This exercise is to help students with their class 8 quiz. This includes a worksheet, answer key and pdf file.

The “determiners exercises with answers” is a worksheet/exercises that was created by an educator. The questions were designed to help students learn how to use determiners.

Determiners for Class 8 Worksheet/Exercises with Answers and Pdf,Quiz

Good day, readers! Hello, and welcome back to Performdigi. We’ll talk about English grammar determiners for class 8 in this post. Worksheets and activities with answers have been supplied. You will get a rudimentary comprehension of English determiners if you read this article thoroughly and complete the assignment. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Class 8 Determiners Definition: A determiner is a word that chooses or decides anything about the Noun or Pronoun. They decide whether a noun is singular or plural.

Noun + Determiner:

  1. A girl
  2. The ladies
  3. That young lady
  4. There are seven young ladies.
  5. All females

Determiner Types/Kinds for Class 8

For class 8, there are seven different kinds of determiners:

  1. Articles
  2. Possessives
  3. Demonstratives
  4. Distributives
  5. Quantifiers
  6. Expressions
  7. Interrogatives

Let’s take a closer look at it:

Articles 1

The entrance of a word is signaled by articles. It signifies that a noun is introduced by an article.

The following are the article determiners:

The, A, and An

There are two categories of articles. 

1. Indefinite Articles: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J

They’re used before a single Countable noun, according to the definition. It does not lead to any specific person or object.

2. The Definitive Article:

 ‘The’ may be used with both single and plural Countable nouns, as well as UnCountable nouns. It is a symbol for a person, a location, or a thing.

Definite Articles Examples:

  1. This is the road that leads to the town.
  2. The farmer was married to four women.
  3. Ram is a truthful individual who never lies.
  4. They had carried a computer with them.
  5. Have you ever been in the presence of an elephant?


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate article:

  1. I’m now reading excellent book.
  2. We reside in the city of .
  3. Gautam worked as a artist.
  4. Do you work as a teacher?
  5. I have a one-year-old son named .
  6. Would you want to visit park today?
  7. In the United Kingdom, schoolchildren must wear a uniform.
  8. My brother is a surgeon who specializes in .
  9. Riya is from an average family.
  10. My granny resides in the little town of .


  1. A
  2. The
  3. An
  4. A
  5. A
  6. The
  7. The, a
  8. An
  9. An
  10. the

2. Possessive adjectives

It is employed to arrange for the custody of the commemorative Noun’s referred object. Weak or low possessive pronouns are categorized as possessive determiners. They are used as adjectives that precede nouns. They reveal who owns or retains something.

Possessive determiners include my, your, his, her, Its, their, and our.

Possessive Determiners Examples

  1. I believed I’d misplaced my water bottle.
  2. Rohan is on his way to the restroom.
  3. The institution is well-known for its curriculum and placement opportunities.
  4. In the market, I misplaced her phone.
  5. They ended their meeting the day before yesterday.

Fill in the blanks with your response on this worksheet.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate possessive determiner:

  1. The trip with was fantastic.
  2. They removed their filthy shoes.
  3. Peter is in his
  4. The attorneys were well aware that their client was not guilty.
  5.  Tomorrow, there will be a sports day.
  6.  Your attitude to cricket is fantastic.
  7. Elders are respected by us.
  8.  The father of is a doctor.
  9. I don’t give anybody food.
  10. Sakshi and Afrin are two lovely ladies whose names are Sakshi and Afrin.


  1. Our
  2. Their
  3. His
  4. Their
  5. Our
  6. Your
  7. Our
  8. My
  9. My
  10. Their

3. Exercisable

Determinative pronouns are also employed as demonstrative pronouns. They’re utilized to lead to a certain point inside a text. The nouns that they are replacing are appealing to the consciousness. To express whether or not the Noun is being observed in addition away, demonstrative determiners are employed.

Demonstrative determiners are this, that, these, and those.

Class 8 illustrative examples

  1. She wished for the lads to go.
  2. This clothing appeals to me.
  3. These pens are quite valuable.
  4. That tea store appeals to Amit.
  5. This isn’t my cup of tea.
Worksheet with Answers for Demonstrative Determiners

Fill up the blanks with demonstrative determiners in the following sentences:

  1. For my sister, I’d want to get a necklace.
  2. I’ll urge Alex to hurry up and pack presents.
  3. Brown boots are worn by .
  4. Do you like the show’s picture?
  5. From the garden, we discovered lovely flowers.
  6. There are a lot of pens.
  7. The mountains of are beautiful.
  8. The film is one of my favorites.
  9. My pets are .
  10. Nikita, My question papers are


  1. This
  2. That
  3. Those
  4. That
  5. These
  6. That
  7. Those
  8. This
  9. These
  10. These

4. Distributive justice

Distributes are determiners that are used to describe the way something is split. With Countable nouns, distributive determiners are used.

