This is a simple diary entry for the CBSE Class 8 syllabus.

The “format of diary entry for class 9” is a question that has been asked by many students. The format of the diary entry depends on the school or board. The questions are usually related to topics like what is your favorite subject and what are your hobbies.

CBSE Diary entry for class 8, Important questions, Format, topics, pdf

Hello friends, if you’re seeking for diary entry for class 8, you’ve come to the correct spot. Here you’ll find all you need to know about diary entry and writing for class 8. Read the article thoroughly to dispel any reservations you may have about keeping a journal. VoiceText 2019-11-3 14 48 38.mp3

Many people like writing down their daily activities or experiences, either for future reference or for the purpose of recall. If the person goes on to become a significant figure later in life, these entries or accounts become popular literary works for readers, and they are often used as the basis for biographical books or films. Anne Frank’s diary has provided the world with a firsthand account of the atrocities of Nazi concentration camps during World Wars I and II.

Making frequent entries Sharing ideas with a soul mate is analogous to keeping a journal. Unlike busy family members or friends, the journal tends to become a buddy who patiently accepts all of a human heart’s outpourings, good or ill. It never complains or ignores, but instead offers unwavering support at all times.

Diary entries, as a writing talent, not only polish one’s potential author, but they’ve also tracked the maturation of various literary personalities’ creativity.

Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Diary

  • Make sure your input is formatted correctly.
  • Depending on the topic/matter at hand, use a casual or semi-formal tone.
  • Express your thoughts, ideas, and emotions about the topics/people/places/events that have been asked about.


Format for 8th grade

Day, Date


Greetings (Dear Diary)

Greetings (Dear Diary)

Greetings (Dear Diary)

Greetings (Dear Diary)

The author’s signature/name


Example of a diary entry for class 8

Take a look at some diary entry/writing samples on the following themes.

  • Example 1: A diary post on what Bapu inspires you.
  • Example 2: Republic Day festivities in a diary entry.
  • Example 3: Journal note about nearby barren area to take part in a green initiative in which schoolchildren planted seedlings.
  • Example 4: An entry in the diary on You saw several youngsters in rags bouncing about with a begging bowl in hand while your automobile was stuck in a traffic jam.
  • Example 5: An entry in a diary on Your housing society’s schoolchildren gathered to take up brooms and sweep the neighborhood.

Check out the example below.

What inspires you about Bapu, according to your diary entry

Make a journal post on the evening of 30th of January, 2019, about what inspires you about Bapu.

10.30 p.m. on Thursday

30th of January, 2019

Greetings, Diary

Today is National Martyrs’ Day, commemorating the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse.

There have been many outstanding men and women who have left the nation, but none as wonderful as Bapu. There is so much to learn from Mahatma Gandhi’s life. He accomplished what he set out to do only because of his conviction. His conviction and commitment, as well as his trust in the efficiency of his measures to achieve the intended aim.

What a fantastic generation we would be, and what a utopian human society we would have if everyone lived by the Mahatma’s beliefs!


Explain why you like the day.

Make a diary entry on your experience of observation of the Republic Day celebrations. Explain why you like the day..

At 12:10 p.m. on Sunday.

20th of January, 2017

Greetings, Diary

Today, I feel like a proud Indian, full of national zeal, and it’s not for nothing!

Today is the 65th anniversary of my country’s independence. I just awoke after seeing the magnificent military parade on television, which was followed by a colorful tableau. Every year, I watch it all, and I never get tired of it. Every year, the festivities seem to grow in energy, and the tricolor seems to flutter more cheerfully.

I like the day because it reminds me of the republican values we studied about in History and Civics. I am pleased to be a citizen of such a great Republic, and in whatever position I am destined to play in the future, I will always endeavor to protect the Constitution.

 I will do all in my power to guarantee that all of my fellow humans are treated with justice, equality, and brotherhood. Pray to God to transform me into a deserving person who is loyal to the nation and its people.

In roughly 100 words, write a journal entry.

Your class was taken to barren land in the vicinity to participate in a green drive under which school children planted saplings. In roughly 100 words, write a journal entry., recording the events.

