The railway station is a place of convergence, where people from all walks of life congregate in the city to exchange goods and services.

Abandoned train station is a place where the past and present collide. The abandoned railway station, in this case, has been left to decay as it was once used by people. It’s now a site of ruins that are slowly being reclaimed by nature.

Descriptive Essay on Railway station


I was overjoyed to learn that my buddy Vivek would be spending the holidays with me in Punjab. I made the decision to meet him at the train station. We were pleased to be reunited with him after a five-year absence.

On the appointed day, I rose early and was at the train station by 7 a.m., the Punjab Mail’s estimated arrival time. I was advised that the train was running an hour late when I got at the station. I limpingly made my way to the inquiry office, blaming the railways for their ineptness, to enquire about the train’s actual condition. The woman behind the counter seemed to be abrasive. After lengthy interrogation, he confessed that the train had been delayed due to a derailment at Hardoi, around 60 kilometers from Punjab.

Because returning home was unfeasible, I chose to wait and look for a parking place. Despite the fact that the station was bustling with passengers, there were none. Travelers awaited trains, while others, like myself, awaited the arrival of loved ones. Others slept on the floor with their belongings piled on top of them. I couldn’t help but admire their capacity to sleep in the midst of the hustle and bustle of hawkers and salespeople.

An incident occurred at the train station.

Occasionally, a dog or cow would detour through the area in quest of food left behind by passing travelers. A bull approached me, probably attracted by my red clothing. Because I was worried it might butt me, I chose to walk away. It, on the other hand, had no such intention when it picked up a banana peel that had fallen to the ground in front of me. I was fatigued and purchased a cup of tea from a vendor. I was drinking it when I heard a train on the platform scream to a stop. On the platform, there was a flurry of activity as individuals rushed in to claim their seats, making it hard for passengers to escape. There was a great deal of cursing and trepidation.

A woman who had just departed from the train shouted out that her chain had been taken during the chaos. A young guy standing close took off running when he heard her cry. He ran towards me, attempting to avoid the escape tunnel that was closing in on me. I promptly tossed the cup of hot tea in his face. This startled him, and with the support of other passengers, I swiftly defeated him. The woman expressed her gratitude for my thoughtfulness. The criminal was handed over to the railway police, who arrested him.


I was relieved to hear the Punjab Mail’s arrival notice a little time later. I observed my buddy standing in one of the compartments waving at me as the train neared. It was a happy reunion as we embraced one other like long-lost friends. We were oblivious to the din, filth, and turbulence as we walked out from the station with his bags in tow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe a railway station?

A: A railway station is a building where trains enter and leave. The platforms are the areas between tracks in which trains stop to pick up or let off passengers, usually with an associated shelter for protection from rain, sun, wind and sometimes snow.

How would you describe a scene in a railway station?

A: A scene in a railway station could include people waiting for trains, or coming off of them. It can also be about the architecture and décor of the building itself.

How do you write an essay on a train station?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

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