It’s a common question for students to ask, but there are so many different ways that nouns can be used in sentences. This resource will help you better understand the types of nouns and adjectives please see below.

Proper nouns are the names of specific people, places, or things. These are used in sentences to refer to these items. Some common examples include “George Washington,” “New York City,” and “Washington D.C.”

Common Noun Examples in Sentences

A generic term for a person, place, or item in a class or group is a common noun. We’re going to show you some Common Noun Examples, a List, and some Exercises today. 

The following is a list of common nouns.

Teachers Car Tiger
Dog Girl Camera
Birds Store Book
Nurse Church Doll
Country House City
Shop Boy Class
Phone Candle Basket
Husband Queen Painter
Wife Doctor Sea
Game Actor River
State King Garden
Tree Camel Planet
Poet Bank Channel
Park Drink Newspaper

Sentence Examples using Common Nouns

(Common Nouns are shown in bold) 

  • A good country is built by its teachers.
  • The dog is a domesticated animal.
  • Birds are beautiful creatures. 
  • Porshe is the greatest automobile manufacturer. 
  • The tiger is a very uncommon species. 
  • The school has a large number of female students. 
  • Sony makes the greatest mirrorless camera on the market. 
  • I’m heading to the bookstore to get some books. 
  • My favorite kind of book is a novel. 
  • Nurses are the most vital component of every hospital. 
  • I attend church on a regular basis. 
  • She loves dolls and enjoys playing with them. 
  • India is a massive nation. 
  • The homes in this region are stunning. 
  • Dhaka is a massive metropolis. 
  • I’m heading to the store to purchase something. 
  • The lads are putting in long hours for the squad. 
  • The class as a whole is pretty serious. 
  • Samsung makes the greatest cellphones. 
  • At night, she enjoys lighting candles. 
  • Keep the pen tucked away in the basket. 
  • Telangana is India’s most beautiful state.
  • I am the ruler of my domain.
  • More trees must be planted. 
  • The camel is a desert-dwelling mammal.
  • Earth is the most beautiful planet in the universe.
  • Kazi Nazrul Islam is my favorite poet. 
  • Bangladesh’s largest bank is Jamuna Bank. 
  • Cartoon networks are one of my favorite things to watch. 
  • This is the city’s largest park. 
  • Among all soft drinks, Coca-Cola is my favorite. 
  • The New York Times is an excellent publication. 
  • This is a lovely garden. 
  • He aspires to be an excellent spouse. 
  • Every queen is different. 
  • He was an incredible painter.
  • She’s a wonderful wife. 
  • My ambition is to work as a doctor. 
  • The Atlantic Ocean is a large body of water. 
  • Cricket is one of my favorite sports. 
  • Among all actors, Shahrukh Khan is my favorite. 
  • Padma is a significant river. 

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The “common noun examples in sentences for class 3” is a list of common nouns that can be used in sentences. The list includes the word “class”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 10 examples of common nouns?

A: There are many types of common nouns, but here is a list of some that you may find helpful.
1) Apple
2) USA
3) Tree

What is common noun and its example?

A: Common nouns are words that name a general category of objects, animals or people. Some examples include tree, apple and camel.

What are 20 examples of proper nouns?

A: The answer is below.

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