Have you ever had a dream to travel by train? This is the story of my personal journey through India. From long distance phone calls, to getting lost on trains and buses, I tried many forms of transportation before finally arriving at where I needed to be: My destination!

“A Journey by Train Essay for Class 10” is a short essay that can be used to introduce students to the idea of traveling by train. It’s important to note that this is not an introduction to trains or the history of railroads in general. Read more in detail here: a journey by train essay for class 10.

A Journey by Train Essay for School and College Students

Train travel is always fascinating to me. This is something that high school and college students should be aware of. Here are a few ‘A Train Journey Essays’ for everyone. I hope you find these writings helpful in learning more about this subject.

A Train Journey: A Short Essay (100 Words) for Classes 2, 3, and 4

The travel is usually enjoyable and enjoyable. Everyone enjoys traveling. I, too, am a big traveler. However, I have never traveled by train. That is why, during my last school summer break, I went to Delhi to see my uncle. For me, it was a memorable experience. I was the only one who came to see him. I took a train for a couple hundred kilometers. That was my very first train ride. It was fantastic and a lot of fun for me. I’ve learnt a lot and seen a lot of new things. I became aware of human existence, its difficulties, and the natural beauty of our nation.

A Train Journey: A Short Essay (200 Words) for Classes 4, 6, and 7

Last month, I paid a visit to my uncle. Due to summer break, my school has been closed since June 10th. It was a fantastic time to go anywhere. We chose to visit Kolkata since we had an uncle there. My father desired to rent a vehicle. But, since I had never gone by rail before, I requested him to take me to Kolkata by train. He agreed with me and purchased four train tickets for the four of us. During the day, we arrived at the railway station well before the train’s departure time.

It was my first time in a train station, so I was a little excited. Most significantly, I was looking forward to taking my first train ride. Anika, my younger sister, was equally delighted since it was her first trip. Finally, after an hour and a half, the train arrived, and we were able to locate our seats with some difficulty. Passengers were under too much stress since everyone was leaving the cities for holiday.

My sister took the window seat, which I persuaded her to take after a while. I had a lot of fun sitting by the window. The natural beauty was breathtaking. That was a lengthy trip, yet it was not at all tedious. I had a great time on my first train ride.

A Train Journey: A 300-Word Essay for Class 7 and 8

My pals and I both like traveling. In New Delhi, I have a large number of pals. I’ve always wanted to visit Delhi as a Mumbai resident, but I’ve been unfortunate every time I’ve prepared and run into an issue. This time, though, I planned and chose to visit Delhi during my Diwali break. One of my Delhi friends had invited me to celebrate Diwali with him. So the two of us decided to go to Delhi.


On the appointed day, we proceeded to the Mumbai train station and purchased two tickets for Delhi, as per our arrangement. We had previously been on a lengthy travel. I’ve gone by train for over 30 hours at a time. The travel from Mumbai to Delhi is equally lengthy. By rail, it takes approximately 18 hours. As a result, we were psychologically prepared for what was about to happen. We received our train after an hour of waiting at the railway station. We were able to get a seat, and I chose the window seat. However, we switched seats a number of times along the trip. After leaving the city, we began to see India’s true natural beauty. Everything was new to me since I had never traveled this road before. That is why I really appreciated it. My companion began to read a book. I also tried reading a book, but I couldn’t focus since I simply wanted to take in the scenery.

The train travel is fantastic because it allows you to appreciate the natural splendor. I met a Bengali man called ‘Robin’ on the train. He is now one of my closest pals. As a result, this is a good approach to meet new people. We arrived at Delhi station after a lengthy travel. My buddy arrived to greet us. I sent a text message to our location. We then ordered a cab to take us to his house. For me, it was a memorable event. I’d want to travel this road more often.    

A Train Journey: A 400-Word Essay for Class 9, 10

A trip is usually enjoyable and enjoyable. I am a fun-loving individual that enjoys traveling around the United States. A few weeks ago, I took my first train ride in my life. Today, I’m going to explain my whole experience and what I saw on that train ride. During my summer vacation, I planned to go to a natural beauty spot. In Shillong, one of my uncles works as a tea plantation manager. It had been a lengthy trip from Kolkata. This excursion included two of my buddies. They were advising me that if I went anyplace, I should bring them along.

