If you’re going to watch TV, you should know about the advantages and disadvantages of television for students in 2000W.

The “advantages synonym” is a disadvantage of television. The disadvantages are that the student’s attention can be drawn away from the lesson, and they may not learn as much because they’re watching TV instead of paying attention to their teacher.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Television for Students in 2000W

In this article, we have explained the Advantages & Television’s Disadvantages for Students in 2000+ Words with its history, and uses.

What is Television and How Did It Begin?

Television is an electrical system that broadcasts moving or sounding pictures or objects. Television is regarded as a brilliant scientific achievement. It was created in the 1920s by a Scottland inventor, Mr. J. L. Bayerd. 

Television did not always look like it does today. Slowly, modifications and advancements occurred, culminating in the invention of full-fledged electronic television in 1940. CRT TVs were the name for such kind of television. LED televisions are quite popular nowadays.

People see television as if they are viewing something live, or as if something is occurring right in front of their eyes. It is the most popular source of public amusement and news. It is a widely used telecommunications and entertainment medium. 

As a result, televisions can be found in almost every home in India, both in cities and in countryside. The development of television has altered human lifestyles and made possible many things that humans could not have imagined before its inception.

Initially, only black-and-white films, photos, and videos were available, but with the advancement of technology, it is now possible to see the images in their true color and appearance. With the use of communication satellites, various shows are transmitted from their centers, known as studios. 

We can now view crystal clear pictures and movies in their true color and design since broadcasting has gone digital. In various cities, each nation has created multiple television broadcasting hubs. 

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Broadcasting Packages & Channels

Television offers a variety of channel bundles that vary in price depending on the budget. Now that there is such a large audience and so many channels accessible on TV around the clock, we can claim that people are confused about which popular channels to watch. 

In India, there was formerly just one government station, “Doordarshan,” but currently there are over 200 commercial and state-run channels, both free and paid, broadcast on television. 

Package pricing are tailored to each customer’s degree of satisfaction. Anyone may choose and choose the channels he wants and the plans he wants, or he can customize his bundle to save money. 

The television has now become a necessity in every home. It links the cable wire to the television set through the antenna, allowing you to view multiple channels. On the market, there are several sorts of television channel operators. They provide a large number of channels and charge according to their tariff. 

Now, DTH direct to home service has replaced cable, allowing us to view various shows without the need of a cable. In lieu of cable, DTH services just needed a set-top box. This set-top box receives channel signals from the country’s satellite.

Advantages & Television’s Disadvantages

Television Has Its Benefits

As we all know, technology advances at a breakneck pace. Every human being on the planet is affected by this technology. In the shape of television, technology has given us a good and valuable gift. However, much like other devices and inventions, the television offers benefits and drawbacks for humans. 

The uses, benefits, and losses also are known by each viewer of television. But the habits have become so common, and the people cannot ignore the watch television, especially children and adults, have become so addicted to watching the TV. We mention Television Has Its Benefits below –

1. For the sake of enjoyment 

Adults and children alike may find a wide range of amusement on television. We can put on an entertaining performance by selecting serials, plays, films, and a series of games and sporting events.

Television offers home entertainment by allowing viewers to watch a variety of serials, music, movies, and other programs. The presentation is soothing to both the mind and the body.

2. gaining new knowledge

Television is a great way to learn new things in a variety of industries. Educational and competitive programs, as well as creative and educational events, provide a wealth of knowledge and information about education and technology. These shows, serials, and programs have become a necessary element of our day-to-day education.

3. To keep up with international events

Nowadays, television is the primary, quickest, and most accessible means of disseminating information in a short period of time. News concerning the country’s and world’s economies, industry, politics, and sports may be given and presented in a timely and professional way, complete with photographs and video clips.

Through this reliable source of information, people may observe the current state and status of any difficulties, mishaps, or accidents from the comfort of their own homes.

4. Increased family unity

Whether you believe it or not, television is the one place where everyone in the family can sit together. When everyone in the family is in a good mood, they may talk freely and honestly.

If they speak about a number of things at the same time, it solves a lot of problems, and TV is the one area where everyone in the family can sit and chat freely.

5. The Best Passage of Time

People, particularly the elderly or those who are free and have a lot of time on their hands, value television. After retiring from a career or becoming a parent, many people feel bored and alone, and it is difficult for them to devote their time.

In this circumstance, television is the finest friend for the elderly and lonely. We may argue that television is not only a fantastic source of amusement and time pass for the elderly, but it is also a good source of fun and time pass for youngsters, children, and students.

6. Personality development

There are several activities, sporting events, and full-fledged discussions that enhance the character of students and youngsters. People will only learn new ideas and methods by watching television.

Huge international and national games, such as the Olympic Games, national tournaments, and Commonwealth Games, raise student knowledge of starting games and sports.

7. Awareness & knowledge of different languages

Another benefit of television is that it allows us to learn about new styles from other areas, states, and nations. As a result, overall understanding in this topic improves. 

Before television, only local languages were known, but since the revolution and the establishment of several regional channels, a plethora of serials and programs in many languages have been shown.

8. Understanding of other cultures

There are several cultures, traditions, and customs present in India and around the globe, and if we exclude television, there is no greater source of learning and viewing about these civilizations. 

