Autumn is the season when most of the trees change color from green to yellow, red, orange and brown. It’s one of my favorite seasons in India because its cool temperatures remind me that summer has ended and winter is on its way. My country gets a bit colder each day as autumn progresses but I think it’s always worth braving the cold for all this amazing fall beauty!

The “10 sentences on autumn season” is an essay that discusses the Indian Autumn Season. It has 10 sentences in total.

Essay on Autumn Season in India for Students 1000+ Words

In this post, we have a 1000+ word essay about the Autumn season in India for students. It contains information, advantages, and disadvantages. In Hindi, this season is referred to as Sharadh Ritu.

Autumn is referred to as Fall in the United States. You may also use this Autumn Season in India Essay to create a paragraph on the subject.

Autumn Season in India (1000+ Words) Essay for Students and Children

Autumn is the season that follows the wet season and precedes winter. In India’s bigger location, this season is also known as autumn. So, this is a month that falls between July and October on the calendar.

The start of the second half of the seasonal year in India is marked by the autumn season, which slows down the activities of humans and wild animals everywhere. They’re more productive portion of summer is passed, which necessitates storing a large amount of food for the winter and finding a comfortable place to hibernate.

Even though each season has its own beauty, the fall season has a unique position in nature’s creativity. Beautiful and clear colors on the trees, such as brilliant yellow, browns, ochre, and deep auburn, as well as the leftovers of summer, such as lush green, are splattered about everywhere.

They may be seen drifting in the breeze or as a soft carpet of course on fallen leaves and trees. If it’s a clear day, the sky will have a blue tint to it, and this season makes every day distinct and enjoyable.

It has a mournful tone to it since it tells us that the trees will soon be barren beneath a gray tone, separating nature from it. As a result of this important shift, many individuals go for their warm garments in their closets as the days become shorter and the nights grow longer. 

Facts Discovered During the Autumn Season

In India during the fall season, the color of the leaves changes across the country, and many deciduous trees are found. 

Because these downpours are very beneficial to farmers, they may occasionally result in a variety of harms. For example, if there is an excessive rainstorm, it would destroy the ranchers’ crop since there will be insufficient precipitation for the growth of yields.

Also, because of the heavy rain, there will be a surge, posing certain dangers and jeopardizing the lives of the general public.

For the time being, there is a massive cleaning job to be done with leaves flying all over the place and the wind blowing into piles on vehicle windshields, walls, and doors.

Autumn Season’s Advantages (Sharadh Ritu)

Are mashed potatoes, turkey, caramel apples, and pumpkin lattes on your mind? When autumn arrives, you may enjoy your favorite season’s cooler weather, festive meals, and exciting festivities.

There are several reasons why India’s fall season is regarded as the greatest season and why there is so much to be excited about at this time of year. The following are a few of those reasons:

1. Color Changes

The changing hues of the leaves are a favorite pastime of many people throughout the fall season. Trees that were previously green burst into brilliant orange, scarlet, and gold colours.

Furthermore, the colors in different parts of India are mainly spectacular, prompting many people to visit to these locations to take in the landscape.

2. Everything Pumpkin

Do you have a soft spot for pumpkins? If you answered yes, you’re in luck. During the fall season, pumpkin tastes may be found in a variety of foods, including classic favorites like pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie, as well as more contemporary pleasures like pumpkin coffees and spiced teas. You may, however, be sure to have your fill before the season ends. 

3. Appetizing Desserts

Many people believe that the fall season in India is the finest time of year for candy, taffies, caramel apples, and other sweets since they are plentiful.

Apart from that, you may get apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and pretty much any other form of pie your heart wants. If you’re having pumpkin pie this season, don’t forget to top it with whipped cream.

4. A Change in the Weather

After the sweltering heat of the summers, this season provides welcome reprieve by lowering the temperature. September seems to be a pleasant month in terms of weather, with the heat waves subsiding and the evenings becoming cool.

After months of blasting the air conditioner, the arrival of autumn brings a refreshing breeze, enabling you to finally open the windows.

5. Improved Fashion

When it’s scorching hot outside in the summer, styles take a back seat to comfort and coolness. However, new designs such as boots, sweaters, coats, and other items are more flattering than flip-flops, shorts, and whatever else is in style this time of year.

Autumn Season’s Losses (Sharadh Ritu)

The following are some of the fall season’s losses:

Restricted hours of sunlight, endless rain, beer gardens reverting to being only for vapers and hardcore smokers, no dawning, Christmas schmaltz despite the fact that it was the only summer last week, clothes smelling of bonfire smoke, wetsuits not drying, ruining wetsuits by drying them by bonfires, floods, snow, frosty wetsuits, endless flat surf, freezing tootsies and fingers letting you know it’s time for

1. Colds and allergies

As India’s fall season starts, the cold temperature brings with it a wave of coolness and allergies. Because no one appreciates being unwell, especially during such a wonderful season, allergies are one of the season’s losses.

2. Unpredictable weather

The temperature is pleasant and crisp in the mornings throughout the fall season, but the day becomes hotter and hotter as the day progresses. It is much colder at night than it was earlier in the day, resulting in erratic weather that makes it difficult for many people to pick their attire.

3. Leaf raking

Raking leaves may be a difficult activity that does not seem to be enjoyable at times. After you’ve picked up all of the leaves, you’ll jump back into the pile and spread them out again. This seems to be a torturous cycle.

4. Summer has come to an end, and winter is on its way.

Winter seems to be a beloved season for many people, yet many others feel cold easily and dislike it. During this season, one must endure the chilly weather since it is not fully freezing, but rather cool, and that difference is noticeable.

5. Hair thinning

Hair loss affects many people on a daily basis, causing melancholy and anguish. There are a variety of reasons why your hair may fall out, including a normal process of regeneration that allows new, healthy hair to grow in its place.

According to Swedish studies, the biggest hair loss happens in the autumn season, beginning in September, when individuals lose the majority of their hair. As a result, fall is the season of maximum hair loss, and many healthy women may complain of hair loss.

6. Other misfortunes

Finally, the trees lose their golf-ball crimson leaves, and the wind becomes colder and more brisk. It seems like the planet is either dying or dying.


This season is also known as the season of sadness because it affects the lungs and causes tears and coughing, reminding people of losses they have had in the past.

For those who are grieving for new reasons, it becomes even more important to live in a world where a single mistake might lead to oblivion. I hope you enjoyed my essay about India’s Autumn season.

The “autumn in my city essay” is an article that discusses the different aspects of autumn. It is a perfect essay for students who are studying about the season.

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A: Autumn is the season of change. The days become shorter and the temperatures gradually fall, leading to cooler weather, leaves changing colors and a falling foliage.

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