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The “article exercise pdf for class 7” is a resource that provides information on how to write English grammar. It also has exercises, worksheets, and an answer key.

English Grammar Articles for class 7 with Exercises, Worksheets, Pdf, Quiz

Good day, readers! Hello, and welcome back to Performdigi. In this article, we will explore the subject “articles” for class 7, which we have studied in depth, as well as some questions and answers related to the article. You may improve your understanding of English grammar articles for class 7 by utilizing the worksheet. We’ve written this article so that if you read it carefully, you’ll be able to answer all of the questions below and have a better understanding of how articles are used. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The terms a, an, and the are articles, according to the 7th grade article definition. 

Articles are divided into two categories:

  1. Indefinite articles (a & an)
  2. The conclusive article (the)

The distinction between indefinite and definite articles is as follows:

Indefinite articles( a & an)– it does not point to a particular person, an animal, place to thing.

The conclusive article (the)– does point out a particular name, place, animal, or thing.

Uses of the adverbial adverbial adverbi 

  1. Before countable nouns, the indefinite articles a and an are used.
  2. Before vowels, an is used (a,e,i,o,u)

As an example,

  1. a bat
  2. a glass
  3. a man
  4. a hat
  5. a place
  6. a large elephant
  7. an apple
  8. a machine
  9. an organ
  10. a workplace

2. The pronouns a and an are employed based on the tone of the noun. When there is a consonant noun before the article, we use a.

As an example,

  1.  a house
  2. a single matchstick
  3. a gate
  4. a wall
  5. a window
  6. a shoe
  7. a cup of espresso
  8. a table
  9. a bag
  10. a quandary

3. There are few exceptions to the rule for nouns that begin with a vowel, but we nonetheless use an article in front of them.

As an example,

  1. a union
  2. a college or university
  3. a one-rupee currency note
  4. a European citizen
  5. a person with just one eye

The terms union, university, and European begin with the vowels e and u, but they include the sound of you, which is considered a consonant sound, which is why we put an in front of them.

The words like a person with just one eye and one-rupee note have o which is a vowel in front of them, but we still used an article before them because it has a sound of woo. Woo is considered as a consonant so we use an in front of them.

4. With a few exceptions, we also used a for uncountable nouns.

As an example, 

  1. Nami was sick with a cold.
  2. Students, please don’t create a racket.
  3. Ron, it’s a shame that he’s still alive after five years.
5. Countable nouns with vowels are preceded by an article (a,e, I,o,u) 

As an example, 

  1. an egg
  2. a bird of prey
  3. a sealed envelope
  4. a raincoat
  5. an apple
  6. a citrus fruit
  7. an ax
  8. a pot of ink
  9. an uncle
  10. a fascinating film

All of the nouns listed above are single countable nouns with a vowel and a vowel sound. This is why we used as the article’s title.

6. We also utilized an in front of. It is now classified as part of the vowel family. The letter h sounds like the letters a and o, which are articles. We now have an article in front of words that begin with the letter h. 

As an example,

  1. an hour
  2. a reputable leader
  3. a sincere kid
  4. an heir
  5. an herb
7. For work vocations, indefinite articles are utilized.

As an example,

  1. a machineer
  2. a designer of buildings
  3. a workplacer
  4. a lawyer
  5. a doctor
8. Adjectives with a and before them

As an example,

  1. a lovely photograph
  2. a lovely gown
  3. a unique location
  4. an unattractive person
  5. a solitary egg

Class 7’s article assignment

Wherever a and an are needed, fill in the gaps with a and a.

  1. Riya You arrived for class hour late.
  2. My mother cooked the supper.
  3. Please lend me a rupee note in the amount of .
  4. He was asked a simple inquiry by his instructor.
  5. In a basket, the youngster placed a egg.
  6. Water is a need.
  7. Senior folks are valuable contributors to our society.
  8. In the garden today, hen lay eggs.
  9. When Rahul had the idea, he was sitting in his room.
  10. Last week, a Indian girl and a European lad married.


  1. an
  2. none
  3. a
  4. an
  5. a none
  6. a
  7. an
  8. a
  9. a, an
  10. An, a

2. Affirmative Article

The definite article is used in a variety of ways.

1. We employ an indefinite article when referring to a person, place, animal, or item for the first time. When a person, place, animal, or item has the same name, we use the definite article.

As an example, 

  1. A ship sunk to the bottom of the sea. A thousand passengers were on board the ship.
  2. Last night, we went to a restaurant. It was a lovely location.
  3. The road was being crossed by a cat. The cat was on the lookout for something to eat.
  4. There was an automobile going by. The automobile had a bright red hue.
  5. In the garden, a cloth was hung. The fabric was carried away by the wind.

2. When the person or object is evident, we say ‘the.’

  1. The adolescent was running late for class.
  2. The taxi was waiting for you at the door.
  3. The accommodation was lovely.
  4. The home hasn’t been whitewashed in quite some time.
  5. Her toys were being played with by the cat.

