The CBSE released a list of adverbs for class 6 with types and examples. The use of these adverbs is to help the students recognize their usage in sentence writing. Some are used in questions, some are used as adjectives, and some can be used as nouns or verbs.

The “kinds of adverbs worksheet grade 6” is a worksheet that contains different kinds of adverbs. The worksheet provides examples and exercises for students to practice the different types of adverbs.

CBSE, Adverbs for Class 6 With Types, Exercise, Examples, Pdf

Class 6 adverb definition: An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or a phrase as a whole. In other words, they are employed to demonstrate the properties of a verb or an adjective. Adverbs may modify another adverb in a phrase, which is a fascinating truth about them.

Adverbs are used in the following ways:

  1. In the theater, a stunning young lady sat opposite me. (The adjective ‘beautiful’ is modified by the adverb ‘amazing.’)
  2. Muskan is a fast runner. (In this case, the word’very’ modifies the adverb ‘quickly.’)
  3. He’s having a good time with his pals.
  4. Ram is much more intelligent than Shyam.
  5. Seema has a good voice.

Adverb Types/Kinds for Class 6

An adverb may be classified into five categories according to class 6:

  1. Temporal adverbs
  2. Manners adverbs
  3. Adverbs with varying degrees
  4. Adverbs of location
  5. Frequencies adverbs

1. Temporal adverbs

The use of a time adverb provides information about when the verb occurs. They’re often seen at the conclusion of sentences.

Some of the words that are used as Temporal adverbs – annually, daily, monthly, recently, regularly, yet, soon, etc.

Examples of Temporal adverbs:

  1. During my leisure time, I complete all of my tiny projects.
  2. He has not yet arrived at his destination.
  3. You will quickly recover from this illness.
  4. It is vital to review the finances on a monthly basis.
  5. Every year, a sports tournament is organized at our school.

2. Adverbs of location

An adverb of place tells more about the location of a verb’s occurrence. These are usually used following the sentence’s primary verb.

Some of the adverbs that are used as Adverbs of location – here, there, nowhere, everywhere, out, in, above, below, etc.

Examples of Adverbs of location:

  1. My wallet was taken, and the perpetrator was nowhere to be discovered.
  2. Plants may be found in abundance in the garden of my college.
  3. Above the table, books are stacked.
  4. The cat is perched under the table.
  5. Every day, he comes to my home.

3. Adverbs with varying degrees

The intensity of the verb in the phrase is described by an adverb of degree. They’re usually utilized before a sentence’s primary verb.

Some of the words are as Adverbs with varying degrees – almost, quite, nearly, too, etc.

Examples of Adverbs with varying degrees:

  1. You don’t know much about India.
  2. Ram’s mother is in a life-threatening condition.
  3. Raju is ecstatic to be going on a picnic.
  4. It’s only normal for you to learn from your errors.
  5. I’m nearly done with my assignment.

4. Manners adverbss

The method in which the verb was carried out is described by an adverb of manner. They are readily distinguished from the rest of the sentences since they usually finish in -ly.

Some of the words that are used as Manners adverbs – neatly, slowly, quickly, sadly, etc.

Examples of Manners adverbs:

  1. She meticulously cleaned her room.
  2. Let’s get our office stuff done swiftly.
  3. He is taking his time walking.
  4. Sita is calmly sitting on the balcony.
  5. If you want to catch the train, drive quickly.

5. Frequencies adverbs

The frequency of the verb is described by an adverb of frequency. They’re usually employed to change the meaning of verbs. They’re most often utilized before the primary verb.

Some of the words that are used as Frequencies adverbs – never, always, rarely, sometimes, usually, again, etc.

Examples of Frequencies adverbs:

  1. Before I sleep at the hostel, he always phones his folks.
  2. She will never join you at a gathering again.
  3. We frequently go with pals on weekends.
  4. I sometimes get the impression that you chastise him more than he deserves.
  5. When my father is eating, he seldom uses his phone.


Let’s go through each one in depth and see how to use them in a sentence, but first, let’s perform some practice exercises using the adverbs we’ve studied so far so we can track our progress.

Adverbs Worksheet/Exercise for Class 6

Determine the adverbs in the sentences below.

  1. He spoke with us in a melancholy tone.
  2. I’m a morning person who always gets up early.
  3. Vishal is the last person to arrive at the party.
  4. The session provided an excellent opportunity to learn something new.
  5. I just returned from Shimla.
  6. This is something we’ll talk about later.
  7. She seldom attends parties.
  8. The major visitor at the institution was enthusiastically greeted by the students.
  9. She can swim quite quickly.
  10. You are considerably slower than Anu.


  1. Sadly
  2. Always
  3. Very
  4. Very
  5. Recently
  6. Later
  7. Rarely
  8. Warmly
  9. Very
  10. Much

6th Grade Adverbs Quiz

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To get a copy of the PDF, go to the URL provided below.

Adverbs for Class 6 CBSE




The “adverb of time worksheet for grade 6” is a helpful tool that can be used to help students learn how adverbs work. The sheet includes exercises and examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is adverb and its types with examples PDF?

A: An adverb is a word that modifies another part of speech, such as an adjective or verb. There are three types of adverbs in English.

How many types of adverbs are there in class 6?

A: There are a lot of adverbs in the class 6. Some examples of what you might use them for are to show how fast something is, like quite quickly, slowly or not so much as anything at all, but simply just playing around and having fun saying things like Im having some fun with this.

When she is very angry She drives fast adverbs are there in this sentence?

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