The Internet is a great source for public information and education. However, the amount of advertisements that pop up on every page can be overwhelming. In this essay, I will discuss how advertising has changed in recent years as well as how it could change again with the advent of blockchain technology.

“Advertising” is a controversial topic, and it can be hard to write an essay on the subject. This essay will discuss how advertising affects children and students. Read more in detail here: essay on advertisement in 100 words.

Essay on Advertisement for Students and Children 900 Words

In the paragraphs below, you will find a 900-word instructive essay about advertising for students and youngsters. This page covers its background, function, benefits, and drawbacks.

So, let’s get this post started by discussing the significance of ads.

Introduction (900-word essay about advertising)

Advertising (ads) is one of the most efficient methods of attracting customers to goods. You must follow the advertising route if you want to attract attention and lure people to your goods in the most natural manner possible.

It is the most basic and crucial technique for a person or a corporation to publicize themselves or their goods.

Newspapers, magazines, billboards, buses, the internet, posters, and radio flyers are all examples of advertising. The majority of individuals see advertisements as amazing since they deliver crucial information in innovative methods.

The Importance of Advertising in Business 

Advertising is an important component of economic and social life, as well as a potent tool for encouraging product sales. Manufacturers, intermediaries, society, and consumers are four main factors that we use to understand the function of advertising.

Manufacturers are number one.

A company that has to earn a profit by selling its goods takes full use of advertising to market its goods and services. The major goal of advertising in the manufacturing industry is to boost product sales. How can you expect to sell a product if people are unaware of it?

To achieve this goal, the product must be advertised often. It also aids in the preservation of the present market and the exploration of new markets. The makers may regulate the selling price of a product by using ads.

2. Act as a middleman

The key connection between a production and a customer is the middleman. Advertising is the salesmanship imprint in this case, which results in the lowest cost. It draws a larger number of clients than a salesperson. 

3. The client

We make every marketing attempt to meet a customer’s demands. Advertising promotes appropriate items by imprinting a positive picture in the minds of prospective clients. In addition, advertising raises market rivalry.

4. The social environment

Advertising benefits society in addition to the producer, intermediary, and client. Advertising has rendered the expensive goods obsolete in the eyes of the general population.

It also assures a rise in product consumption, resulting in lower production costs and, as a consequence, more earnings and a higher quality of life for society.

Advertisement’s Importance

What we say in the commercial is more significant than how it is reported. To promote a product effectively, you must carefully develop the message and media through which you advertise.

There are several forms of advertisements. Display advertisements in newspapers, both physical and digital, social media ads, newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertising, radio, podcast, event marketing, email marketing, and other methods may be used to promote a product.

In modern digital era, advertising on social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others is quite affordable.

For example, if you publish product specifications on your company’s Facebook page and your followers click on it and tag a friend, this is a free advertising and people are aware of your goods.

Newspaper and magazine advertising is a time-honored kind of advertising that is still effective. Many folks also pick up the morning newspaper or like reading publications.

However, the majority of today’s print publications have their own internet presence. By repeating the message on radio and podcasts, verbal advertising is also one of the most successful methods to promote your product. However, creating a video and posting it on social media or paying for it to air on sites like YouTube is the way that most engages the customer.¬†

There are several sorts of advertising for different types of market situations and goods. Advertisements for a product like biscuits, for example, will inspire the production to make a straight buy. However, an automotive advertisement will mostly be used to raise customer awareness and provide information about the product.

Any advertising campaign revolves on the product. The marketing staff must have a thorough understanding of the product and its features in order to effectively advertise it. For successful marketing and advertising, packaging, trademarks, color, style, and a variety of other features are required.

Advertisement’s Advantages and Disadvantages

They direct advertisements to a broad audience and not to a particular individual; here are some Advertisement’s Advantages and Disadvantages.

  1. The basic goal of advertising for a firm is to boost product sales.
  2. Advertisement paves the way for a salesperson’s efforts. They just have to canvas for the product when they meet a prospect since the ad has already complemented the salesman’s efforts.
  3. The expense of advertising and selling is spread out across a large number of transactions, lowering the average selling price.
  4. The buyer expects that since the items are advertised under a brand name, the substance of one brand would be superior than that of the other.
  5. Consumers find it easy to buy since pricing are set and published.
  6. Advertisement has a significant impact on people’s fundamental motivation.
  7. Advertising is a distinct expense that does not provide an immediate consequence, and it accounts for a significant amount of the entire spending budget.
  8. Advertisement arouses desire in the minds of consumers, but it also arouses dissatisfaction due to limited buying power.
  9. Advertisement may also promote unneeded product proliferation by causing the proliferation of similar items.
  10. The buyer is also compelled by the marketing to purchase items that are not required since it is human nature to own or identify in society, and so on.


There are various methods to advertise a product, and you may vary your strategy by concentrating on your main target demographic in both the conventional and digital worlds. In this day of strong competition, advertising aids producers in staying in the game and maintaining product demand.

Advertisements are critical in forming public opinion, raising public awareness of social issues, and introducing social changes. I hope you like this advertising essay.

The “advertisement essay examples” is an essay that discusses the advertisement of children and students. It also goes through a few different advertisements that are directed towards children and students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write an advertisement essay?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

How important is advertising essay?

A: Advertising is important because it enables businesses to provide products and services that consumers are willing to buy.

How do you write a school advertisement?

A: School advertisements are not a specific type of advertisement, but rather an ad for one school. In order to make an effective and successful school advertisement, you should first find out what the major features of the school are (like their reputation or location) then create an ad that incorporates those prominent traits into your copy.

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