Finally, at 9 a.m. on the scheduled day, we arrive at the Kolkata train station. We bought three tickets for the 11 a.m. train. Then we began to view the station’s exterior. The station is excellent and has progressed from its previous state. The administration is doing well. The train arrived after a two-and-a-half-hour wait, and we were seated in less than five minutes. The trek was nearly 1000 kilometers long and took more than a day. That is why I advised everyone to have a tough mindset. That was all of our first train ride, which is why I expected it to be difficult for us. But, in actuality, we had a great time the whole time.

After a few minutes, the train began to move and eventually departed the city. Outside, I was observing and appreciating the true beauty of nature. Shillong is well-known for being a spectacular location, particularly in terms of natural beauty. When our train approached Shillong, we were astounded by the grandeur of the city. We were all visiting for the very first time. We were genuinely dumbfounded. We had to switch seats a few times. I spend a couple of hours at the window seat. Sitting on the window seat is a pleasant experience. You can see a lot of wonderful things if you just sit there. As a result, I recommend that everyone strive to acquire a window seat on their first train ride.

After a lengthy travel, we finally arrived at Shillong. The adventure is one I will never forget. It was totally incredible and fantastic for me. We spotted our uncle waiting for us at the station after I called him to alert him of our arrival. Traveling by rail is a lot of fun and intriguing. It is something that everyone should attempt.


A Train Journey: A 500-Word Essay for College Students 

The travel is usually enjoyable, but the train ride is excessively enjoyable for me. The train travel is one of my favorite pastimes. I’ve traveled by train a lot and found it to be quite excellent for the body; it’s also not at all dull. There is a low chance of accidents and a high degree of protection for individuals. These are the main reasons why I like traveling by train. Today I’m going to tell you about my most recent train adventure. I was going a great distance from Sylhet to Chittagong.

During the summer holiday, my college was closed, so I went to visit my sister in Chittagong with two of my friends. Chittagong, Bangladesh’s most attractive beach and port city, is a popular tourist destination. We rented a cab and arrived at Sylhet train station at 8 a.m. on the scheduled day. We purchased three fast train tickets from Sylhet to Chittagong. We waited for the train for approximately two hours on the station. We were fortunate that we were able to purchase the ticket sooner; otherwise, I would have discovered a large number of individuals who had not received the ticket. Instead of purchasing a seat, they purchased a standing ticket. The reason for this is that it was a holiday weekend, and many were leaving cities to spend time with their families.

It took approximately 10 minutes to locate seats once the train arrived on the station. The seating arrangement was a little perplexing. I sat beside the window. The tension finally began with a whistle. It made me quite pleased. We were chatting about sports and our upcoming holiday plans. We had a few ideas for things to do in Chittagong. We intended to stay for three days and see the Patenga Beach and other popular tourist attractions in the city. We were out of the city in five minutes, and I was blown away by the scenery.

Sylhet is a beautiful place with many tea gardens. The true splendor of this section may be seen if you visit the train. The government has established a railroad link connecting a national park with abundant natural resources and scenic beauty. I like using the train to go around this neighborhood. After two hours of chatting and gossiping, One of my friends went to sleep, while the other began reading a book. I was still gazing out the window at the splendor. Finally, I became exhausted and decided to take a sleep. I requested a buddy to look after our belongings. For approximately an hour, I slept off.

Finally, after a nine-hour ride, we arrived at Chittagong railway station. To go to my sister’s house, we hailed a cab. This train excursion was awe-inspiring for me. This is a day I’ll remember for a long time. I didn’t get to travel with my friends very often, which is why this trip was so memorable for me. I recommend that everyone take the train and experience the true thrill of travel.

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a railway journey essay 250 words” is a short essay that can be used as an example of how to write a paper for school and college students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a paragraph for a train journey?

A: The first paragraph should talk about the train journey itself. Then, you can write paragraphs that break up your thoughts and ideas into smaller sections of text in order to make it easier for readers to follow them.

How do you write a train journey experience?

A: A train journey experience is a personal account of how people feel when travelling by rail, usually in first-person.

How do you write a journey essay?

It is difficult to write a journey essay. One must be willing to open up, explore and share the deep personal struggles one has faced in life which can lead into other topics that are relevant for the story being written about. The most common form of writing an article would include; 1) Setting 2) Conflict 3) Resolution 4) Conclusion

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