There has been an interesting shift in the way that reality television is produced and distributed. When it first came out, people were more interested in seeing how these shows portrayed culture than they were following the social/political implications of their content. Today, however, we are less focused on what these programs represent as a whole and instead want to know where our individual opinions fall with regards to them. Students would be wise to consider how this emerging market will affect them when deciding whether or not to pursue careers in reality-based media..

The “top reality tv shows” is a list of the top reality TV shows. The “Draft a Letter/Application about Views on reality shows” article discusses how these programs affect society and what can be done to change them.

Draft a Letter/Application about Views on reality shows

Thank you for returning to Performdigi. We’ll go through how to draft a letter/application on your thoughts on reality programs.

Reality programs have grown quite popular on television. You’ll be surprised to watch these programs where young participants may be seen applauding, jeering, or crying (real or fake) on the TV. Send a letter to the editor of a major newspaper expressing your feelings on such performances. You are 15 Rani, Bagh, Delhi, and your name is John/Joan.


The Editor, The National Herald, New Delhi, 15 Rani Bagh, Delhi, 24 September 20.

Subject: Reality show opinions


Comedy or entertainment programs are examples of reality shows. They’ve turned into a TV show. I like seeing Indian dance and Boogie Woogie. These are contests for dancers. My favorite singing shows are the Chhote Ustaad, Sara Gama Pa, and Little Champs.

These shows impressed or rather astounded me. On the TV, I saw children applauding, jeering, or crying (real or faux).

Such, in my opinion, demonstrates the vitality and confidence level of the young youngsters. Parents are also informed about the values they should instill in their children. They facilitate the normal development of children’s mental faculties. Furthermore, cultural activities enrich the national culture. The children readily and amicably imitate the actions of the kid.

I am, as always, yours, John/Joan

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