The Central Board of Secondary Education has released the batch 2018-19 CBSE English medium paragraph writing pattern. The paper contains six different types of paragraphs that students should be able to write in the coming days. Here is a detailed look at these patterns, their formats and examples from various classes for you to practice with.

The “paragraph writing examples pdf” is a document that contains various paragraph writing formats. It includes the types of paragraphs, an example paragraph and its format.

CBSE Paragraph writing in English, Format, Types, Examples, All classes

English paragraph writing

English paragraph writing requires knowing how to write a great topic sentence, using supporting details and Words that serve as a transition as well as finding a strong concluding sentence. (CBSE)CBSE-Paragraph-writing-in-English-Format-Types-Examples-All-classes

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What exactly are paragraph writings?

A paragraph is a collection of phrases that together introduce, develop, and summarize a concept.

A paragraph consists of a main sentence, a few supporting sentences, and a conclusion sentence, as we’ve previously taught.

What is English paragraph writing explain

A paragraph is a composition designed to asses the creativity and organisational abilities of a student. A paragraph is a group of sentences written on a topic. In writing a paragraph, the writer should first collect his ideas on the given topic and then organise them in a fluent and grammatically correct order. A paragraph must contain a key sentence that introduces the topic in one line. (English paragraph writing) One must ensure coherence in the organisation of sentences so that the thoughts and ideas are presented in a united manner, with an eye organisation of sentences so that the thoughts and ideas are presented in a united manner, with an eye for fluency. A simple format can be observed to make the paragraph effective. 

It is critical that you do not repeat your thoughts when writing. (CBSE) As a result, you haven’t included many additional supporting elements to your paragraph’s core concept.1643332363_998_CBSE-Paragraph-writing-in-English-Format-Types-Examples-All-classes

The core framework, however, stays the same.

English paragraph writing  Situation vacant advertisement

The Sentence on the Subject

The subject is introduced in the first sentence of the paragraph. In a manner, it expresses the paragraph’s main concept. This line is crucial because it exposes the reader to the topic of the paragraph.

A top sentence needs to catch readers’ attention in order to make them want to continue to read. The Sentence on the Subject should also give readers an idea of what is to follow.

The Adjunct Sentences

These sentences are used to support the main idea stated in The Sentence on the Subject. These sentences are used to elaborate on what The Sentence on the Subject says in brief. They give more information about the main idea through examples.

Without strong and clear supporting details, a strong topic sentence can’t survive. It is the supporting details, in the form of facts, descriptions, and examples, that back up the claim made by The Sentence on the Subject.

Words that serve as a transition

Using Words that serve as a transition between sentences builds the unity and clarity of paragraphs. Words that serve as a transition like next, similarly, or for instance make sentences flow together, showing

Last but not least, there is a sentence that sums up all that has been said thus far.

This is usually the last sentence of your paragraph that sums up what The Sentence on the Subject and the supporting details talk about. This sentence is used to tie up all the loose ends and give a logical end to your paragraph.

It is very important for students to know how to write a conclusion. The writing conclusion confirms everything mentioned in a paragraph. A conclusion usually restates the claim in The Sentence on the Subject.


Take a theme, such as ‘Sending greeting cards,’ and scribble down thoughts as they come to you, at random.

  • Especially for exceptional events
  • Various types of cards are available.
  • The most common occasions
  • Cards with a variety of themes
  • Nowadays, e-cards are quite popular.
  • Cards that have been hand-painted are prized.
  • Card may make you feel better.

Expand the concepts into full phrases now. If necessary, you may adjust the order.

Sending greeting cards

People send cards to one another on important occasions all throughout the globe. For any event, there are a variety of cards available in retailers. Birthday cards, on the other hand, are the most popular. There are also miscellaneous cards, such as get well cards, thank you cards, congratulation cards, and so on, in addition to event cards. With the introduction of the Internet, however, e-cards have become quite popular. On certain websites, the majority of e-cards are free. Few individuals nowadays use paints to send hand-painted greeting cards. A hand-painted card, on the other hand, not only brings a smile to the recipient’s face, but it is also valued by the receiver since it demonstrates the sender’s attempt to cheer him or her up. Any card with lovely sentiments written on the inside is a lovely way to welcome someone.

A paragraph’s most important qualities1643332364_531_CBSE-Paragraph-writing-in-English-Format-Types-Examples-All-classes

Before you start writing, be sure you know all there is to know about the topic. Remember that, much like a sentence, a paragraph focuses on a single subject or concept.

First, write down the main idea or topic. English paragraph writing, It can be a single word, more than one word, or a short phrase. Build on the words or short phrases to come up with additional ideas that support the main idea. You may change the order of the points or supporting ideas according to their occurrence or importance when you actually begin to write your paragraph.

What actions should you take to write a decent paragraph?

Make a list of points relevant to the topic matter before you begin writing your paragraph.

