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The “adjectives worksheet grade 8 pdf” is a PDF document that includes exercises and examples of adjectives in the English language. The document also provides definitions for adjectives, as well as types of adjectives.

CBSE, Adjective for Class 8, Definition, Types, Exercise, Examples, PDF

Hello there, kids! For class 8, we will study adjectives. For class 8, What is the definition of an adjective? Definition, Example, and Exercise For class 8, we have provided CBSE English Grammar adjectives.

Class 8 Cbse Adjectives with Definition, Example, and Exercise

What is the definition of an adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe nouns and pronouns or provide more information about them. The nature of nouns and pronouns may be described in a variety of ways. Adjectives are what we name such words. Adjectives aid in the development of sophisticated vocabulary. An adjective is often used before a noun and is also used after a verb.

Numbers, size, taste, color, form, weather, texture, and sentiments may all be expressed with adjectives.

Adjective Examples for Class 8

  1. This chocolate truffle cake is fantastic.
  2. Nitin has a pair of blue eyes.
  3. Ribi is looking stunning today.
  4. My brother is often wearing brightly colored shoes.
  5. Vishal is a good person.

Adjective Types for Class 8

  1. Quality Adjectives
  2. Quantity Adjectives
  3. Numbers Adjectives
  4. Demonstrative Adjectives
  5. Interrogative Adjectives
  6. Possessive Adjectives

1. Quality Adjectives

Quality Adjectives are used to define the variety of nouns or quality of a noun or pronoun. Quality Adjectives help to find the nature of a noun. Quality Adjectives give an opinion about the qualities of the noun by attaching more major information about color, size, good, smart, loud, wild, and by responding to the question “what kind” or explain further.

Examples of Quality Adjectives:

  1. Kajal’s nails are very long.
  2. Shivani has one daughter, who is quite brilliant.
  3. The tiger was vanquished by the cunning fox.
  4. Ankit is capable at dealing with consumers.
  5.  Our society’s security guard is a trustworthy individual.

2. Quantitative adjectives

Quantity Adjectives notify us about how much of the thing is there are used for the uncountable noun. Adjectives of the quantity are managed to define the quantity of something that can’t be countable. These words represent a noun’s quantity. These types of adjectives answer the question like How much?  It accommodates to show the amount or the fair amount of the noun or a pronoun.  They show, ‘how much a thing is expected.

All, half, a lot, a little, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot

Examples of Quantity Adjectives:

  1. Honey still has some money in the bank account.
  2. In the tuition, there are a few students.
  3. Kajal, I have a large collection of English books.
  4. You should bring any kind of watch for me, Alex.
  5. This is enough nourishment for me.

3. Numbers Adjectives

Numbers Adjectives tell us how many things are there. They are used for countable nouns. They show ‘how many‘   They are used for countable nouns.

All, a lot, a few, six, a few, second, tenth, and most.

Examples of Numbers Adjectives:

  1. In the zoo, she witnessed a variety of animals.
  2. On my birthday, my sister handed me six presents.
  3. The mastermind is the film’s second actor.
  4. All around India, I was ranked ninth.
  5. The yearly event of the school attracts a large crowd.

4. Adjectives with a Demonstrative Function

Demonstrative adjectives provide information about ‘which person’ or ‘what is intended.’ These are words that come before nouns, such as this, that, and these. Demonstrative Adjectives are sometimes known as possessive demonstratives or demonstrative adjectives.

Demonstrative quality examples include:

  1. These individuals are South Africans.
  2. This is the phone I’m using right now.
  3. Those dogs will return to the earth.
  4. That collegiate building is just stunning.
  5. What are the materials used to make these jeans?

5. Adjectives with interrogatives

To ask inquiries, interrogative adjectives are used with nouns. An interrogative adjective is a term that asks a question in the form of a wh-type query and may be used to interrogate anything in a phrase. These are the words that are used with nouns to pose inquiries, such as which, what, whose, and where.

