As a student, you are likely to be asked to produce an essay on why the environment should not be polluted. But how do you go about it? Here is your guide to producing this kind of writing task.

The “environmental pollution essay in english 150 words” is a type of writing that has many purposes. It can be used for academic essays, persuasive speeches, and personal journal entries.

Environment Pollution Essay Writing for Students

Essay about Pollution in the Environment in 500 Words

Introduction: Pollution of the environment is one of the world’s most serious issues. People of conscience and climatologists are very concerned about this serious issue. This issue has arisen as a result of our actions as people. It is almost certain that if we do not stop the pollution, the world will become unbearable for our future generations to live in.

What is environmental pollution? Our environment is made up of many different components, the most important of which are air, water, soil, sound, and so on. All of this is a part of our wonderful natural surroundings. To pollute something implies to make it filthy or hazardous to people. The environment is becoming dirtier by the day in a variety of ways. Simply put, it is harming us. It’s difficult to live. Animals and plants are the most essential aspect of nature after humans. They are greatly agitated, and their lives are jeopardized as a result of pollution. If we do not conserve our jungles, woods, and wildlife, we will face a very difficult future. That might be the end of our species.  

Environmental Pollution: There are several ways in which our environment is contaminated. The greenhouse effect is the most harmful method. Deforestation and widespread tree cutting are the causes of the greenhouse effect. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is steadily rising. And this is one of the most serious risks to the environment. Other forms of pollution are also accessible. Air pollution, along with the greenhouse effect, is one of the most dangerous concerns, in my opinion. Harmful smoke is polluting the air. Unplanned mills are the cause of such smoke. When people put their trash in the water, it becomes dirtier, emits a foul odor, and pollutes the air. Sound pollution is also occurring as a result of loud traffic horns, as well as unique loudspeakers. To avoid all of this air, water, and sound pollution, we must be attentive and mindful.  

Environmental Pollution’s Consequences: There are several environmental pollution effects that may wreak havoc on our daily lives. People are suffering from a variety of diseases as a result of the pollution. Millions of people might perish as a result of this issue. Climate change is now one of the world’s most pressing challenges. Climate change is mostly caused by pollution in the environment. Natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, and other natural disasters are on the way as a result of the changing climate. If this trend continues, the whole globe may become ineligible to live.  

How to Prevent: Public knowledge may help us alter the situation. First and foremost, people should be aware of the negative consequences of pollution. Then we must put an end to whatever is harming our environment. Cutting down trees should be prohibited, and more trees should be planted in order to preserve the environment’s greenery. Because it is the most important reason, and it has the potential to change the entire environment.  

Finally, everything in this ecosystem is interconnected. When one item becomes contaminated, it affects the rest of the system. The natural beauty of the world might be destroyed in this manner. To safeguard our environment, we need to be aware of and comprehend the issue.    


Disclaimer: This essay is intended for Bangladeshi high school students. You may memorize the whole essay for your next test. Because it was written by a professional English instructor. I’m hoping you’ll receive a full credit for it.

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“Environmental pollution essay in english for class 10” is a term that refers to the contamination of our natural environment. This contamination can be caused by humans, animals, and plants. The most common cause of environmental pollution is industrialization. Reference: environmental pollution essay in english for class 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is environment pollution write an essay?

A: Environment pollution is the introduction of contaminants into natural environments that cause undesirable changes in the biophysical, chemical and ecological properties of an area. These pollutants are anything from toxic materials such as waste, noise or air emissions to invasive species including weeds which can spread disease.

What is environmental pollution simple words?

A: There is a wide range of definitions for environmental pollution, but it generally refers to the introduction or release into an environment (such as air, soil, water) that has harmful effects on living organisms and/or their habitats. The term can also refer to damage caused by natural events such as floods, volcanoes and tsunamis.

What is environmental pollution class6?

A: Class 6 is the highest level of air quality allowed by a government to avoid creating health risks.

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