  • The Sentence on the Subject is the introductory statement of your paragraph as it introduces the main idea. Keep in mind, that the readers will greatly rely on what it says to decide if the paragraph is worth reading or not.
  • With the aid of appropriate information, examples, and so on, develop the core concept.
  • Do not write sentences that are unconnected to one another. One thought should lead to the next.
  • Try to come up with a thought-provoking or enticing last statement that will stick in the reader’s mind.
  • Every sentence in the paragraph must be connected to the core concept or issue in some way. Do not include any sentences that are unrelated to the issue.
  • Make sure your specific sentences are structured in such a way that there are no logical gaps in the flow of thought or the development of the primary theme.
  • Remember to use entire sentences while writing.
  • Reread what you’ve written and, if necessary, rearrange the sentences.
  • Revise your paragraph for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes when you’ve finished it.

In English, there are many different types of paragraphs.

We’ll look at three different sorts of paragraphs here. 

  1. Paragraph on literacy
  2. Paragraph with a narrative tone
  3. Paragraph that persuades

Paragraph on literacy

The fairy with the golden hair did not enjoy rain.

English paragraph writing

Dark clouds would blanket the sky and obstruct the light whether it rained or not, making the whole day look dreary and dismal. If it rained on a chilly day, it appeared much colder and more dreary than it had been. Furthermore, rain, regardless of the temperature, caused the fairy’s hair to get frizzy and messed up, regardless of how much time she spent on it. A few rains were all it took to ruin a full morning’s worth of style.

The rain, in the fairy’s opinion, was not her friend.

The word moreover is an example of a transitional word.

Paragraph with a narrative tone

My community is well-known for its many beautiful natural features. To begin with, it is 

The Vandana River, which is incredibly large and lovely, is well-known. Vandana Hill, on the opposite side of town, is remarkable in that it is quite steep. The enormous ancient Banyan Tree is the third remarkable feature. This tree is around 600 years old and reaches two hundred feet tall.

Finally, these three sites are very wonderful and help to make my community a well-known destination.

Note: Also is an example of Words that serve as a transition.

Paragraph that persuades

Instead of staying at home during professional activities days, students in grades six and above should be fixed to do some volunteer work in their community. For one thing, there are a number of worthwhile agencies that are in need of extra help. Also, volunteering would get students out of the house and active, which is much better for them than sitting on the couch playing video games. Finally, volunteering would teach students responsibility and commitment to someone/something other than themselves. English paragraph writing, Overall, professional activities days spent in this way would be a win-win situation for both students and their communities.

Format for composing paragraphs1643332364_305_CBSE-Paragraph-writing-in-English-Format-Types-Examples-All-classes

  1. In one or two phrases, introduce the subject so that the reader understands what the paragraph is about right away.
  2. Arrange and logically organize all of your thoughts, ideas, and facts regarding the issue.
  3. Finish the paragraph in an appropriate way.

Remember the following points while creating a paragraph:

  1. Stick to the word limit specified on the question paper.
  2. Irrelevant information should be avoided.
  3. Be cautious of grammatical errors.

A paragraph containing a subject sentence is an example.1643332365_209_CBSE-Paragraph-writing-in-English-Format-Types-Examples-All-classes

Example 1

Write a small paragraph on “the importance of books in the Life of a Student’ English paragraph writing.


  • A media that spans time by portraying the perspectives of individuals from the past.
  • A view of how the world has evolved through time as a result of the accumulation of knowledge and understanding of numerous areas.
  • Without a doubt, a person’s best buddy.
  • A beacon of hope
  • Initiates and stimulates a subject’s cognitive process.


Books are often mistaken to be a burden by a lot of students. On the contrary, they come to our rescue in our dire need. They are a window to our big world and present it from different times on a whole variety of subjects. They let us see how mankind has progressed over its ling journey. And until we go through that, we can’t know how the future world would shape up for us. Books give a jumpstart to a professional in his field, as he can go through all that has been achieved in that field and save his time and effort by avoiding the repetition of the same task. Books, as A beacon of hope, initiate and stimulate thoughts on various subjects. They are a milestone of the journey mankind has a cover and the details of it. 

Example 2

In a paragraph, discuss the ‘Negative Aspects of Television in a Child’s Life.’


  • Eye strain is excessive.
  • Multiple channels encourage unending browsing.
  • Time is being wasted.
  • Academics are relegated to the background.
  • The usual gripe of a viewer is that there are 200 channels but nothing on.
  • Promotes violence, hostility, immorality, and other negative traits in young, impressionable brains.
  • Reality programs push the boundaries of what is possible in order to attract viewers.
  • Reality programs have frequently had disastrous implications for children.
  • Parents, children, and the media must practice moderation when it comes to what is broadcast and what must be seen.


