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Articles for Class/Grade 6, Exercise, Examples, PDF, Quiz

Articles are the words that are utilized to distinguish between particular and nonspecific nouns. Because articles change the nature of nouns, they are referred to be adjectives of the noun.

A, an, and the are three sorts of articles that are often employed in our everyday lives.

Allow us to comprehend the articles via a brief passage that will give you a basic comprehension of the articles and aid in the development of your notions.

Use of Article in a Paragraph or a Passage

There was once upon a time a little lad called Ram. He was eleven years old, but he was a bright young man, so his parents chose to provide him with the greatest educational options possible so that he could develop his abilities and create chances for himself. Ram got accepted into the world-class school after passing an entrance test for youngsters. He made history when he received the highest grades in school and was named the school’s topper. Ram was supported for further education overseas by one of the greatest IT organizations. His passion for technology led him to a world-class institute, where he earned a four-year degree in computer science and went on to work for the organization that sponsored him. He later plans to launch his own startup and create job opportunities for people who are skilled and deserving of opportunities but lack the means to prove themselves.

He formed his own firm and was very successful in his profession. He aided the youngsters by giving them career advice and sharing his own thoughts and experiences to assist them in accomplishing their objectives. Ram has arranged a number of competitions to find talent all over the globe and to provide them the finest platform to demonstrate and prove their abilities in front of the world. He is one of the most respected and wealthy persons in the world because he constantly strives to assist students who are poor and unable to pay school fees but have the capacity to learn anything.

Articles in English Grammar for 6th grade

The articles are separated into two categories:

  1. Articles with definite endings
  2. Articles that are definitive

1. Articles with definite endings

The indefinite article is used before the noun where the identity of the noun is unspecific or not known. The two articles that fall in the category of the Articles with definite endings are a, an.

‘A’ is used before a singular noun that begins with a consonant sound, while ‘An’ is used before a single word that begins with a vowel sound.

Class 6 article examples include:

  1. Radha is a bright young lady.
  2. I work as a software developer.
  3. Please provide me with a drink of water.
  4. We’re looking for a place to live in Mumbai.
  5. Every day, we should consume an apple.
  6. He’ll be back in an hour.
  7. I’ve been chosen for an excellent position.
  8. Rohan aspires to be a singer.
  9. An elephant’s memory is very acute.
  10. A university in Europe boasts the world’s largest campus.

Worksheet/Exercise on Articles with definite endings for class 6

Let us revise the Articles with definite endings with an interesting worksheet. Insert the indefinite article at appropriate places.

  1. Is it okay if I talk to you for a few minutes?
  2. He began taking music lessons when she was four years old.
  3. At the airport, I met African.
  4. The Yamuna River is a long and winding river.
  5. Last night, I ate one egg.
  6. On the tree, he saw a large monkey.
  7. Rohan is dressed in a red t-shirt.
  8. I ran into an elderly gentleman on the street.
  9. Would you want a cup of tea?
  10. Please include a project concept.


  1. Could I have a brief conversation with you?
  2. the letter X (No article)
  3. At the airport, I encountered an African.
  4. The Yamuna River is a long and winding river.
  5. Last night, I ate one egg.
  6. On the tree, he saw a large monkey.
  7. Rohan is dressed in a red tee.
  8. On the street, I came upon an elderly gentleman.
  9. Are you interested in a cup of tea?
  10. Please include a project concept.

2. Articles that are definitive

When the identification of the word is explicit and known, a definite article is used before it. The article ‘the’ is referred to as a definite article. It may be used in front of a solitary or plural noun.

Articles that are definitive Examples for Class 6:

  1. The Taj Mahal is the most famous structure in the world. is a magnificent structure.
  2. We’re heading to the store to get some new outfits.
  3. I really enjoyed the book you provided me.
  4. I’d want to on a globe tour.
  5. Google’s CEO is Sundar Pichai.
  6. In the late 1970s, my father was born.
  7. What is the location of the green room where I may change?
  8. From the east, the sun rises.
  9. The red bike belongs to me.
  10. The cops have apprehended the thief.

Class 6 definite article worksheet/exercise:

Let’s go through the following exercise to rewrite the definite article. Find a mistake and rectify it if necessary.

  1. Sixth-grade pupils are very disciplined.
  2. In the west, the sun sets.
  3. This river’s water is very clear.
  4. What do you have planned for tonight?
  5. Mangoes are delicious.
  6. Ravi will be representing India.
  7. Agra is home to The Taj Mahal is the most famous structure in the world..
  8. In Delhi, there is a Parliament House.
  9. When is your father going to England?
  10. the initial man to set foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong.


  1. The college students
  2. the west
  3. The water is cool.
  4. The plan
  5. Mangoes are delicious.
  6. the country of India
  7. The Taj Mahal is the most famous structure in the world.
  8. The House of Commons
  9. the United Kingdom
  10. the initial

Exercise or Worksheet

Let us go over what we’ve learned and practice it so that we can master it.

Worksheet for Class 6: Miscellaneous Exercise: All Types of Articles

Fill fill the blanks with relevant information:

  1. The Qutub Minar is a monument in Delhi.
  2. Rohan is the class’s top performer.
  3. Kailash Satyarthi has been awarded the honorable prize of .
  4. In the mall, I met girl.
  5. After hours, Rahul returned from the workplace.
  6. There is a institution for physically challenged youngsters.
  7. Rohan is an IIT student who studies .
  8. What is the name of that lovely voice?
  9.  Sonam is in the library of .
  10. Rahul is a talented artist.


  1. The
  2. A
  3. The
  4. A
  5. An
  6. An
  7. A
  8. A
  9. The
  10. An

A, an, the, Articles Quiz for Class 6

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