Students often need to make the transition between high school and college, but it can be difficult. One of your goals should be to find a career that will allow you as much flexibility in work hours as possible. This conversation helps a student figure out what type of job would suit them best by asking various questions about their education and previous experiences.

The “conversation between interviewer and interviewee for freshers” is a dialogue from an interview. The interviewer is asking the interviewee questions about the job that they are applying for, and the interviewee responds with their answers.

A Dialogue between an Interviewer and Interviewee Looking for a Job

Conversation between an interviewer and a job seeker

Here’s an example of a conversation between an interviewer and a job seeker. Take a peek at what they’re saying.

Interviewee: Sir, good morning.

Interviewer: Please have a seat, it’s a good morning.

Thank you, sir. Interviewee:

Interviewer: Please begin by introducing yourself.


I’m Bhuvan Saha, and I’m from Delhi. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University awarded me a B. Tech in Architecture.

Interviewer: Excellent. That’s precisely what we’re searching for. This project requires the services of an architect.

Thank you, sir. Interviewee:

Interviewer: So, share your stories with me.

Interviewee: For the last three years, I’ve worked as a design engineer for a construction business. After that, I spent a few months as a site supervisor.

Interviewer: However, as I previously said, we were seeking for a true architect.


Interviewee: Yes, sir, I am a legitimate architect who scored well on the final test of my degree.

Interviewer: Wow, that’s impressive. Could you please explain me why we should employ you?

Interviewee: Sir, I have a better understanding of your project now. I’ve seen several drafts and can guarantee you that with my devotion, I can achieve it. My confidence in my position is sufficient.

Interviewer: You seem to be rather assured. Do you realize the magnitude of your responsibilities?

Interviewee: Yes, sir, I am aware of your situation. I understand that this is a highly important job, and I have a lot of important choices to make. I’m certain that I’ll be able to manage anything.

Interviewer: I like your self-assurance. Please turn in all of your papers, and we will contact you the following Sunday. We hope to be able to recruit you.


Interviewee: Sir, thank you very lot.

Interviewer: Thank you very much.

More Conversations:

A “conversation based interview” is a type of interview that requires the interviewer and interviewee to have a dialogue. The goal of this type of interview is to get a more in depth perspective on the candidate’s personality and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start an interview dialogue?

A: You can start a dialogue by saying, My name is ____. or Whats your name?

Can an interview be a dialogue?

What refers to one on one conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee?

A: One on one conversation refers to a private discussion between two people. The interviewer asks the interviewee questions while they are alone, in person. If there is more than one person involved then it would be considered an interview with multiple questioners and respondents at once.

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