How did we come to care about nature? What makes us value it, and why do we think it’s worth protecting? This is a conversation between two friends on the topic.
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A Conversation between Two Friends on Nature

The “best dialogue about nature” is a conversation between two friends on the topic of nature.

A Conversation about Nature between Two Friends

Nisha: Hello, Neha. How are you doing?

Neha: What about you? I’m OK.

Nisha: I’m ok. Have you read the papers for today?

Neha: No, I haven’t; why do you seem so tense?

Nisha: I just read an article on air pollution, which warned that it might entirely destroy our environment.

Neha: Oh, could you tell me more?

Nisha: Sure, I’m up for that. You are aware that air is the most crucial natural element. To breathe, we need safe and pure air.

Neha: I’m aware of it. So, what is the danger?

Nisha: The air is becoming more polluted, posing a harm to nature and the ecosystem.

Neha: How is the air being contaminated?

Nisha: We, as people, pollute the air by emitting smoke from millions of automobiles, mills, and industries, as well as by chopping down forests.

Neha: Yes, deforestation is a major issue these days. It should be combated with appropriate measures.

Yes, chopping down trees is the worst thing that can happen to the air quality. You’re probably aware that tree leaves contain the oxygen that humans need to breathe. When we take down trees, the air becomes unbalanced, posing a danger to people and animals.

Neha: What can we do to help rescue the environment?

Nisha: To do so, we all need to become more informed, and we need to make sure that people understand and are aware of all of these issues.

Neha: Can you tell me precisely what we need to tell people?

Nisha: First and foremost, we must refrain from causing any pollution. Assume that you will no longer use plastics, that you will attempt to dump your trash in the trash can, and that you will not chop any trees.

Neha: That’s right, we have to do it first. That is correct. Our work has the potential to inspire and delight people.

Nisha: Yes, I believe so. Instead of plastic bags, we may use paper bags. That is really beneficial to the environment.

Yes, it may be a fantastic attempt to maintain our environment and keep the earth clean. Neha:

Nisha: All right, let’s start today.

Yes, Neha. Thank you for your lovely talk.

Nisha: You’re more than welcome. We’ll meet up again.

Neha: Bye

A Discussion about Nature between Two Friends

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a conversation with two friends?

A: A popular way to start a conversation with two friends is to ask them if they have seen the movie Star Wars. Very often, people who havent seen it will immediately say that they have and you can then talk about the plot of the film.

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