The semester is finally over, but the work isn’t. There’s a lot of stuff to do from writing all those reports and essays, keeping up with your school work, making sure you are on top of things at home–way too much work that seems impossible. But now imagine if there was someone who could help you out in every way possible? Someone who would take care of everything for you so it wouldn’t be an issue anymore? Well that person is called “Helper”.

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Descriptive essay on Helper in 700

Many things are required in our everyday lives; we cannot accomplish everything on our own, thus we need assistance to make life simpler and more pleasant. People have a social standing where these helpers are. We mirror social behavior as members of a community. We take excellent care of a few individuals in our community, and they, in turn, warn us.

Many of a young person’s requirements are met by his family. Your child is looked for by your parents, relatives, and friends. Parents should be dedicated to instilling etiquette and morals in their children in their communities. As he matures into a responsible adult, he starts to work in a variety of capacities and need the assistance of others. They are either beginning or finishing a project. He becomes a great or direct aid to others in the society because of the kind of job he can undertake.

There are surely many people who desire to put a stop to our everyday life all around us. There are two types of assistance that we have:

Direct Assistant

InDirect Assistant

How can we define Direct Assistants?

Direct assistants are the people who come to us on a regular basis and with whom we normally communicate about their requirements. Parents, friends, and neighbors, for example, would be natural aids. However, for the climber, a few direct aides, such as the gate security officer, the doctor, and the lawyer, Barber, Carpenter, are willing to provide a hand when needed.

How can we describe the inDirect Assistants?

Indirect assistants are helpers who do not normally come immediately to our touch but aid us indirectly. To assist promptly, they assume responsibility for the most important Helper and immediately negotiate with the individual. To assist right now, you must enlist the assistance of another person. This individual develops into a valuable asset. For instance, police officers, soldiers, physicians, farmers, and so on.

Why do we need a variety of helpers?

Even if we are unable to supply the majority of our vital items from the start, such as fresh paper from the media, vegetables from farms, packaged food from manufacturers, and who can do all of the job, such as purchasing our community, intelligence, and offices? We’ll need individuals to help with the gate, the provision of medications while we’re constructing, and ill housing, among other things, so we’ll need people to help us all. Our diverse requirements and incapacity to do all of our tasks drive us to seek good care from others.

The Role of Those Who Assist Us

The doctor’s function as a supporter

The fundamental obligation of a physician is to ensure the health and safety of all patients. Doctors must perform the following, regardless of their function. Medications bridge the statistician-society divide. Clinical education must include the application of scientific knowledge to human health. Doctors have an important role in the scientific community. However, medicine is more than just our understanding of the condition.

The physician’s function

A police officer’s most essential duty is to uphold the law. This involves both property and people’s protection. The police officer is in charge of monitoring the area and reporting any violations of the law. Within their circuits, functional authorities are quite active.

The military man’s job as a helper

Soldiers are tasked with a variety of tasks, including shooting on adversaries and constructing trenches. They may be utilized to protect their homeland or to assault an enemy force. It’s not easy, and the troops must maintain excellent physical and mental health.

Farmers’ Contribution

Farmers have an important part in society; they feed us, some of them keep us warm, and we are environmentalists because of their attitude. Many passionate “Lawyers” serve crucial roles within their communities and society, in addition to their farms, cattle, and crops.

The teacher’s function

The role of the teacher is to instruct, inspire, and educate pupils. Students may be of any age, and they can use any computer. Teachers, on the other hand, refer to individuals who instruct students of school age (about 418) for the guidance. Teachers are responsible for a variety of tasks in the classroom.


We live a healthy and happy existence with the support of a few different types of workers that have varied obligations over us. Although our professors educate us, our doctors keep us healthy, and the police and military keep us safe. There are hundreds of individuals that have a shared goal of making our work easier to handle. They operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist individuals in any way they can. We get along well with a variety of individuals. Our connections with friends, family, and the community are enriched by these dependence and expectations.

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The “descriptive writing about a person” is a genre of writing that is used to describe people, places, and things. The essay will discuss the helper in 700.

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