This activity will help your students learn how to categorize adjectives and make a list of words they might use in their writing. The worksheet can be used as an assessment or extension activity.

The “adjectives worksheet pdf” is a list of adjectives for kids. It includes types, and it also has a worksheet that students can fill out.

Adjectives for kids, Types, List, Worksheet, pdf

Adjectives for kids/kindergarten are defined here.

An adjective is a term that is used to modify the meaning of a noun or a pronoun.

What is the definition of an adjective?

An adjective is a term that describes something. It provides information about the noun that it qualifies.

In this statement, an adjective is used.

  1. A female was introduced to the tall guy. (The young man is rather tall.)
  2. A tall female was introduced to the boy. (The young lady is rather tall.)
  3. Janvi is a stunning young lady.
  4. I don’t have a large number of pals.
  5. Akbar was a magnificent ruler.


Beautiful is an adjective that characterizes the noun ‘female’ in the third phrase. Similarly, numerous is an adjective in the fourth phrase.

a collection of adjectives for kids

The a collection of adjectives for kids is divided into 4 parts, Shape, Size, Touch, Taste. 


triangular round narrow
square straight round
circular curved flat
oval skinny hollow


tiny short tall
small long scrawny
big gigantic massive
great huge chubby


hard sticky rough
soft scratchy hot
bristly sharp smooth
dirty dry sticky


fruity bland spicy
sweet delicious bitter
sour tart savory
yummy salty pickled

More instances will be discussed in a future article.

Adjective Types for Children

There are seven different types of adjectives here.

  1. Quality Adjective: Indicates the quality, such as tall, old, enormous, etc. He is a tall lad, for example.
  2. Quantity Adjective: Indicates the quantity of anything, such as some, little, enough, and so on. I have some money, for example.
  3. Number Adjective: Indicates the number of an item, etc. One, two, all, a few, a few, a few, a few, a few, a few, a few, a few, a few, a few, a few,
  4. Demonstrative Adjective: Points to the noun in question, such as this, that, and so on. Those novels, for example, are brand new.
  5. What, which, whose, and other interrogative adjectives are used to ask queries like what, which, whose, and so on. Whose purse is this, for example?
  6. Possessive Adjectives: Show a thing’s relationship to someone by using words like her, mine, their, and so on. This is my attire, for example.
  7. Proper nouns, such as Christian, American, Punjabi, and so on, are used to generate proper adjectives. He is a resident of the United States, for example.

Adjective Comparisons

There are three levels of comparison, as shown in the table below.

Positive Comparative Superlative
small smaller smallest
big bigger biggest
sweet sweeter sweetest
happy happier happiest
ugly uglier ugliest
useful more beneficial most beneficial
careless more heedless most irresponsible
beautiful more attractive the most lovely
good better best

Adjective Worksheet/Exercise for Kids

1st Exercise

Every Sunday, the newspaper publishes a “Pet Pals” section dedicated to pets. Caring families may adopt pets immediately and at no charge.

Woopsie: Cute and lovable puppy in need of a home.

Pongo is a newborn female puppy that is as white as snow and is looking for a loving home.

Sherry: A powerful and sturdy two-year-old black and white female dog is offered for adoption at farm dwellings.

Immy is a playful, mischievous, athletic cat with lovely eyes that is looking for a loving home.

Mrs. Poornima Toolsidas, 16, Wood Street, Kolkata, is the person to contact.

2nd Exercise

Make a list of all the terms that describe the pets.

Group – A Group – B
Pet’s Name Words to describe

All of the terms in Group-B in the previous practice are adjectives. Beautiful, adorable, cuddly, white, powerful, and so forth.

3rd Exercise

Fill in the blanks with the Words to describe used above.

  1. Steel is cheap, but gold is costly.
  2. My sister’s hair is short, while mine is .
  3. A lawyer wears a white shirt and a coat.
  4. Tom is ill, but John is a smart young man.
  5. Tobby, my dog, has and hair, whilst my kitten has rough, dull hair.

4th Exercise

Your acquaintance just attended a circus performance. She describes the play in a letter to her brother. She failed to include the adjectives. Assist her in finishing the letter.

Regards, Charu

I went to the circus performance with of my classmates yesterday. We came upon a clown dressed in a and a color scheme. On a bicycle, a monkey was riding. There was a bear dancing. A football was being played by a elephant. A lion leapt across a ring of flames. I had a great time in the snow.

With love


5th Exercise

Unscramble the words and fill in the gaps in the table below.

  1. Each youngster was given a present. (xpeseneiv)
  2. Woolmer was a guy of . (tsorng)
  3. Singapore is a popular tourist destination. (afmuos)
  4. Some of the kids in this class are .
  5. My daughter designed the décor in this room. (baeutiulf)

In the brackets, the words are messed together. Fill in the blanks with the proper words.

  1. In the zoo, there is a elephant. (hiwte)
  2. Today is a day of and . (irbhtg, nsuny)
  3. The Red Fort is a structure composed of stone. (der, osufma)
  4. On my birthday, my father got me a bicycle and a watch. (ovelly, wne)
  5. The Atlantic Ocean is both a and a . (arlge, pede)

All of the words you’ve typed are adjectives, which tell us something about the nouns they’re adjacent to.

6th Exercise

Fill in the blanks with adjectives from column A and nouns from column B.

1. Cute, short, and svelte Dish
Expensive, large, and intriguing clown
Wonderful, thrilling, and perilous book
lengthy, fresh, green trip
favorite, delectable, and appealing grass

Kids’ Adjectives PDF

Children’s Adjectives [Failed to download]

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