Child labour is the most widespread form of child exploitation. It includes children in forced labor, prostitution and pornography, street work as well as other forms of abuse. What are some steps that governments can take to combat this problem?

Child Labour is a very controversial topic, and one that has been debated for decades. The essay on Child Labour will provide students with a short introduction to the topic, as well as how it affects children and adults. Read more in detail here: short essay on child labour.

Essay on Child Labour for Students & Children 1000 Words

You can find a 1000-word persuasive essay about child labor for kids and youngsters in this post. It discusses the origins, consequences, and solutions of child labor.

Students’ Essay on Child Labor (1000 Words)

Do you realize that child labor is a significant societal concern in every country? Really That is correct. Child labor is a serious issue for kids. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Child Labor’s Causes

There are many happy individuals on our planet. In our planet, there are also many unhappy individuals. Many unhappy individuals are sad because they are dealing with several challenges in their lives.

The father sometimes loses money. The mother is unable to find work. The kids start to feel hungry. They do not have enough money to live in peace.

Instead, they must consider working more than is required. The typical individual works just 8 hours every day. Even 8 hours is excessive! Because there is still homework to complete after 8 hours, the day becomes 10 or even 12 hours long.

So naive. Adults are like that. In any case, when a family becomes impoverished, they must do the same. They have to complete additional homework every day instead of working for 8 hours.

Otherwise, the rest of the world believes they are unworthy of wealth. The father and mother are unable to provide meals for their children due to a lack of funds.

Kids have a difficulty with this kind of feeding. The world is not a pleasant place to be. To survive on this planet, you must constantly earn money and maintain a good reputation. People will not provide food or shelter to anybody if this is not the case.

Perhaps one of our children will be able to teach us how to live differently one day. Until then, abide by the regulations that have previously been established. As a result, when a family’s finances become insufficient to provide food and shelter, they will begin to consider how to modify their life.

They’ll start begging and asking people for assistance. Because they are so destitute, their family no longer communicates with them. What a tragedy.

There will be no other way to generate money except to work constantly, even if it is for a little amount of money. Whatever money, any amount of money, will enough to purchase food. This is the case with both the father and the mother.

Their children will see their parents working several jobs in order to make ends meet. Some of these tasks are hazardous to their parents’ health, yet they must perform them to make ends meet.

Even this effort isn’t always sufficient. Working too hard might cause the father to get unwell. As previously said, we are only expected to labor for a few hours each day.

A sick individual may work all day, which might be hazardous to their health. When a family’s father becomes unwell, there is nothing that can be done. The mother works as much as she can, but she also needs to care for her husband and children, as well as cook and clean.

That is also an excessive amount of effort. All of this labour prompts the mother to seek other sources of income. She discusses it with her spouse. They may speak about money for hours, but there is no way to really alter things. As a result, one of them will believe that our children are capable of working.

This does not sit well with them. Imagine grieving night after night, heartbroken about having to send one of your children to work. This is the most prevalent reason for child labor around the globe.

Do you believe that going to school is a bad idea?

Work, on the other hand, is a lot worse. It’s simply full with grown-ups. I’d want to say something about adults: they’re scared. They are terrified of an excessive number of things.

As a result, they will continue to deceive and lie to one another in order for others to feel as terrified as they are. I understand how sad that is. Fighting it requires a great deal of honesty and bravery.

That is why youngsters may be unable to work; they are unprepared for such a large task, but what can this low-income family do? Their father is too unwell to care for them, and their mother is already overworked. Even youngsters are now required to labor.

Children’s Day-to-Day Lives and Work

As a result, we see kids going to work. It is known as child labor when youngsters work anywhere. This is a name that I despise, yet it is the name of a crime and a societal issue.

You should remember that the youngster who is working at a job is engaged in child labor. It’s not a nice situation. That kid has a lot on his plate. She wants to put on a costume and run around the house.

A youngster may wish to sing a song at times. Consider all of the activities that every youngster enjoys, such as playing computer games, football, and ground cricket.

No way, I like computer games as well! We are free to play as much as we like. This is due to the fact that we have free time. We still have some spare time after school and homework to watch TV or play video games.

However, some children will never get that opportunity. They need to go back to work. It isn’t even going to be a job they like. Just some of the labour that youngsters must undertake for long periods of time in order to feed themselves. This task gradually gets exhausting.

These children will no longer attend school and will instead work. They lack the energy to go to school and job; it is just too much for them. Forget about it when it comes to playing games.

Child Labor is a Serious Issue

Child labor is a major issue for children in our state, nation, and throughout the globe. Some youngsters should work on their goals instead of playing video games.

They are carrying out the tasks that grownups should be carrying out. Adults just do not want to labor as much as children do, and they do not want to provide food and shelter to these young ill children.

As a result, they make them work instead. It’s a terrible situation, but it’s one that can be improved. Many youngsters will be compelled to continue working if nothing is done.


The employment will deteriorate, as will the environments in which they labor. Those youngsters can have a better life if we stop pressuring them to live depending on their family’s wealth or reputation.

These things are irrelevant. They are exactly like us, children. I hope you like this Child Labor Essay.

The “child labour essay in english 250 words” is an essay on the topic of child labour. The essay will discuss the history of child labour and how it has affected children today.

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How do you write an essay about child labour?

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What is child labour in simple words?

A: Child labour is forced work by children under the age of 18. It occurs in many places across the world, but it is most common in developing countries.

How do you end a child labour essay?

A: In order to end the child labour essay, you need to tell your reader that this problem has been solved in some way. It is not required for you to provide a whole solution on how it was resolved because that would be going into too much detail and if they wanted more information they could find out by searching online or asking someone else who might know about it.

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