Sometimes it can be difficult to make decisions about where you want to go in life, especially when the best opportunities are located all over. That’s what makes this dialogue so interesting. This is a discussion between two friends who want advice on their respective careers based on how they feel about school and college or work without education as an option for themselves.

The “write a conversation between two friends on the choice of career after completion of school” is a dialogue that takes place between two friends. One has just graduated and the other is still in school. The first friend asks what their plans are for their future and the second friend, who has just graduated, tells them they want to teach.

Dialogue between Two Friends on Choice of Career

A Conversation Between Two Friends About Career Choice

Tamim and Sahan are high school students. They are both excellent students. Now they’re having a conversation about their employment options. Let’s find out what they want to be when they grow up:

Tamim: Hey, Sahan, you seem to be in a good mood. What exactly is the problem?

Tamim: You are correct, Sahan. I’m in a lot better mood now. Actually, I was discussing my life goals with my father. That is why I am so content right now.  

Tamim: So you were chatting about your future plans for a career?

Sahan: I was, too.  

Tamim: What exactly is it?


Sahan: I’d want to be a doctor. I’ve always wanted to be one since I was a kid. I discussed it with my father today, and he has been a huge source of inspiration for me.  

Tamim: That’s fantastic. What motivates you to pursue a career as a doctor?

Sahan: I wish to help the less fortunate. Actually, I am from a hamlet, and I have seen individuals in my community not receiving enough care, and they are dying as a result of their lack of access to medication and good treatment. I wish to help those who are similar to them.  

Tamim: Your reasoning is excellent, and I hope you will pursue a career as a doctor and help the people. Doctors are a valuable resource for any nation. More and better physicians are required.

Sahan: Yes, thank you for your kind remarks. So, do you have any goals or plans for your future?  

Tamim: Yes, I intend to work as a banker. As you are aware, my favorite topic is commerce and accountancy. I believe I am enthusiastic about it.


Sahan: Right now, this is a really excellent and popular job. Good bankers and financial professionals are critical to a country’s economy’s success.  

Tamim: That’s correct.

Sahan: What makes you want to be a banker?  

Tamim: When I was in fifth grade, I was inspired to pursue a career as a banker. I met with a well-known novelist who had previously worked as a banker. I read a lot about him and it encouraged me to pursue a career in banking. I understand that becoming a banker is not simple at all, and that one must continue to work very hard even after being a banker.

Sahan: Yeah, I believe you’ve made an excellent remark here.  

Tamim: I’ve done it before. Take care, Sahan. That was a great discussion with you. Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye,


Sahan: Take care of yourself as well.  

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How do you choose a career dialogue between two friends?

A: I do not understand, please rephrase.

How do you write dialogue in English examples?

A: I would use dialogue tags like said and asked.

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