A wedding ceremony is the type of event that can make or break a person’s career. The location, date, food choices and general mood all have a direct impact on how other people perceive the bride and groom. For some reason however these factors are often overlooked when it comes to planning an exciting day for two very special people in their life.,

A wedding ceremony is a ritual that has been present in many cultures for centuries. It is said to be the most important event of one’s life, and it is often the first time that two people will share their lives with each other. The wedding ceremony can be very elaborate or simple depending on the culture. In this essay, I will be discussing what a wedding ceremony is, how it has evolved over time, and how it has changed from culture to culture.

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Weddings are a lot of fun, with loads of music, dancing, parties, and other entertaining events. They also bring friends, family, and acquaintances together. Many weddings take place at night, and the area is decorated with bright lights, belts, and other ornaments. People are clamoring for their pricey and opulent garments. Those on the groom’s side want to make a big deal out of it.

In our culture, marriage is a lovely social occasion. It is a method of forming new relationships between individuals and families. Following the completion of the discussions between the two families, wedding preparations commence. The home is being cleaned, and the wedding plans are almost finished.

Orders are being made for wedding decorations and gowns. A spectacular meal was planned, as well as a location for the groom’s wedding. Long before the occasion, luxury invitation cards are made and given to friends and family. The house women sing and dance in a circle called the ladies sangeet two or three days before the event.

On the wedding day, a big tent is put up outside the bride’s residence. Those with the financial means may hire a banquet hall or a farmhouse. Colorful lanterns, flowers, and other ornamental objects adorn the space. Friends and family surrounded the bride and assisted her in putting on her wedding gown and jewelry. Henna mehndi was applied on her hands and feet.

The sehra-bandi ceremony is held in the groom’s house, and friends and family attend. During the wedding, the bridegroom wore a pink veil and sung religious poems while wearing it. Outside her home, a lavishly adorned mare or automobile stands. You like riding a horse or gleaning in a vehicle. The bride’s songs are performed by the women.

The bridegroom’s residence is where the wedding procession starts. It was preceded by a band performing all of the most recent hits. Uniforms are worn by all of the bands. The march is also accompanied by a small group of guys holding petromax.

Portable tube lights powered by generators are employed in certain regions. The bridegroom’s young friends and relatives dance to the rhythm of a drum and music. Fireworks displays are sometimes included in parades. People in rural regions are shooting their rifles into the air.

The procession was greeted with tremendous fanfare by the bride’s father, brother, and uncle. Flowers were placed on the caravan’s members. A dish of lit clay lamps was presented to the bridegroom by the bride’s mother. She also offers the groom presents.

Inside the tent, the wedding party is escorted and beautifully set up. They were handed refreshments. The bridegroom is sitting on a high throne with a throne adornment. The bride came shortly after. She is dressed in her gleaming bridal gown. He went onto the platform, embarrassed. The exchanging of flowers between the bride and groom. Everyone applauds and smiles. For photos with the bride and groom, there is a competition among family members.

Everyone was then invited to the feast by the bride’s father. Some folks depart soon after they have their lunch. Only a few family members and friends were allowed to attend the wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom are seated in front of a fireplace, surrounded by a lovely floral arrangement. The researcher assists them in carrying out the ceremonies. After that, they encircled the flames seven times. The pundit has them recite particular swear phrases. They include a solemn commitment to be true to each other throughout life. Marriage is so accomplished.

After asking the blessings of all the elders, the bride and groom prepare to depart. This is referred to as a doll festival. It was a fairly small gathering. Almost everyone has broken down in tears. The bride departs from her parents’ residence. He walks to his new house while sitting in a decorated automobile. Everyone wishes the newlyweds a happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy,

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you describe a wedding ceremony?

A: A wedding ceremony is a public, formal religious or secular event in which an individual experiences marriage through the exchange of vows between two people. The general purpose behind having a wedding ceremony is to publicly declare ones intentions before family and friends with blessing from society that sanctions this union.

What do you say at a wedding ceremony?

A: I do.

Who all is considered part of the wedding party?

A: Wedding party members include the following people and their families. All other guests are considered part of the congregation or invited public.
Brides family – Bride, her mother, father, sister (if any), brother (if any)
Grooms family – Groom, his parents and siblings if he has them

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