In the 18th century, Jean Jacques Rousseau painted a romanticized portrait of what he believed was a society without prejudice
. The novel “Lost in the Forest” tells the story of a young woman who falls into poverty and is forced to live on her own after marrying someone she barely knows. Her life is threatened by predators like bears, wolves, and mountain lions as well as humans seeking revenge against those they believe have hurt them during their lives. Despite these hazards that threaten her daily existence, Tess soon learns how to make do with what little resources are available for survival

The “short story about being lost in a forest” is an essay that is written by  John Green. It tells the story of two children, who are lost in the woods and have to find their way out. The essay is very descriptive and leaves the reader feeling as if they were there with them.

Descriptive Essay on Lost in the Forest in 900

So I stood there, oblivious to what was going on around me in an unfamiliar environment. It was a dangerous position to be alone in the woods with nothing but a sharp knife, but I had no choice; I was lost.

I knew the first thing I needed to do was construct a shelter that would protect me from the elements and any potential predators. Then I’d have to obtain a sufficient food supply to endure until I was discovered. So I went on the hunt for a good site. After hours of wandering, I came to a brook that may provide an infinite supply of food. The fish will begin to breed in the spring, and the young animals will be out eating and drinking in the stream by the end of the nesting season.

This would also be a good location for me to construct my shelter. The stream region has a lot of open space, so it’s a great spot to remain nearby and build a signal fire that can be seen from afar. I’ve constructed a rudimentary shelter. I’ve developed a general reliance on the branches I discovered laying about. First, I discovered two really tall trees, each with limbs that reached approximately five to six feet above the ground.

Then I fastened the branches to the trees that were laying on the ground. Since the structure was in place, I proceeded to add to it by building a back wall on top of the support beams and covering it with leaves and grass to keep rain out. I covered the canopy with leaves and grass once it was finished to provide a nice spot to lay down. I figured that now that my home was ready, it would be a good time to have a bite to eat. I tried the classic Indian fishing approach with my hands first; yep, I held their hands, and it worked.

So I decided to acquire the most recent issue, grab some chopsticks, and set up a fish trap. To avoid floatation, I placed a surprise in the water between two enormous boulders. I began lighting two flames once I had my catch in place. One fire may be used as a symbol of fire, while the other is used to cook. After a few hours, I grabbed firewood and began searching through my trap, where I discovered three lovely basses. I sat down to relax after the first hard day after cleaning the fish and putting them on the fire to cook. I suppose I’ll have a good night’s sleep tonight. On my first night, I slept till I heard a noise I didn’t want to hear. I paid attention to the biggest bear I’d ever seen.

It must have been eight feet [8 m] tall while standing on its hind legs. I hurriedly climbed into one of the trees I’d often rested on. The bear noticed me and dashed away, but he couldn’t reach me since he was fifteen feet up in the tree. The bear spent the night in my camp and left shortly before daylight. I opted to rest down for a bit before beginning my second day alone because of the long day and night before me. I awoke after falling asleep and checked my fish trap; this time, there was just one fish in the web.

I needed food to clean and prepare the fish. I was still hungry after the lunch, so I began hunting for food. I used my knife to make a little spear to catch some small wildlife, but what I discovered may be quite useful. I came across a deer that seemed to have broken its back while attempting to leap over a stack of logs. This will provide me with enough of meat to eat, plus I’ll be able to use deerskin as a blanket on chilly evenings. I grabbed my knife and hacked off my neck while the deer was still alive, which is a sort of cruelty I am used with, but I perceived it as a deadly act. I save the poor guy from his agony since he is constantly in it.

Fresh meat from the color would be just the thing to fill my stomach and keep me going for at least the rest of the day. After obtaining the heart and skin, I proceeded to dispose of all other animals in regions far from my camp in order to prevent being attacked by predators. I sat for a time after eating and eliminating the leftover deer, and simply picked a good area around me. Many people would consider being lost in the woods a tragedy, and that had already happened to me at the start of my voyage, but twenty-four hours had passed and I had began to gain in confidence. It’s probably the closest experience I’ve ever had with God. You sit and watch the birds soar, see the little creatures running about, and watch the trees move in the breeze. I could look through my whole life and never find something like this.

As my second day came to a close, and the sun started to drop behind the hills in the distance, I decided to rekindle my signal fire in the hopes of seeing it. I turned over at night as it grew dark, intending to sleep better than previously. I started to hear a tremendous noise that was louder than a bear’s roar while I was sleeping. I observed a faint light approximately a mile below the riverbed as I glanced at my reliance on what it may be. I realized it was a helicopter as I drew closer. I tossed a lot of leaves on my fire to make it brighter so they could see me. Their light found me immediately, and I was discovered, tears welling up in my eyes as I realized I’d be safe back home.

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Lost in the Forest is a short story written by Hans Christian Andersen. The story follows a boy who gets lost in the forest and has to find his way back home. In this essay, I will discuss what it would be like if you were lost in the forest one night. Reference: imagine that you were lost in the forest one night describe your experience.

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