In this writing I am going to explain the difference between an American style and a Japanese style wrestling match. The two styles are striking in their own way, with different sets of rules that make for very interesting matches.

This is an essay on a wrestling match. The essay will be about 200 to 250 words long and the focus of this essay will be on the match itself.

Essay on A Wrestling Match 200 to 250 words

Playing games keeps our bodies and minds in good shape. There are several types of games.

Wrestling is a physical and mental challenge. Wrestling bouts are often held for the enjoyment of the general audience. Drums are pounded and handbills are passed out to promote the event.

A wrestling event was conducted at Ferozshah Kotla Grounds near Delhi Gate last Sunday. It was a King Kong vs. Dara Singh battle. The match was scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. The entrance fee was Rs. 100/- each ticket. At the ticket counters, there was a mad rush. With tremendous difficulty, I purchased a ticket, entered the gate, and took a seat.

Both wrestlers entered the ring at precisely 4 p.m. They were both tall and powerful. They exchanged a grin and a handshake. The audience applauded them enthusiastically. The game has now begun. They first grappled with one other and pushed each other. Dara Singh twice pushed King Kong. Dara Singh was grabbed by the leg and thrown to the ground by King Kong. Dara Singh, on the other hand, sprang to his feet in a flash. He grabbed King Kong’s neck and yanked him violently. King Kong couldn’t take it any longer and collapsed to the ground. He had been vanquished. The audience erupted in cheers and applause. People screamed ‘Hip Hip Hurrey’ for Dara Singh as they hoisted him on their shoulders. Dara Singh’s triumph against world-famous King Kong was very remarkable.

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The “wrestling example” is an essay about a wrestling match. It is written in the form of a narrative and discusses the physicality of the sport, as well as its importance to society.

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