In today’s world, television has become one of the most essential sources of entertainment. It has a prominent place in practically everyone’s household, with children being a large portion of the audience. On the one hand, it is one of the most important sources of information and general awareness; on the other hand, it has become a medium for broadcasting programs that are often inappropriate for children. When it comes to moral principles, young children’s brains are like blank slates. With the introduction of 24-hour cable and satellite television, literally hundreds of programs are no longer accessible to all family members sitting together. As a consequence, television has more negative characteristics in the end, and children’s television watching should be restricted and selected.

Example 3

English paragraph writing, Most of the students usually find writing skills difficult. Write a paragraph describing ‘Ways to Improve Writing Skills in English’.


  • Take careful notes in class and always do your assignments.
  • Don’t let red-ink stains in your notebook discourage you; keep trying. 
  • Reading as many novels, short stories, periodicals, and newspapers as possible is a good idea. 
  • Online practice and correction are available via interactive websites.
  • Always compile a list of the items/events/paintings you need to include in your outline.
  • In order of significance, rank these points and elaborate on each one.
  • Try spelling bees, crossword puzzles, and word scrambles, among other things.
  • Frequently consult a dictionary
  • Practice writing in English on a variety of subjects.


To get excellent grades in English, you must write with expression. To develop effective writing abilities, students should constantly take notes in class and attempt to do their assignments on time to keep a consistent pace. The red-ink markings in the notebooks are only reminders, so don’t be disheartened by them. It is important not to give up hope and to keep trying. To build a large vocabulary and improve spelling, develop a reading habit, whether it’s short novels, periodicals, or newspapers. These days, various interactive services on the internet give online practice worksheets and correct them as well. When writing a piece of material, it is usually a good idea to make a word sketch or outline of the topics that will be included. Following that, these points should be ranked in order of priority. Spelling bees, crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, and scrambles are all enjoyable methods to keep oneself occupied. Using a dictionary may also help you improve your vocabulary, and at the very least, try writing a few lines in English on any subject you choose.

How to start a paragraph with words/ideas

Now look at the examples below to see how you may start your paragraph with words or concepts and then extend or build on them to create powerful sentences that will make the paragraph. After that, compose the text.


Words You’re Familiar With

  • Done in the snow
  • Season of the year
  • India’s well-known ski resorts
  • Competitions in skiing
  • teacher teaching skilling


  1. Skiing is a thrilling winter activity that takes place on snow.
  2. However, skiing can be done only during the Season of the year when the layer of ice is thick in mountainous regions.
  3. Gulmarg and AUli are the most India’s well-known ski resorts.
  4. Competitions in skiing are held there during the winter months.
  5. Even if you are a complete novice, you may locate a ski teacher to help you learn.

The Best Vacation Spot

Words You’re Familiar With

  • Goa is the ideal spot to visit.
  • Warm and sunny
  • Blue skies and warm sands
  • Sporting activities on the water
  • Restaurants of distinction 


  • Goa is an ideal destination for a holiday.
  • It is always Warm and sunny
  • The crystal blue sea and the warm sands are lovely.
  • People may participate in a variety of water sports such as speed boats, parasailing, and water scooters.
  • It has many Restaurants of distinction where you can gorge on a variety of dishes, the origins of which can be traced to various parts of the world.

Airplanes in Today’s World

Words You’re Familiar With

  • Airplanes have a significant impact on people’s lives.
  • Traveling is significantly more efficient.
  • You have the ability to travel to far-flung locations. 
  • Goods delivery has improved.
  • The globe seems to be becoming smaller.


  • Modern man has benefited much from airplanes since they have made travel more quicker and simpler.
  • Airplanes have made it possible to travel to far-flung locations.
  • Delivering products to far-flung regions of the globe is no longer an issue, thanks to cargo flights that assure a seamless and trouble-free delivery.
  • The globe has shrunk as a result of aircraft, and distance no longer counts.

Examples of paragraph writing1643332367_639_CBSE-Paragraph-writing-in-English-Format-Types-Examples-All-classes

‘The Importance of Fruits and Vegetables in Our Daily Diet’ is the topic of a paragraph.

Fruit and vegetables are essential components of a balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals, which help our bodies work properly. It provides us with the energy and stamina we need to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Furthermore, they have lost fiber, which is necessary for our digestive system to function correctly. Finally, the nutrients included in fruits and vegetables have been scientifically demonstrated to aid in the prevention of illness. We’ll be on the path to greater health if we eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.


‘Sense of Humour’ is a topic for writing a paragraph on.

