In the essay, you will discuss your last railway journey and how it changed your life.

The “a memorable journey essay 150 words” is a short essay on a railway journey. The author of the essay talks about how he took a trip by train and what he thought it was like.

Essay on a railway journey (200

(150-200-300 word short essay/paragraph/article about a train travel for class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, with headers, In English, write a short and simple essay.

The railway is a low-cost and efficient mode of transportation. Traveling by train is also a fascinating experience. Last month, I decided to go to Shimla by train to meet up with a buddy. I looked up the train schedule. I discovered that the next train to Shimla was scheduled to depart at 10 p.m. I dressed up and headed to the train station. I arrived at the station one hour early.

In front of the booking window, there was a big line. However, a woman assists me in obtaining a ticket. She bought the ticket on my behalf. I carried my luggage to the platform. The station was suffocatingly packed.

After a while, the signal was turned off. The train was reaching the station when I saw it. The train arrived and came to a complete halt. Everyone hurried to the compartments, attempting to enter. I found a way inside one of the compartments. I was fortunate enough to be seated near the window. The guard blew the whistle and then waved the green flag after fifteen minutes. The train began to move, and it was quickly speeding away.

It was a chilly night, and it started to rain. I shut the window and wrapped myself in a blanket. Through the glass pane, I gazed outside. Trees, buildings, and huts all looked to be rolling backwards. The passengers were all engaged in some activity. Some were conversing and gossiping. Some were debating the day’s most pressing issues.

Kalka was reached via rail. My train to Shimla was changed. After a few hours, I arrived in Shimla and met up with my companion.


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The “essay on a journey by train 100 words” is an essay that discusses the railway journey. The writer of this essay, gives a brief overview of what it feels like to take a train.

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How do you write a journey essay?

A: To get a good grade in your English class, you will need to spend time writing an essay.

What is a railway journey?

A: A railway journey is a type of transport that uses rail tracks to carry people and goods over land.

How do you write a paragraph in train journey?

A: A paragraph is a type of writing that contains several sentences. To write a paragraph, you would need to use the correct grammar rules so that your sentence structure makes sense and isnt confusing. You can make sure your paragraphs have proper punctuation by using commas in between each sentence as well as periods at the end of each one.

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