3. It comes before common nouns, each of which is distinct in its own way.

  1. The sky is blushing.
  2. The planet is alive with life.
  3. According to legend, the sun will vanish from the galaxy after a million years.
  4. The Milky Way is breathtaking.
  5. The world’s population is 7 billion people.

4. We use ‘the’ when referring to superlatives.

As an example, 

  1. The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest structure.
  2. The Ganga is the world’s longest river.
  3. The most costly hotel is the Atlantis.
  4. Asia is the biggest continent on the planet.
  5. The lion is the jungle’s ruler.

5. ‘The’ precedes rivers, mountain ranges, valleys, island groupings, gulfs, canals, and desserts.

  1. The Alps
  2. The Yamuna is a river in India.
  3. The Indian Ocean is the largest ocean in the world.
  4. The Valley of Kashmir
  5. The Sahara Desert is located in Africa.

6. It precedes the names of well-known structures.

  1. Pisa’s famous leaning tower
  2. The Red Fort is a fortification in the city of
  3. The India Gate is located in New Delhi, India.
  4. The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of France.
  5. The Indian Gateway

7. Before sacred writings, the word ‘the’ is used.

  1. The Bhagwat-Gita is a Hindu scripture.
  2. The Bible is a book written by God.
  3. The Holy Quran
  4. The Ramayana is a Hindu epic.
  5. The Adi Granth is a Hindu scripture.

8. If a country’s name includes a common noun, place it before the name of the country.

  1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  2. United States of America (USA)
  3. Emirates (United Arab Emirates)

9. Before collective nouns, the word ‘the’ is used.

  1. In India, the cow is revered.
  2. Today, the troops went to battle.
  3. There was complete stillness in the classroom.
  4. Nectar was being collected by the bees.
  5. The blind elicit empathy.

It’s used in front of ordinals.

  1. The first man to set foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong.
  2. Siana Nehwal became the first Indian woman to win an Olympic medal.
  3. Sushmita Sen was the first Indian woman to be crowned Miss World.
  4. Jack Ma is Asia’s first billionaire.
  5. The fifth-row youngster wasn’t feeling good.

11. ‘The’ precedes terms such as only, last, and next.

  1. Please call the next available guy.
  2. Calling the cops is the only way out.
  3. Mayank is seated on the last bench.

12. Before the title of the publication

  1. The Hindustan Times is a newspaper published in India.
  2. India’s historical period
  3. The New York Times is a newspaper published in New York City.
  4. The Indian Express is a newspaper published in India.
  5. The Financial Times

Indefinite and definite articles are not included.

  1. When it comes to proper nouns, we should never use ‘the.’
  2. Abstract nouns should never be used (honesty, beautiful, pretty, silence, guilty).
  3. When it comes to academics or arts, we should never use the word “the” (painting, science, commerce, English, maths).

Articles class 7 exercise

Wherever a, an, or the is needed, fill in the gaps with a, an, or the.

  1. A solider was killed. In the struggle, leg
  2. The seventh month of the year is July.
  3. In Mumbai, a fire broke out in a single-story residence. The cost was expected to be in the thousands.
  4. When India won the World Cup after 46 years, it was the Most greatest moment of his life.
  5. That is the only structure without a water supply.
  6. The Bible is the Christians’ sacred book.
  7. The ideal policy is .
  8. Emirates Airlines has created a extremely beneficial service for its customers.
  9. The Hindu language Hindi is spoken by Hindus.
  10. In class, Pari is the smartest girl.


  1. a none
  2. the the
  3. there are none,
  4. the
  5. the
  6. Then comes the
  7. none
  8. the none
  9. the
  10. there are none,

Articles worksheet for 7th grade

Explain if the following phrases are accurate. If any adjustments are required, they will be made. 

  1. She is an Indian woman.
  2. Do you like a cup of tea?
  3. Science is a fascinating topic.
  4. I’d want to go behind the wheel of that vehicle.
  5. She consumes the orange on a daily basis.
  6. I’m in desperate need of some caffeine.
  7. Who is this mysterious young lady?
  8. Riya has a new laptop, but it isn’t a Windows machine.
  9. Can I take admission into a college or university after completing high school?
  10. All of the kids have made a choice.


  1. Replace ‘the’ with ‘an’.
  2. correct
  3. Replace ‘the’ with ‘an’.
  4. correct
  5. instead of ‘the,’ use ‘an.’
  6. correct
  7. correct
  8. Add ‘a’ before ‘new laptop.’
  9. Instead of ‘an’, use ‘a’. ‘a’ should be written.
  10. Instead of ‘an’, use ‘a’. ‘a’ should be written.


Click on the link below to obtain a pdf version of English Grammar Class 7 Articles.

Download the PDF version here (309 downloads)

Summary English-Grammar-Articles-for-class-7-with-Exercises-Worksheets-Pdf


The “articles test” is a quiz that helps students understand how to use articles. It comes with exercises, worksheets, and pdfs for easy reference.

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