In this letter the customer is requesting that they have a defective TV set. They are also asking for their money back, or at least some type of compensation so they can purchase another product from a different vendor.

The “write a letter to the manager complaining about the tv that is not functioning properly” is a complaint letter for repair or replacement of defective TV set.

Complaint Letter for Repair or Replacement of Defective TV set

Looking for a letter/application to the shopkeeper/supplier for a new TV or to fix an existing one for replacement or repair. The greatest example of a replacement/repair letter may be found here. I hope it is of assistance to you.

Apoorva, what’s your name? Ram Electronics in Gandhi Nagar, Nagpur, sold you a television. It isn’t working correctly. Write a note to the shop’s Sales Manager, expressing your dissatisfaction with the fault and requesting a replacement or repair as soon as possible.

Devaras Ground Hudson Line, Nagpur, 10th June 200… Ram Electronics Gandhi Nagar, Nagpur’s Sales Manager

Subject: Letter of Complaint for Repair or Replacement of a Defective Television


I’d like to remind you that a 14-inch color television set (Samsung brand) was bought from your showroom through cash note No. 215 dated November 15th. While purchasing the set, your advice were followed to the letter, and you continued to praise the quality, stability, and functionality until the month of May, when it failed to operate, causing continual worry and strain to the whole family. In between, the images get blurry, and the voice becomes more loud. Dots and little lines often occur on the screen, which flickers and lacks color brightness. The color television changes to black and white and begins to flicker and make an irritating noise.

Your technician came to the residence on your recommendation and attempted to remedy the problem, but he was unable to do so. He promised to deliver the new set, but it’s been a week and I haven’t heard anything. I’m hoping for a speedy replacement.

Sincerely yours Apoorva

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Download a PDF version of the Complaint Letter for Repair or Replacement of a Defective Television Set.

repair or replacement of a broken television set Letter of Complaint for Repair or Replacement of a Defective Television (40 downloads)


The “write a letter to the manager sony electronics to complain about recently purchased television set” is a complaint letter for repair or replacement of defective TV set.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complain about a defective product?

A: We have a full time customer service department which is always happy to help! Contact our customer service team at [email protected]

What is to be written about the replacement of the defective item?

A: We will provide you with a replacement for the defective item.

How do you start a formal complaint letter?

A: A formal complaint letter is typically written to an individual making a claim or accusation. You would start this type of letter by addressing the person, and then providing them with your contact information such as their name and job title.

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