Police brutality has been a topic that’s been hotly debated in the United States. The most common argument is that police officers are being racially motivated, and some believe all police forces should be abolished because of this problem. However, there are also voices who claim that it isn’t as bad as people think – but we certainly shouldn’t ignore these issues either.

This argumentative essay will be a 1000 word essay on Police Brutality. It is meant for students who are in high school or college and want to write an argumentative paper on this topic.

Argumentative Essay on Police Brutality for Students 1000 Words

In this article we have published an argumentative essay on police brutality. If you have not heard about it, this post will help you understand it. Also, we have explained how it is a terrible & unsocial behavior?

Currently, police violence plays a significant part in racism and corruption. The majority of their department wields power and force to achieve their goals.

Police Brutality: An Argumentative Essay (1000 Words)

Many issues may lead to societal breakdown. Police brutality has become a contentious issue in the United States and most other nations today. Let’s take a look at how police brutality and other actions undermine public trust.

Police Brutality in the Past

The use of excessive force by a police officer goes back to the early 1870s, and it may encompass everything from assaults, fatal strength, harassment, and more. Power has been used to settle disputes and demonstrations for decades. 

Because individuals have rights and can record the situation on their technical gadgets, the problem has gotten more worse in society. Police violence is becoming more obvious in society as the world grows more reliant on technology.

Many individuals believe that the police do not protect them and instead exacerbate their difficulties. The public’s trust in the police is eroding as a result of police violence. Many individuals believe that in order to prevent more crimes, greater strength is required. 

A drop in morale, according to Johan Burger, is adverse to the prospect of lowering crime and enhancing security. What is the use of having the police if citizens don’t trust them to serve them? According to research, faith is the most important link between police personnel and civilians.     

When African Americans come into touch with law enforcement authorities, the research demonstrates that they are handled differently than Caucasians. They are more likely to be thrown to the ground, pepper sprayed, and handcuffed.

Tensions between African Americans and police officers arose as a result of this. In India, too, police violence is a persistent issue. 

People have reduced trust in police personnel for two reasons, according to studies.     

  • The first cause is from a bad encounter with police personnel.
  • The second argument is that there are also innocent persons in jail. Perceived prejudice increases greater stress reactions and poor behavior, according to data research.    

The influence of police violence on society will be examined in this research. It will also consider the issue that develops as a result of police violence. 

I’ll also analyze how police violence affects a person’s emotional and physical well-being. We’ll also look at how police violence impacts police-community ties in this research.   

Taking a Multidisciplinary Approach

A multidisciplinary approach is necessary because it helps people to see diverse perspectives on police violence. This may help you to look at the situation from a variety of perspectives. 

Taking a Multidisciplinary Approach can allow for more creative and unconventional ideas. It enables new ways of learning and applying information. Overall, using a multidisciplinary approach helps to understand better.    

Psychology, sociology, geology, and history are some of the disciplines it would want to use to this problem. These disciplines would demonstrate the issues with police violence and how to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. 

I’d want to utilize psychology to investigate the psychological effects of police violence on its victims. A person may assess the short- and long-term influence he or she has on a person’s perspectives.    

Someone with a sociological background may research police brutality in their region and determine which places have the greatest incidences. This would allow someone to witness how police violence impacts the communities around them. 

It also enables you to observe society’s response before and after police violence, as well as look at other nations that have experienced it.   

Political science would enable someone to examine the influence of police brutality on the government and come up with a more acceptable solution. Political science would enable someone to learn about or initiate legislation to oppose police violence.  

Someone with historical discipline might look into earlier incidents of police abuse. This would allow them to learn from previous instances and avoid making the same mistakes again.  

In the United States, new stories regarding police violence arise practically regularly. When the police are in charge of a situation, they often employ excessive force. Police officers are only allowed to use as much force as is required to carry out their duties or maintain control of the situation. 

Innocent people are one of the most often targeted populations. Psychological issues, organizational factors, and racial profiling are all variables that lead to police brutality.    

Regardless of whether the department changes staff, the amount of supervision, or the official or unwritten norms, various departments have varied structures. Each fabric depicts some facet of police abuse in a unique way. 

For example, the Los Angeles Police Agency’s Rodney King police use similar tactics for their department. The department enabled the police to settle on their own terms, resulting in Rodney King and his two associates becoming violent. 

Broken teeth and bones, a shattered ankle, lifelong brain damage, and mental and physical stress were among the injuries endured by Rodney King. Friends of the king were kicked, stampeded, and intimidated. Whether the cop is cruel or not, the department has an impact on how he reacts.          

Police brutality is exacerbated by psychological issues such as personality disorders, work-related stress, or an inexperienced officer who has not mastered the department’s official etiquette. 

For example, Peter Liang, who had only been at work for 18 months, murdered Akai Gurley, a 28-year-old man, by striking him in the chest. Officer Liang’s lack of training is shown by Gurley’s death, since he was aiming for Gurley’s chest. Another element that has been linked is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).   


It is important to recognize that police brutality is not confined to what is evident in today’s mainstream media; it also exists in the shadows and is not covered by the mainstream media.

Police brutality is not limited to a single nation, but happens worldwide. In order to solve this problem, rookies and inexperienced police officers must be counseled. I hope you like this police brutality arguments essay.

The “title for police brutality research paper” is an argumentative essay on the topic of police brutality. The article discusses many different aspects of the issue, and includes a list of resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start off a police brutality essay?

A: In order to start off a police brutality essay, you will typically write about creating the right environment in which everything is possible. You should then talk about the history of what led up to this period and some instances that followed on from it. The conclusion would be where you give your opinion of how these recent events are affecting society as a whole now and moving forward.

What are the causes of police brutality?

A: The causes of police brutality are varied, many factors have been listed. However, the most common cause is an officers training and experience. Officers who lack empathy or proper training may escalate situations without considering their own safety

How do you describe police brutality?

A: Police brutality is the violent and inhumane use of force by a state or non-state actor to punish, coerce, intimidate or kill an individual. It may include extrajudicial killings through illegal execution without due process.

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