Each and every one, Either, and Neither are distributes determiners.

The following are some examples of distributive determiners:

  1. A certificate was given to each pupil.
  2. She danced with every star she could find.
  3. I’d be happy in any location.
  4. Neither exam yielded a positive result.
  5. Every instructor has a wealth of information.
Worksheet for class 8 on Distributive Determiners

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate distributive determiners:

  1. The newspaper comes out once a month.
  2. For me, sweet and juice are good.
  3. The meeting was attended by employee.
  4. Each kid should carry a water bottle to school.
  5. You either eat it or you don’t.
  6. Every day, my younger brother plays cricket.
  7. My father is not a doctor, and neither am I.
  8. Every day, of us drink milk.
  9. A total of pupils will be punished.
  10. Nothing was uttered by employee.


  1. Every
  2. Either
  3. Neither
  4. Each
  5. Either
  6. Every
  7. Neither
  8. Each and every one
  9. Each
  10. Neither

5. Quantifiers & 6. Expressions

Quantifiers are important words because they allow us to connect the amount of something. Quantifiers may be used with either Countable or UnCountable nouns, or both.

(How many?) Countable nouns a few, several, a large number of, many, etc.

(How much?) are UnCountable nouns. much, a little, a little of, a lot of, etc.

Determiners of expressions and quantifiers Some, any, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot,

Quantifiers and expression determiners examples:

  1. In the classroom, there are a few books.
  2. How much juice will you require?
  3. The cup contains a little amount of sugar.
  4. In the kitchen, there aren’t many fruits.
  5. How many bags of chips did you purchase?

Exercising with quantifiers and expression determiners

Select the appropriate option. Countably/UnCountable:

  1. Is it possible for me to drink a cup of coffee?
  2. How many cups of tea do you consume on a daily basis?
  3. Is there any colorful paper in the printer?
  4. Today I have a meeting with two of my buddies.
  5. I just bought 10 new toy cars.
  6. I’m out of water. Have you got any?
  7. I’ve got some biscuits.
  8. In the morning, I eat apply.
  9. Is there a lot of honey?
  10. My sister gets three scoops of ice cream.


  1. UnCountable
  2. Countable
  3. UnCountable
  4. Countable
  5. Countable
  6. UnCountable
  7. Countable
  8. Countable
  9. UnCountable
  10. Countable

7. Inquiry questions

 For difficult queries, interrogative determiners are utilized. Determiners for interrogatives appear at the start of a noun phrase. A word that modifies a noun by asking a question is called an interrogative determiner.

What, which, whose, and other interrogative determiners are examples.

  1. What is the term for requesting specific information?
  2. Which is used to request information on one or more individuals or objects from a certain group.
  3. Whose means, whose means, whose means, whose means, whose means,

Determiners for interrogatives include:

  1. Which do you think is the more intriguing book?
  2. Which of the five colors do you prefer?
  3. Whose family has a home near the movie theater?
  4. What language books did she check out from the library?
  5. What is her mother’s name?

Class 8 Interrogative Exercises with Answers

Choose the appropriate interrogatives to complete the following sentences:

  1. What kind of fruit juice would you like for breakfast?
  2. The next name on the list was .
  3. Your next trip will take you to location.
  4. Pizza should have contents.
  5. In society, you were playing badminton with infant.
  6. What is your mother’s occupation?
  7. What is your favorite film?
  8. Have you borrowed a notepad for homework?
  9. The key to your excellent health is .
  10. Every morning, you perform yoga.


  1. Which
  2. Whose
  3. Which
  4. Which
  5. Whose
  6. What
  7. Which
  8. Whose
  9. What
  10. Which


Click on the link below to obtain a pdf of English Grammar Determiners for Class 8. Download the PDF version here (305 downloads)




The “what are articles in grammar” is a question that many people have been asking. Articles are the words that come before nouns, so they help to identify what comes after them. The most common article is “a.”

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