Interrogative Adjectives Examples:

  1. When you go for a morning stroll, where do you go?
  2. What kind of narrative appeals to you?
  3. Which hat are you going to put on?
  4. Whose firm is this?
  5. What is the name of the school’s principal?

6. Adjectives of Possession

To express ownership, possessive adjectives are used before a noun or a pronoun in a phrase. A possessive determiner is another name for a possessive adjective. Words like our, mine, your, its, there, and others imply a sense of kinship. They inform us of the situation.

Possessive Adjectives Examples:

  1. I’m always willing to lend you my clothing.
  2. The outcome for your youngster is outstanding.
  3. We parked our automobile on the side of the road.
  4. Their dancing studio is stunning.
  5. Mrs.Rajni is her mother’s name.

Class 8 Adjectives and Degrees of Comparison

   There are three types of quality descriptors known as degrees of comparison.

  1. The mildest form of adjectives is the positive degree. When there is no distinction, it is utilized. The existence of quality is indicated by a positive degree. Michael Alexander, for example, is a wealthy individual. (ii) David is a quick learner.
  2. The comparative degree is used to compare two people or objects. Consider the following scenario: I You are taller than your sister. (ii) She is more knowledgeable than her brother.
  3. Superlative Degree: It is distinct from the others. When more than two people or goods are being checked, this method is used. For example, Mount Everest is the world’s tallest mountain. (ii) The tiger is the quickest animal on the planet.

What Adjectives Can You Use to Describe Someone?

It is only used of people, not animals or things. Elder, elder, eldest, oldest: It is only used of people, not animals or things.

  1. Later, latter: last, last: a reference to the passage of time
  2. Farther, further: The terms “farther” and “further” refer to the distance between two points.
  3. The minuscule, minuscule, minuscule: the minuscule, minuscule, minuscule, minuscul A little amount equals a large amount. The term “little” refers to a tiny quantity of money.
  4. Next, closest: The term “nearest” refers to a space of distance, while “next” refers to a location.
  5. Fewer, fewer: The term “less” solely relates to the amount of something. The word “fewer” solely pertains to numbers.


Underline the adjectives in the following phrases and identify the appropriate adjective type.

  1. Alex, this is not your watch.
  2. Our squad traveled to Goa to compete in a well-known football competition.
  3. In the tenth row, there was a Chinese woman.
  4. In a day, how much paper did you write?
  5. Which dancer is your favorite?


  1. This – Adjective of Demonstration
  2. Famous is a quality adjective.
  3. Tenth – Numbers Adjectives
  4. Much is a quantity adjective.
  5. Which – adjectival interrogatives

Fill up the blanks with your answers. Class 8’s Exercise:

(elder, eldest, oldest, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent, most recent

  1. Please take action as soon as possible.
  2. My home is from hers.
  3. The world’s oldest lady was 115 years old.
  4. Rubal has a different personality than her sister.
  5. The white building is from my home.
  6. This is the colony’s building.
  7. I got information from an English publication.
  8. The kids were escorted to a park called .
  9. Our home is the house on the block.
  10. Chennai is than Patna in terms of distance from Delhi.


  1. Further
  2. Next
  3. Oldest
  4. Elder
  5. Next
  6. Oldest
  7. Latest
  8. Nearest
  9. Last
  10. Farther

Class 8 Adjectives Quiz

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adjective exercise for class 6” is an exercise that will help students learn adjectives. It includes a PDF version of the worksheet and examples of adjectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of adjectives are there in class 8?

A: There are nine types of adjectives in class 8. They are odd, nice, and so on until there is no more room for adjectives to be added, which means that we have reached the end of a word!

What is the definition of adjective for Class 8?

A: The definition of adjective for Class 8 is a word used to express quality or state.

What are the 8 types of adjectives PDF?

Adjective – a word that describes or identifies something.
Etymology – the study of words and their histories.
-Noun adjectives are adjectives used as nouns meaning ‘a word describing an adjective’, e.g., hot dog is an adjective in use as a noun to describe food items such as sausages and dogs, while pink is an example of a color

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