Computers have become an integral part of modern life, yet the benefits and importance of computer usage are often overlooked. This dialogue between two friends discusses computer technology in relation to real world applications.

“importance of computer learning dialogue for class 10” is a dialogue between two friends about the importance of computer in today’s society.

A Dialogue between Two Friends about Importance of Computer

Two Friends Have a Conversation on the Importance of Computers

Ovi and Nisha are two of Ovi’s closest buddies. A computer lab has just been created in their school. They’re now discussing the relevance of technology in student life, among other things. The following is the transcript of their chat.

Ovi: Hello, Nisha. How are you doing?

Nisha: How are you, Ovi? Nisha: I’m fine.  

Ovi: I’m ok. So, have you seen our school’s new computer lab?

Nisha: Yes, I saw it the day before yesterday. This is excellent news for our school.  

Ovi: Could you enlighten me about the significance of computers?


Nisha: Of course, Nisha. The computer is science’s finest creation, and it has ushered in a massive technological revolution. Computers are now used in every industry.  

Ovi: How significant is that in student life?

Nisha: Without a doubt. You may store hundreds of books on your computer and read them whenever and wherever you choose. You may view a variety of video classes even if your computer isn’t connected to the internet. Thousands of videos on math, English, and science may be found on YouTube. From there, we may take our lessons.  

Ovi: Waoo, that seems to be rather intriguing. That’s helpful to know. What more is a computer capable of?

Nisha: It’s capable of so much. It may be a source of enjoyment as well as a commercial and educational tool.  

Ovi: What role does it play in business?


Nisha: Good communication is essential in business, and it aids in the development of a stronger communication network. In a matter of seconds, you can connect with everyone on the planet.  

Ovi: It’s very remarkable.

Nisha: Of course it is. Computers are now being used in the medical field as well. They use it to locate our vital ailments, and it may also assist in the search for a cure. It demonstrates the advancement of science.  

Ovi: It’s great to learn all of this from you, Nisha. Thank you a lot.

Nisha: It’s a pleasure to meet you. Take care, and I’ll see you later.

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The “importance of computer learning dialogue for class 6” is a dialogue between two friends about the importance of computer learning in school.

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