The beach is one of the natural wonders on Earth. It was created by erosion and water that eroded rock formations over millions of years, wore it down to bare stone through constant waves and wind-borne sand particles. The perfect white sands lie there undisturbed as if untouched since time began.

“The beach is a place where people go to relax and have fun. It is also a place where people can escape from the stress of everyday life.” This descriptive piece of writing about a beach will give you an idea on what it’s like to be at the beach.

Descriptive Essay on Beach in 750

One of the items you could be required to bring to your English classes is an explanatory essay on the beach. It’s all about painting a vivid image of your beach visit. We discussed the importance of pupils being able to see things in their minds. The main goal is to make the viewers feel as though they were a part of the action.

This sort of writing will inspire you to put your linguistic and creative talents to the test. When your audience agrees with what you’re saying, you’ve succeeded. To make this happen, you’ll need a lot of ‘bright ideas’ and’moving words.’

Consider the following points if you want to write a descriptive essay on the beach. This essay will go over some of the specifics, as well as the significance and many attractions of the beach.


The beach is where we go when we want to be quiet and relaxed, forget about the stresses of life, and have a good time. My most recent visit there was, as always, memorable. I was already dressed for the beach when a frame came over the sea, filled with my soul. The sun carved a way through the cumulus clouds, which dispersed as though escaping the light. The fragrance of the salty sea hurt my nose as I inhaled the fresh air. The coral mines created a sandy beach with a plethora of brightly colored seashells. The bedsheet, on the other hand, created sand at the same time. This vacation, like my last one, promised to be full of pleasure and leisure.

My pulse pounded like an orchestra drum as the beach sand poured at my feet and tickled my toes. Given that the grains of sand were so lovely that they were difficult to notice with the naked eye, this sensation was sympathetic. As I recall my youth, the sea waves on the beach soften me with a soothing lullaby and bring me closer to them. It felt as though they were extending an open welcome to me. My feet, on the other hand, would not push since they were exposed to frigid seas. So I simply sat there, my head up in the sky, watching the sun spread and penetrate the atmosphere.

As the minutes passed, the sun’s warm rays gradually brightened, reaching for me and giving me a beautiful glow as if to say, “Hey, grasp my hand!” The sun stretched its light over all it could reach as it rose higher in the sky. With strong winds in my ears, the birds in the sky strive to catch themselves by singing lovely tunes. The sky became a dazzling blue hue from one dark indigo as a result of the sun’s beams. The sun’s rays were originally blocked off by scattered cloudless clouds, which dissolved them into thin air and allowed the water to warm up.

I walked up to the beach’s edge and put my toe in the warm water. Even if it was numb before, I withdrew it as soon as it sounded like it was melting into the water. My acidic stomach reacted by moving to the side as the odor of rotting algae filled the air. I could hear the noises of fish being requested from under the surface. At the same time, I was aware that the fish were terrified of the sea animals that were eager for the supper of the little water creatures. This was, in my opinion, a survival strategy.

People go to the beach as the sun sets to enjoy the calm and serenity. Children raced up and down the beach as laughing filled the air, and adults even played beach volleyball and beach ball. After what had been a wonderful day, the individuals started to wander one by one as the day drew to a conclusion. Unfortunately, despite my desire to remain on the beach and prolong my unforgettable experience, my chance to return home arrived. I departed with a happy and peaceful heart and a weary body, promising myself that I would return as often as possible.

So, there you have it, folks, a brief description of the beach. Everything you’ll experience when you go to the beach. I told you everything about this visit every time I had a thought about it. I hope you like it as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.

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The “conclusion paragraph about the beach” is a descriptive essay on a beach in 750. The author of this essay describes the beauty and serenity that can be found at this particular beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you describe a beach in descriptive writing?

A: A beach is a landform where water flows away from the shoreline and into the sea.

How do you write a beach essay?

The beach is a place where people can escape from the pressures of everyday life. People go to the beach for relaxation, fitness, and enjoyment. There are many ways that beaches give us these benefits such as the sound of waves crashing on the shore or diving into cool water.

How do you start a descriptive beach?

A: Your descriptive beach will start when you say the word beach.

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