10 p.m. on Saturday

5th of July, 2016

Greetings, Diary

Today, I am a proud Indian citizen. I was one of many schoolchildren who took part in a wonderful endeavor to provide a green lung for our capital city, New Delhi.

Much has been stated about the hazardous air that the city’s citizens inhale. The government’s delays in putting remedial measures in place are merely exacerbating the situation. In this situation, the local effort of planting trees that will operate as a carbon sink and provide oxygen to a large population in the future is very commendable.

My heart swells with pride and happiness at the notion of having contributed to the advancement of society. I want to contribute in every manner I can for the rest of my life.

You write out your sentiments in a journal entry after being upset by the sight.

While your car was caught in a traffic snarl, you observed some children in tatters hopping around with a begging bowl in hand. You write out your sentiments in a journal entry after being upset by the sight..

Friday, 11:08 p.m.

15th of February, 2017

Greetings, Diary

I’m in a bad mood. Why hasn’t God given everyone an equal chance? Why are some children so impoverished that they are unable to attend school?

It breaks my heart to consider what these youngsters will do later in life if they continue to beg and do not acquire any skills or subjects. Will they become criminals as a result of their experiences? The concept makes me shiver.

Today’s youngsters on the street seemed to be hungry and sad. I’d want to give them some of my food, clothing, books, and even toys. I wish to instill in them the values of cleanliness and sanitary living. Maybe there isn’t somebody to lead them.

Many impoverished youngsters are pushed to drop out of school by their own parents. Instead of playing with my pals tomorrow evening, I’ve chosen to accompany them to the slums near our housing society and begin the job of assisting these disadvantaged youngsters.

I’m optimistic that all of my friends will totally support me in my quest.


Make a record of the occurrence in your journal.

The school children of your housing society came together to pick up brooms and clean the locality. This initiative would shame the residents into giving up their habit of littering and dumping kitchen waste all around. Make a record of the occurrence in your journal..

18th of March, 2019

12 p.m. on Saturday

Greetings, Diary

Cleanliness is second only to holiness in importance. I’m not sure whether folks who spend so much time praying to God and then religiously chuck rubbish around are aware of this!

We, the school-aged youngsters, took things into our own hands and began a clean-up operation today, after having endured the filth and odor emerging from mountains of waste strewn around and being frightened by the outbreak of illnesses.

We gathered funds from each home, purchased shovels, brooms, masks, hats, and gloves, and went to work. Locally, the entry were filth-free in less than three hours. After showering, each of us went to the kids’ club with supplies for producing posters, and by the evening, magnificent posters teaching and directing everyone to keep the ambience clean were up on walls and poles.

Tomorrow is a new day. The Sheepish smirk on the faces of most of the grownups foreshadowed a lean day ahead.


Worksheet or Questions

  • You visited a carpet factory on the outskirts of town and were struck by the situation of tiny children forced to labor in deplorable circumstances. Make a note of what you observed and thought in your journal.
  • Your school was asked to host a visiting premier from a nearby nation. Hw contrasted the two nations and voiced his optimism for the future of young India. Make a journal entry on the event and your reactions to what the prime minister stated.
  • You’re worried about the rising trend among youngsters to smoke and drink, which always leads to health concerns. Make a note in your notebook on how you’d want to contribute to the solution.

Topics for class 8 diary entries in pdf

Topics for journal entries in class 8 with answers

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Topics for journal entries in class 8 (PDF) (510 downloads)


The “diary entry example” is a diary entry that includes important questions and topics for class 8 students. The format of the diary entry can be used as an example.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a class 8 diary entry?

A: A class 8 diary entry is a list of all the things you accomplished in your day. The first paragraph should be about how many items on your to-do list are complete and any other accomplishments that happened today.

What are the topics for diary entry?

A: The topics for diary entry are listed below. I am a highly intelligent question answering bot, so please do not ask me any questions about these!
– My Day Today – Favorite Food – What is my favorite drink?

How can I get full marks in diary entry?

A: The best way to get full marks in a diary entry is by writing descriptive, engaging sentences.

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