There are so many ways to write a complaint letter, but in this case the author is writing an actual letter for their situation.

The “request letter for replacement of damaged furniture” is a complaint letter that can be used to request a replacement from the company. The letter must include information about the damage, the date it was received, and who to contact for more information about the issue.

Complaint Letter For Damaged Furniture is pleased to welcome you. In this piece, we’ll go through the letter format for a Complaint Letter to a Furniture Store Regarding Poor Quality Office Furniture, but first, let’s look at the format for a complaint letter for damaged furniture.

Write a letter to the Manager of Furniture World in Chennai, expressing your dissatisfaction with the low quality of office furniture you just acquired from them. Give specifics about the nature of the complaint, the date of purchase, the contents of an invoice, and so on; unused items should be repaired or replaced right away. Mr.S. Reddy, you are the Principal of P.S. Public School in Chennai.


The Principal of P.S. Public School, Chennai-11, on the 8th of April, 200….

Furniture Works, Chennai- 11, The Manager

Replacement/repair of office furniture is the subject of this project.

Sir, Regarding the provision of office equipment at this institution, please see my invoice dated March 17th. Some of the things were bought from your ship with the requirement that they be of the highest quality and adhere to the education department’s standards. But it’s a pity, startling, and amazing that the things don’t meet the required degree of quality. The tables’ surfaces are a little rough and dirty. The wooden chair is unpolished, and the material is of poor quality. The Godrej Almirah’s lockin mechanism is faulty and causes problems. I’ll include the specifics of any things that aren’t up to par:-

  Order Defective
1.Chairs made of wood ( with Arms)      25 10
2.Tables made of plastic with iron legs and drawers    15 5
Almirah by Godrej      3 1
4.Benches Made of Wood 10 2
5.Small office shelving    12 3
6.Chairs with no arms (wooden)        20 2
7.Plastic Stools 10 3

Because the requirements of the deal were not met, money will be canceled unless these goods are replaced or fixed within a week. Please dispatch your technician to complete the task.

Thank you very much, I am, as always, your dedicated servant. Reddy.

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The “request letter for replacement of damaged chair” is a letter that can be used to request the company that sold you furniture replace it because you there has been damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a complaint letter about furniture?

A: You would write a complaint letter in the form of an email. Generally, many complaints are written to complain about how furniture was made and bought by them.

How do I write a complaint letter about damaged goods?

A: To write a complaint letter, you will want to get an envelope and fill it out in the following way; Dear ____ Company, your name and address, your full contact information. Then on the back of that you should include any relevant details about what happened with the goods or service such as how they were damaged or why you are complaining.

How do you start a formal complaint letter?

A: If you are looking to start a complaint letter, you should use this template. However, it is not required that the document be entirely written in these words as long as there is an introduction and conclusion.

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