Laughter is a joyful and happy expression. Only man, amid God’s innumerable creations, has the ability to laugh. Without humour and laughter, life would have been quite dull. The capacity to laugh reduces stress and allows a person to appreciate the positive aspects of life. At any meeting, a guy with a good sense of humour is appreciated — his dazzling wit and quips can spice up a boring discussion. Humour may assist individuals avoid losing their cool in a variety of ways. It aids in the maintenance of mental stability as well as the attraction of new acquaintances. A guy who lacks a sense of humour is usually uptight and unpleasant. He can’t see the bright side of things. As a result, comedy has a significant practical significance in one’s life.


writing a paragraph about ‘The Art of Conversation’

The way a guy talks and delivers his views distinguishes him from the others. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of human personality is the ability to converse. A guy shows himself via his words, as the saying goes. A guy who has mastered this skill may have a huge influence on others. With his humor, he can liven up a social gathering and acquire acceptance among friends and coworkers. We may strive for perfection in the art of wearing well, but when it comes to making his presence known, we tend to be careless. He emanates poise and assurance. Speaking well is unquestionably an art form, and it, like all other art forms, can be honed with practice.


‘Time is Money’ is a topic for a paragraph.

Life is a voyage down the time highway. As a result, time is valuable. Every minute of one’s life should be used wisely, since time cannot be reclaimed after it has been gone. And there is no way to halt should be properly employed, since time can never be restored once it has been wasted. And there’s nothing you can do to stop the clock from ticking. As a result, beginning in infancy, one should learn to value time. Just as one should learn how to make the most of their money, one should also learn how to make the most of their time. ‘Time and tide wait for none,’ as the saying goes. People who understand the worth of time choose to take action over procrastinating. They utilize it to learn new things and develop a variety of important abilities.1643332371_276_CBSE-Paragraph-writing-in-English-Format-Types-Examples-All-classes

Paragraph writing practice questions

Each of the following themes should be addressed in a paragraph. Each subject has been assigned a pointer.

the first question

Natural Resources Discussions


  • There are many methods for conserving natural resources.
  • When not in use, turn off lights and other appliances.
  • Use energy-efficient lighting.
  • Reduce your driving miles by carpooling.
  • Make use of recyclable materials.
  • Don’t squander water.
  • Don’t squander water.
  • Water your plants using waste water.
  • We should all do our part.

2nd question

Knowledge is a powerful tool.


  • Man is a social animal with the ability to think.
  • Despite his physical weakness, he reigns supreme over all other creatures.
  • Man is strong because he has information.
  • Even among men, the uneducated bow down to the wise.
  • Philosophers, scientists, religious leaders, and others wield a lot of power.
  • Thus, Knowledge is a powerful tool.
  • Knowledge, on the other hand, is unable to regulate natural processes.

Question three

Our Cultural Assets


  • A diverse and distinctive cultural heritage
  • Religious tolerance is an important aspect of Our Cultural Assets
  • Sculpture, art, and architecture that are one-of-a-kind
  • Our culture also has some bad characteristics.
  • Western culture should not be mindlessly followed.
  • Keep what’s good and toss out what’s not.

4th question

‘Friendship — A Beautiful Relationship’ is the topic for a paragraph.


  • It brings you comfort and tranquility.
  • True friends support you through difficult times.
  • A good buddy is trustworthy, kind, and honest.
  • wholeheartedly accepts you
  • Caste, creed, color, blood, or rank are not a factor.
  • Always willing to provide advise and freely discuss the good and the bad.

5th question

Write a paragraph on how you celebrated Diwali without the use of fireworks.


  • Sweets and presents were distributed to those in need.
  • I assisted my mum in cleaning the home.
  • Initiated a cultural event in the neighborhood.
  • I learned how to keep a sweet dish cold.
  • Launched a petition urging everyone to enjoy Diwali without using fireworks. 
  • Clothes/Shoes/Games/Gadgets, etc. were purchased with the money (got for crackers).

6th question


  • Describe your goals and objectives.
  • How do you intend to do it?
  • Which person or event sparked your imagination?
  • Who is assisting you in achieving your goal?

Important subjects to consider while writing a paragraph

Write Paragraph that persuadess on the following topics: English paragraph writing.1643332372_121_CBSE-Paragraph-writing-in-English-Format-Types-Examples-All-classes

  1. School recesses should be longer.
  2. More vacations throughout the year
  3. Online education
  4. Recycling
  5. The school uniform is a scourge.
  6. E-mail
  7. Towns with no inhabitants

In addition, read for 


The “paragraph writing for class 5” is a paragraph that is written in English. It is a part of the CBSE curriculum and it includes the format, types, examples, and all classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of paragraph writing in English?

A: Paragraphs are written in a continuous, left-aligned format.

What are the examples of paragraph writing?

A: The best examples of paragraph writing are short stories and novels.

How can I write paragraph in English 12?

One problem with writing in English is that its not always easy to spell. You have to know how words are spelled and you may even need a dictionary at times-especially if youre learning the language! Thankfully, there are some helpful websites out there which can help teach these spelling rules for those who dont already know them. For example, heres the list of all possible vowels found in the word the.
i e a o u ə

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