A conjunction is a word that connects two words together. In this article, I will teach you the conjunctions for kids.There are four types of conjunctions: coordinating and subordinating conjoining adverbial or prepositional phrases

Types of conjunctions with examples are words that connect two clauses or sentences. A conjunction is also known as a “conjunction word.” Some common types of conjunctions are “and,” “but,” “or,” and “so.”

Conjunctions for kids, Definition, Examples, Worksheet, List

For youngsters, a definition of a conjunction is: A conjunction is a word that connects two or more words, groups of words, or phrases. It’s a term that joins two words together.

Examples of conjunctions:

  1. Rahul was successful because he had put in a lot of effort.
  2. I sat and waited for the train to come.
  3. Dheeraj is intelligent yet sluggish.

Because, till, and but are employed to connect words, groupings of words, or two phrases in these statements.

For children, a list of conjunctions has been compiled.

Addition Comparison Example
Too Similarly Such as
Besides Comparable For starters,
Finally As with As an example,
Last Another example is…. As an example,
Further Similar to that, that is
also Equally Specifically
additionally A similar Featuring illustrations by
then likewise Specifically,
Place Summary Time
Beyond In brief Currently
the polar opposite of It seems Previously,
There Clearly For the time being,
Here In short Meanwhile
Back in the corner In sum Finally
In close proximity to After all At least
Next to Generally speaking Presently
Nearby To put it another way, Eventually
At that time, Anyway Immediately

This is a list of pairs of conjunctions.

  1. Both – and = He is in good health and has a lot of money.
  2. Either – or = You have the option of taking it or leaving it.
  3. Neither – nor = The milk has neither a hot nor a frigid temperature.
  4. Whether – or = I’m not sure whether I’ll go to Australia or not.
  5. Not only – but also = He is not only blundering, but also sluggish.

Conjunctions for children of various types

Conjunctions are divided into three categories.

  1. Conjunctions that are related to each other
  2. Conjunctions that work together
  3. Conjunctions that serve as subordinators


1. Correlative For children, a list of conjunctions has been compiled.

For youngsters, below is a list of correlative conjunctions. 

Alternatively, Either act appropriately or leave the room.
neither-neither She is unable to read or write.
as well as Ira is a politician as well as a doctor.
not just that – also She is not only a talented dancer, but also a gorgeous singer.
however – however She is not only a talented dancer, but also a gorgeous singer.
so – that He spoke so loudly during the meeting that everyone could hear him plainly.
not at all – when It had only been a few minutes after he had left the home when it began to rain.
Regardless of whether I don’t care whether he comes to the meeting or not.

2. Conjunctions that work together for kids

Conjunctions joining the same type of grammatical units are called Conjunctions that work together. They are never used in the beginning in the end.

Some important Conjunctions that work together are and, for, but, or, nor, so, yet.

Two assertions of equal rank or significance must be included in the sentence.

  • Noun paired with noun
  • adjectival adjectival
  • phrase combined with phrase
  • Clause-by-clause


  1. Many boys and girls went for the show. (Noun paired with noun)
  2. He is steady but sluggish. (adjectives that start with an adverb)
  3. You should hire a cab otherwise you will be late. (Clause-by-clause)
  4. I put my full trust in him, yet it all in vain.

3. Conjunctions that serve as subordinators for kids

Conjunctions that serve as subordinators join a subordinate clause to a principle clause.

The sentence must have two claims, one of which is completely reliant on the other for its meaning.


  1. She bolted because she was terrified.
  2. If you work hard enough, you will pass the test.
  3. He will not pay his debts until he is forced to.
  4. Make the most of the sunshine while it lasts.
  5. Before moving on to the next question, you must first answer the first.

Conjunctions Worksheet/Exercise for Children

Here are some practice exercises/worksheets for conjunctions that will help you better comprehend the subject.

1st Exercise

In the following phrases, underline the conjunctions.

  1. Nilam is not just attractive, but also self-assured.
  2. Because she is unwell, the maid did not show up for work.
  3. Alexander invaded India and conquered the country.
  4. Do you want to go to the market and purchase some fruits and vegetables?
  5. Either you or your neatness, or don’t do it at all, is your choice.
  6. Sanjana and Preeti have arrived for the gathering.
  7. They are impoverished but cheery.
  8. Nikhil was unable to join the army due to his height.
  9. The crop will fail if it does not rain.
  10. Despite playing well, Dhruv lost the match.

2nd Exercise

Fill in the gaps in the following phrases with appropriate conjunctions.

  1. The mother requested that her daughter wait until she returned. (till, before to)
  2. Mr. Samuel is a robust elderly man. (although, if, but)
  3. If you don’t hurry Up, you’ll miss your flight to Dubai. (as a result, because, or)
  4. He’s smart, but he’s also a slug. (However, despite this)
  5. My favorite ice cream flavors are vanilla and chocolate. (and so, both)
  6. The deer will flee if you create such a racket. (if this is the case)
  7. He did not weep when the infant tumbled down. (as a result, if, but)
  8. You can’t dance if you have a partner. (nevertheless, because, unless)
  9. We should get up as soon as the sun rises. (following, before)
  10. I’m very sure isn’t going to see the movie. (if, but, if, if, if, if, if, if,

3rd Exercise

Use relevant conjunctions to connect the following sentences:

  1. The ball was taken up by Rahul. Sanju caught it and tossed it to him.
  2. Umesh is a tall person. Mohit is a little man.
  3. The infant started crying. The toy had been dropped by the infant.
  4. Yash headed to the movie theater. Tickets were completely sold out.
  5. Our squad was defeated in the contest. Our squad has put in a lot of effort in practice.

Conjunctions for Kids (PDF)

Children’s conjunctures Free PDF download of conjunctions for kids (603 downloads)

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Conjunction is a word that connects two words together to form one. A conjunction can be used in a sentence to connect two clauses. There are three types of conjunctions: coordinating, subordinating, and relative. The “conjunctions worksheet” is an example of a worksheet that you could use with your students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is conjunction with examples for kids?

A: Conjunction is a grammatical term for the joining of two words to form one word. Examples would be Im sorry or Shes pretty.

What are the 10 examples of conjunctions?

A: The 10 examples of conjunctions are and, but, or.

What are 20 examples of conjunctions?

A: 20 examples of conjunctions are as follows, but not limited to these examples: and, or, because.

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