This essay is about a visit I made to the Great Exhibition of 1851. It was held in London and covered an area of 1/4 mile long, 3/8th miles wide. It had exhibits from around the world which were intended to show how science and industry could improve society over time.

The “essay on visit to a fair for class 5” is an essay that I wrote about my experience at the fair. The essay was written in 200 to 250 words and it was performed by me.

Essay on a visit to a Fair in 200 to 250 words PERFORMDIGI

India is a land of many different kinds of flames. Village fairs occur often because they are an integral element of rural life. They are held either at the river’s edge or in an open space.

Our community had a fair last month. It was just a few days ago that preparations for the festivities were undertaken. A makeshift market was erected. Villagers from all across the surrounding area gathered to participate in the fair. They had a happy vibe about them.

The locals feasted, drank, and had a good time. They sang dhola and other traditional Indian tunes. They danced erratically to the rhythm of the drums. Jugglers demonstrated their skills and made a livelihood in various regions. There were also snake charmers there. They displayed their snakes to the public and collected money from passers-by.

There were also wrestling and kabaddi contests. They drew a big crowd of peasants. The toy vendors made a nice profit. The confectioners scurried away from the consumers. We went to the fair and then came home in the evening.

As a result, a village fair is a nice venue for residents to get together. They discuss their ideas and opinions there.

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In 200 to 250 words, write an essay on a fair visit in PDF format.


200 to 250 word essay about a fair visit 200 to 250 word essay about a fair visit (110 downloads)


The “a cricket match essay 250 words” is an essay on a visit to a fair in 200 to 250 words. The essay will cover the author’s thoughts on how they felt during their visit, and what they thought of the experience.

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