In the U.S., there are strict dress codes in public schools that vary from state to state, but there is a common agreement across states on what will not be tolerated:
-Excessive profanity -Obscene gestures or behavior -Dresses revealing sexual undergarments and/or body parts

This argumentative essay will discuss the pros and cons of dress codes. It will also include a list of possible solutions to the problem.

Argumentative Essay on Dress Codes in 600

According to a group of high school girls opposing a ban on tank tops and leggings, female students were told that this kind of attire was “very disruptive” for the boys at their school. Is it true that your clothing has an impact on your capacity to get an education? Is it true that imposing a clothing code is appealing to men but not to women? It’s crazy that the sight of a young guy in leggings irritates a male pupil and prevents him from reading. Menza). Students should be free to express how they feel about their clothing choices. They are limited by the clothing code since it diminishes, sexually discriminates against them, causes physical shame, and ignites a conflict of self-confidence inside them.

A clothing code does not restrict students from wearing anything they choose; it does, however, hinder them from expressing themselves. They are undermining our divides as people and cultures by ordering us not to dress,” Michael Bowies, a student at Stamford High School, said (Pardon my do-rag). What people wear frequently expresses their style, who they are, and what they think. Students have some constitutional rights to free expression, and while they are in school, they must make judgments regarding their appearance. Because dress regulations are solely for women, the dress code applies to all female students.

It is permissible for male students to’soak’ their pants and underwear, but if you are a woman and your shirt overexposes your body, it is illegal, and you must change (Are our school dress code). For female students, the school states that they are not permitted to wear any attire that is deemed insulting to any staff member, which implies that they are not permitted to wear brands that include pictures or logos that represent illegal, discriminatory, or racist ideas.

Students are not permitted to wear shirts that are four fingers long or below their shoulders, and they must wear finger-length shorts with no cleavage. Male students are free to wear anything they like; their shorts may be as short as they want, their shoulders can be shown while wearing tank tops, and the only limitation is that no rips or holes in their pants be visible when men and women are gathering together. This clothing code isn’t even close to being helpful.

What managers fail to consider when imposing limitations on the tightness of their students’ trousers or the length of their ladies’ garments is not simply their clothes, but their sentiments, ideas, and even their sex personal image. Instead, these limits are put on the troubled brains of young males, while young women face sexual risks that must be addressed. School clothing codes may exacerbate an issue that the school system is attempting to address: the shame associated with adolescent females.

You’re telling the girl that you have power over her body when you tell her what to dress. You seize a girl’s agency if you possess her body, even if it’s for “her good.” He informs her that her body does not belong to her. When so many females despise their bodies, schools should not utilize the law to degrade a person’s body by requiring him to cover his already sensitive skin. Many teenagers stress for years about what they will wear to school.

The dress code is more inconvenient than the clothing individuals wear when they don’t have it on! A healthy learning environment is one in which we respect one other regardless of what is going on in our life and where we are taught that we are still young—on that particular day. So, instead of quitting your existing work, consider which is more disturbing: the girl’s outfit or the law itself (which she does).

The school attire rule should be abolished totally in public schools. The way kids dress is how they express themselves, and it serves to demonstrate how each student is unique in their own way. Students may express themselves by imposing a dress code, which might vary according to the law’s various restrictions. The clothing code is oppressive, discriminatory, and humiliating. Students should dress whatever they want to display their individuality.

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Dress codes are a controversial topic, and this argumentative essay is an introduction to the debate. Reference: should schools have a dress code argumentative essay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dress codes a good idea for schools essay?

A: Dress codes are a good idea in some areas of society, but they can also be detrimental. In my opinion, I believe that dress codes should only be used when the safety or wellbeing of students is at risk.

Why is dress code a problem?

A: Many students have their own opinions about dress code. Some might think that school is a place for creativity and not just clothes, while others see it as a necessary restriction on the wishes of other people.

Should dress codes be allowed?

A: I would say that dress codes are a personal thing. If you feel like it is more appropriate for where you work, then go ahead and enforce it. Otherwise, if the place allows clothing of any kind, then there shouldnt be an issue with whatever people wear to work or not.

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