  49. I’m in desperate need of a phone.
  50. Make a doctor’s appointment. 
  51. His PC is really quick.
  52. The flowers are beautiful. 
  53. Please send him an email. 
  54. Please bring that bucket over here. 
  55. He has a stunning automobile. 
  56. He’s got a lot of issues. 
  57. I like playing the guitar. 
  58. I’m awaiting the arrival of the bus. 
  59. This container is used to store flowers in. 
  60. This table is enormous.
  61. The crow is a very helpful bird. 
  62. Chocolate is one of my favorite foods. 
  63. It’s extremely hot in here, so bring me a fan. 

Additional Grammar:

Countable nouns are words that can be counted, such as “dog”, “table”, and “pair”. They have a singular form, such as “dog” or “pair”, and a plural form, such as “dogs” or “pairs”. Reference: countable noun examples list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 100 examples of countable nouns?

A: Here are 100 examples of countable nouns for you to consider.

What are countable nouns give 10 examples?

A: Nouns that can be counted are personal pronouns, the names of months and days in a week. Other nouns such as shoes or jobs cannot be counted, because they do not have a plural form

What is countable noun give 5 examples?

1. A small house
2. An orange
3. A piece of cake
4. Water
5. My wings

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