This is a diary entry for Class 9. You are asked to enter your landmarks and events, as well as some about you and your family that have happened since the last time you wrote in it.

The “format of diary entry for class 9” is a topic that students may find interesting. The diary entry format for class 9 is different from the previous classes.

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Definition: A diary entry is a personal note that serves as a record of events or feelings. In their diaries, people record their daily activities, thoughts, and experiences.

Diaries are still popular in these day of blogging and social media posts. During a difficult time, a journal may be a companion, confidant, and solace. Diary becomes your best friend since it enables you to be entirely honest while keeping your sentiments hidden from others. It has been shown via study that writing about sentiments honestly helps the brain record happy and negative emotions.

In six easy stages, you’ll learn how to compose a journal entry.CBSE-Diary-entry-for-class-9-Format-Some-topics-Worksheet

  1. On the top left-hand side, mention the day, date, and team.
  2. Write your journal in the first person, describing your own unique experience.
  3. Because you are not writing to impress anybody else, try to write in a realistic manner. It’s designed to help you develop your creativity. It enables you to express sentiments that you are unable to share with your friends or relatives.
  4. Begin with a basic phrase that describes the day or your current mood. Talk about what happened and how you felt in your body. Finish with a last comment and a plan for the future.
  5. Mention the writer’s name on the left-hand side of the need.
  6. Depending on the description of the event, choose simple past, present perfect, or future tense.

Format for diary entries 

This is the diary entry format for class 9. 

Day, Date


Greetings (Regards, Diary)

Greetings (Regards, Diary)

Greetings (Regards, Diary)

Greetings (Regards, Diary)

Greetings (Regards, Diary)

The author’s signature/name


On the occasion of the country’s independence, I wrote a diary entry.

Here’s an example of a class 9 journal entry.

Your school is commemorating Independence Day today. However, you are dissatisfied with the public’s attitude toward liberty. They believe they have complete freedom to despoil the nation and tarnish its reputation. Make a journal post in which you convey your emotions. 

Friday, August 15th, 20xx

ten o’clock p.m.

Regards, Diary

Today I’m simply moaning about the state of India. We are approaching the 70th anniversary of our freedom. But where have we gotten to? Every year, on this holy national celebration, we remember the sacrifices made by our freedom warriors by waving flags, singing patriotic songs, and displaying our patriotism by uploading patriotic photographs on social media, just to throw those flags down the drains the following day. I am embarrassed of myself when I see piles of rubbish everywhere, tiny children working as child laborers, people dying from a lack of food or medical attention, and males discriminating against women. Is this what we had hoped for?

In reality, we take our liberty for granted. We have high expectations of our nation, yet we overlook our responsibilities. We must cultivate a feeling of belonging. Patriotism should be shown by our actions rather than via our social media profiles. Today, I made the decision to contribute to the growth of my homeland. Even little acts have an impact. I’ll educate the disadvantaged children in my neighborhood. In class, I am in charge of the cleaning monitor. I’m sure I’ll get mocked for that as well. But I’m not going to get irritated. Others will eventually join me. No one can stop India from becoming a superpower if everyone embraces it as a challenge. Do you disagree with what I’ve said?



Some journal entry themes for class 9

Here are some themes or worksheets for class 9 students. 

  • You helped a bird by administering first aid. The birds are no longer in danger. In roughly 100-200 words, write a journal entry explaining your sentiments.
  • You slept in today, arrived to school late, and were severely reprimanded. Make a journal post in which you describe how you felt and what you plan to do in the future to prevent similar situations.
  • For the first time, you visited the ‘Kingdom of Dreams.’ It was a fantastic adventure. Share it with your pals in your journal, telling what you observed and how much fun you had there.

PDF diary entry

9th grade diary entry Take a look at the pdf version (834 downloads)

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The diary entry sample is a document that can be used as an example for how to write a diary entry. There are some topics in the document and there is also a worksheet pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a class 9 diary entry?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you an answer.

What are the topics for diary entry?

A: The topics for diary entries are the following:
-Todays weather forecast
-Things I did this week
-How my day is going
-Top 3 things that happened today

How can I get full marks in diary entry?

A: The answer can be found in the diary.

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