Nowadays, there are multiple channels that broadcast cultural events from various locations, languages, faiths, and beliefs.

9. A Low-Cost Entertainment Source

The television satisfies the entertainment needs of individuals from all walks of life. However, the cost of television has risen, and there are now some highly complex and expensive television sets on the market. 

However, there are still low-cost TVs that provide a decent selection of items to clients in the middle and lower classes. At the absolute least, they may appreciate and be entertained by watching television.

10. Health Advantages

When we have fun, laugh a lot, and talk about it, the internal system of our bodies improves, and our health improves as well. Sports, entertainment, and extracurricular activities are necessary and critical for a person’s well health.

11. An increase in motivation

Several programs, such as quiz contests, general knowledge, awareness, and educational shows, are being introduced on various channels on a daily basis in which individuals and students may participate. People are inspired and motivated by their actions, and they want to emulate them in real life. Finally, it has an impact on their personality and professional growth.

12. Broaden your horizons

Television has evolved into the most effective motivator and educator. Many educational channels for kids and individuals include group discussions, technological development, breaking news and fresh knowledge, economic growth, and many more topics. Because of the mentality, people adapt and grow more quickly.

13. Religious sensitivity

Several channels have been established to broadcast religious news, seminars, events, and gatherings, as well as preaching and teachings.

Every member of any religion or believe may see the various programs, and people of various faiths can learn more. Television has a huge edge in this regard. 

Only those who sit at home may learn about the holy things, as well as the leaders’ and saints’ teachings and lectures. Some individuals, particularly the elderly, watch television only for the purpose of watching their favorite religious stations.

Television’s Disadvantages

Almost every home nowadays has a television set for amusement and information. As previously stated, there are several benefits to watching television.

However, television has several drawbacks in addition to its many positives. We can’t overlook the negative consequences. These side effects have a significant impact on our lives and health. 

Here we will go through the downsides of watching television in depth in order to understand them better.

1. Harmful to one’s health 

Television is not good for your health if you watch it most of the time. It is the most serious adverse effect of viewing television, especially among children. If we spend the most of our time watching television, we will have a variety of health issues such as body ache, back pain, and eye irritation.

People, usually children, in every home watch full-length television shows while sitting on the couch or on chairs. As a result, neither children nor adults go outdoors to play or participate in sporting activities. 

Cartoon networks have become a source of addiction for children. As a result, they become more irritable. Long-term television viewing is one of the leading causes of childhood obesity. When it comes to eating and drinking, children prefer to sit rather than stroll after a meal.

2. Time is being wasted 

The television is a wonderful source of pleasure and amusement, but its excessive usage is hazardous to both children and adults. When a popular serial or show airs on television, everyone (or all members) gathers in the television room to watch it.

Time-wasting, on the other hand, is frequently used to watch pointless serials or shows. During test periods, most children squander time watching television.

3. Inability to meet with families

It is observed that when it comes to television and its popular channels, families and children avoid going anywhere to meet at the time of their favorite show. During sports seasons and certain programs, television fans do not go out or anyplace since they simply want to sit in front of the screen.

As a result, the gap between the two families widens. As a result, television is not as good as it once was because people place a higher value on television.

Children and children are negatively affected – Various shows are aired that are not appropriate or connected to the mindset of youngsters under the age of 18 years old. These sorts of schemes have a negative impact on youngsters, causing them to behave inappropriately, hurting their studies and careers. 

4. Encourage squabbles

New tensions and fights arise in families as a result of television. Some programs have a negative impact on men and women’s minds, causing significant shifts in their thinking. They feel obliged to fight as a result of these changes, and unforeseen conflicts arise.

Cartoon Addiction is a condition in which a person becomes addicted to watching cartoons. 

Cartoon networks have a significant impact on every household, and youngsters and teenagers are enamored with and hooked to watching various cartoon channels. Children can sit on the couch for extended periods of time without being hungry or experiencing any negative emotions. They only deal with cartoons. 

As a result, children do not go out to play, and their physical activities suffer as a result. Many parents are concerned about their children’s addiction to this habit. It has a significant impact on children’s and children’s brains.

6. The negative consequences of a deceptive marketing 

We can notice that the crowds gathered around a bogus television advertisement are rapidly growing. On television, there are several advertisements. These include things like: advertisements sell a range of local and branded items. 

The majority of these advertising are false and go against children’s and children’s rules and mindsets. As a result, they just enjoy that object; everything else is irrelevant.

Some advertising are directed only at adults, but if they are seated with children or youngsters, they will also be exposed to these advertisements, which will cause their minds to be disturbed and divert their attention away from their work and studies.


We may infer from the foregoing discussion and study of television usefulness, as well as its benefits and drawbacks, that television is a helpful innovation. Even Nevertheless, if not utilized appropriately, watching television has a number of negative consequences. 

There should be a balance in use, and we should be more cautious of undesired and inappropriate applications, particularly for youngsters and children. Anything may be hazardous if used in excess and improperly.

The “advantages and disadvantages” of television for students in 2000W is a question that has been asked many times. There are many advantages to having a TV in your classroom, but there are also some disadvantages.

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