Christmas, a festival with rich tradition and as much meaning today as it had centuries ago. The Christmas traditions have not changed; the spirit of giving has been there since before Christ was born. Today in many countries around the world, people of myriad religions celebrate this holiday season together. Different myths surround the history of Christmas celebrations since they are often rooted in pagan or ancient rituals and beliefs that were later incorporated into Christianity.,

The “essay on christmas 150 words” is an essay that discusses the Christmas Festival. This essay will help students and children understand what this festival is about.

Essay on Christmas Festival for Students & Children 1000 Words

In this post, you will find a 1000-word essay about the Christmas Festival for students and children. It has 10 lines and provides the date, history, significance, and celebration.

In 1000 words, write an essay on the Christmas Festival for students and children.

There are several festivals, & occasions are celebrated around the world from time to time. The nature of festivals depends upon the culture and religion.

In all nations, different sorts of festivities and rituals are noted and celebrated according to their traditions and beliefs. Festivals and rituals commemorate the culture and religion of that region.

Similarly, on the occasion of Lord Jesus Christ’s birthday, one festival is extremely well-known and is celebrated by Christians all over the globe. 

In 2020, when is Christmas?

The 25th of December is Christmas Day.

Why is Christmas celebrated? – The Backstory

Christmas is a well-known Christian event that takes place every year on December 25th all across the globe.

The birthday of Jesus Christ is commemorated at this event. Jesus is said to be the creator of Christianity. Christians believed Jesus to be the Son of God.

Jesus Christ was both a divine messenger and a powerful man. He came into the earth to relieve the suffering of the people and to show God’s form to them.

Jesus had to deal with a lot of difficulties at initially, but his friends grew as well. Through his teachings, he attempted to eradicate sadness, ignorance, superstition, and other ills from the world.

Christmas Day, which is commemorated in his honor, is the most widely observed Christian event today. As a result, it is also known as the big day. This day is as important for Christians as Diwali and Dussehra are for Hindus.

Christmas Day is commemorated.

The festive season of Christmas is celebrated with tremendous delight and passion all around the globe. The grown-up children cherish and nurture this celebration just as much as the younger ones.

There is a holiday all across the globe on Christmas Day. People assemble a few days before Christmas to decorate their houses and churches.

On this important occasion, they prepare a variety of foods. Everyone is dressed in new clothing. People sing, dance, and rejoice with tremendous excitement and passion on this day.

Before Christmas, every home and church is thoroughly cleaned. For the Christmas festivities, they are elegantly decked with shrubs and flowers. People all throughout the globe use multicolored balls, ribbons, and red socks to adorn their Christmas trees in their homes, stores, and workplaces.

For Christians, the Christmas tree has special significance on this day. They all put up lovely Christmas trees in front of their separate houses. Every family gathers around the Christmas tree on this day to celebrate and pray for Jesus Christ, as well as to apologize for their errors.

Religious individuals go to church and burn candles to honour the Lord Jesus. During the Christmas season, they invite their friends and family to their houses. Children get many toys and new clothing, as well as gifts and sweets from Santa Claus, who is dressed in a fluffy red and white suit.

Christmas is a celebration of love, joy, and caring. It’s all about sharing and assisting those in need. This celebration sends us a message of love, peace, and sacrifice in our lives. At noon, immediately after the prayer, cut the cake and congratulate each other on Christmas.

The Christmas Festival’s Importance

As we all know, each event has its own significance in society. The festival’s importance is determined by the festival’s relevance and cause for celebration.

This event is, without a doubt, the most popular and important Christmas celebration in the globe. The reason for this is because Jesus’ birth is commemorated as Christmas. Jesus entered the earth on this day and date for the benefit of mankind and peace. 

Unlike other holidays, Christmas is a Christian celebration. Indians, on the other hand, celebrate Christmas with tremendous pleasure and merriment these days. On Christmas morning, churches have a special prayer gathering. Many people of all faiths also pray by burning candles in the church on this day.

Even in India, Christmas is becoming more popular. According to the Bible, Jesus did not advocate discrimination based on caste, creed, or socioeconomic status. He transmitted a message of fraternity and love.

As a result, the day is also significant since the New Year will come a few days later. People begin to celebrate it with vigor and excitement since it is the most important days of the year.

Children enquire about it and look forward to this day. They are anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus. These days are the most important event since they fall throughout the winter season. All offices, schools, and institutions are closed in this area.

Many people commemorate this day with tremendous zeal and a considerable deal of planning and décor. A few days before Christmas, Christians adorn their homes with lights and stars.

Christmas decorations may also be seen at Ronak markets. Markets sell Christmas trees, pastries, red and white-colored clothing, presents, and so on. People attend to church on Christmas Day, December 25th, to commemorate Jesus by lighting candles and praying. People decorate Christmas trees in their houses, serve one other sweets, and embrace the holiday on Christmas Day.

Christmas festival: ten lines

  1. It is a feast day and a day of tremendous significance for Christians.
  2. Christmas isn’t complete without cake, and every Christian household bakes it on that day.
  3. On that day, all Christianity was abolished. People pray to God Jesus for forgiveness of their sins.
  4. This celebration is held with the same pomp and circumstance as previous rites.
  5. At this celebration, the ‘Christmas-tree’ has a particular meaning.
  6. In India, people of all communities love the Christmas season.
  7. On festival days, churches are all decked up in the same manner. Temples are decorated similarly to Hindu temples.
  8. The Christian brothers were congratulated by the President and Prime Minister.
  9. The Christmas season teaches us about service, sacrifice, and forgiveness.
  10. This celebration will run from December 25th through January 1st.


After the above detailed and important discussion, we can say it that Christmas is an important & popular festival which infuses the minds and hearts with a sense of purity.

Every year, this was celebrated with fresh vigor and enthusiasm for the globe. This celebration sends a clear message that we should all stay on the road of life that leads to peace and sanctity for others.

We should all work together as much as possible to help the impoverished. I hope you enjoyed this article about the Indian Christmas holiday. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

“Christmas is a festival which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated by Christians, Jews and some other religious groups around the world.” Reference: christmas essay topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Christmas short essay?

A: Christmas is a Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is observed on December 25th and celebrates His mass, or ritual observance by Jews.

How do you write a Christmas essay?

A: Unfortunately, I dont know how to answer that question.

How is Christmas celebrated essay?

A: The Christian tradition of Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, although many people celebrate it in different ways. In some places this includes the traditional Christmas Eve Mass and midnight mass before those who work now go to bed. Many Christians also attend a religious service of carols or other songs with their family during that time as well as exchanging gifts

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