Check out the essay below for an inspiring day at school. Your assignment will be to write about a rainy day you had in your life and why it was special!

The “a rainy day in summer essay for class 7” is an essay on a rainy day in the summer. It is written at a length of 200 to 250 words.

Essay on A Rainy Day in Summer 200 to 250 words

The heat is unbearable in the summer. There are strong gusts blowing. It’s always nice to have a dark cloud or a sprinkle of rain. People pray for rain if it does not fall.

On a Rainy Day A summer day is a day to be enjoyed. We begin to dance joyfully when gloomy clouds blanket the sky. Every heart is filled with joy as the air blows and the rain falls.

It was really hot one day. The sky was clear and the sun was shining brilliantly. There was no movement in the atmosphere. People were sweating profusely and sought refuge in their rooms with fans. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky at all. The weather changed all of a sudden. It started to sprinkle as the sky became cloudy with black clouds.

The little drizzle turned into a torrential rain. It started to pour cats and dogs. A brisk breeze blew. The bazaars and alleys have been transformed into miniature rivers. The gutters were clogged with water. The drains overflowed, resulting in a flood on all sides.

Little lads dashed through the streets. They took a bath in the rain and fashioned paper boats to float in the water.

The bazaars and streets seemed to be desolate. A lone tourist with an umbrella over his head may be observed here and there. There was a traffic jam.

For an hour, it poured nonstop. The clouds then disappeared. In the skies, a rainbow arose. The weather began to improve. It became evident once again, and people started to leave.

In the summer, everyone appreciates the rain.

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A rainy day is a very common thing in summer. It is usually not too cold but it can be raining at the same time. When you are outside and it starts to rain, you will have to find somewhere to go. You might want to stay inside or even take shelter from the rain. Reference: a rainy day essay for class 9.

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