We all know that the urbanization process has been a huge and destructive force on society. Cities are growing so fast, there is a global city-creating competition every year which leads to more pollution, congestion, social problems and other side effects of this phenomenon. What does it mean for children? How can our cities become better places for them in the future?

The “life in a big city essay 150 words” is an essay on the life of students and children in a big city. The essay discusses how the city is not only a place where people live, but also work and play. It also talks about how the lifestyle changes from small to large cities.

Essay on City Life for Students and Children in 1500+ Words

Do you want to learn more about city life? You will find a 1500-word essay about city life for students and children here. You will also learn about the benefits and drawbacks of living in a metropolis.

a brief introduction (Essay on City Life)

City living is highly contemporary. In city living, there are numerous pleasures and convenient facilities. People from rural regions flock to the city because it is so attractive.

Many individuals in the city live comfortably thanks to cultural, economic, and commercial amenities. People move from rural to urban living because of the town’s lifestyle.

This is due to the fact that city dwellers have easy access to social amenities, entertainment venues, and superior infrastructure. The allure of city life is one of the primary drivers of migration from rural regions. Living in the city, contrary to popular belief, offers both advantages and disadvantages.

Without a question, living in a big city is beautiful to look at, but the dark side is even more terrible. The city life was stung by the noise and activity, smoke and dust, the sense of hurry and concern. A guy who lives in the city has the most difficult existence. He’s used to ending his days by taking his own life, so he feels weird. He becomes deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf

A guy who was born and reared in the city, on the other hand, has sensations that are utterly foreign to him. He’s accustomed to the throng and the “busy hum of people,” and he adjusts swiftly to the challenges and complexities that come on a daily basis. For him, life is an exhilarating journey, full of fresh information and surprises at every turn.

The population of big cities is expanding by the day, thanks to rising unemployment in rural regions and an increasing number of individuals with good education. People are flocking to cities in increasing numbers in search of business, higher education, jobs, and specialized medical care. 

Thousands of young people are looking for work in places like Delhi, Mumbai, and Calcutta as foreign corporations expand their presence. Many individuals are drawn to cities by the increase of commercial prospects. 

As a result, cities are becoming more noisy and polluted. Large cities are expanding on all sides, with hundreds of housing colonies and many commercial establishments sprouting up. As a result, elderly people of large urban regions choose to relocate outside of the city to escape the noise and pollution. 

Despite all of the challenges that cities face, individuals compete for employment in a fast-paced atmosphere throughout their lives. Everyone is occupied. Nobody has time to chat to a neighbor or a family member. Everyone has their own unique life experience. 

There are no social relationships. Every day, people’s hunger for money becomes stronger. The property’s value increases. There is no monetary value placed on life, yet accidents occur on a daily basis. The want for a breath of fresh air is strong. They can’t take a break since they don’t have enough time. They are unable to sleep soundly due to workplace strain and rivalry. 

Everyone competes fiercely for their work, and honesty is uncommon in major cities. People may cheat at any point in their lives, therefore you like to mislead others as well. For a race to gain false status, it’s insane. Everyone wants to get to the top by trick or crook. 

Large cities are being infested with treats. There is a replica of everything. Medicines, clothing, toys, machineries, watches, cameras, replacement parts, and technological equipment are all readily accessible in duplicate. Finding the original and rejecting the replica is difficult.

Life in cities has a weird allure that attracts people to stay there. There are plenty of job openings and ways to earn money for bread. If you are a hard worker who strives for perfection, large cities provide lucrative opportunities for dedicated professionals. They get to the top because there are so many options.

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The Benefits of Living in the City

The Benefits of Living in the City in 300 Words

The first benefit of living in a metropolis is the availability of power. Unlike many rural places, where power is scarce, most metropolitan residences have access to it, which is advantageous for many.

Living in the city gives you access to better roads and modes of transportation that make getting around easier. Cities also have more modern retail malls. In comparison to a firm in a village, a company in a town is more likely to expand.

In the city, there are more career chances. This is due to the presence of several companies and commercial malls in the area.

In the city, there are an increasing number of educational institutions. In comparison to rural dwellers, this results in a high degree of educational skills among the residents of these places.

Living in the city promotes cultural integration as well. This is because people in cities come from all over the world and interact at their places of employment and home. As a result, cultural integration is bolstered there.

Throughout addition, healthcare is readily available in the city. Because most of the main hospitals and specialist physicians are located in the town, you may obtain superior healthcare.

A downtown apartment will also provide you access to entertainment. Many leisure venues and attractions, such as gaming parks and museums, can be found in the city.

Another benefit of living in a city is having easy access to retail malls. Because there are so many shopping places to choose from, purchasing necessities is simple.

Living in the city has other advantages, such as gaining access to technology advancements. People in metropolitan areas are often the first to have access to new technology once it is developed.

Let’s read some The Benefits of Living in the City in detail-

1. Going on a trip

The city is a terrific and pleasant place to visit. For car traffic, city roadways are well-concreted. In contrast to the village, running is not a difficulty.

2. Objects in the home

In the city, each house’s power and pipes are connected. It offers life-sustaining clean water services. 

3. System of drainage

The city benefits from a sewage drainage system. This service also keeps the roads clean and protects people from infections.

4. Hygiene and cleanliness

The metropolitan life is spotless and hygienic. A major authority inspecting the clean facilities, which is more crucial for the city’s cleanliness.

5. Medical center

The city life gives good medical care. There are several vital health clinics where you may get a checkup. You don’t have to go far in the town if there is an emergency. Nearby locations provide access to all medical services. For patient treatment, there are also competent physicians.

6. Educational establishments in the city

In the city, school services are more readily accessible. Everyone desires a good education, and this place has both a huge institution and colleges for pupils. A student library is also available. In cities, library customers are increasingly important.

7. The city’s business districts

A business center for entrepreneurs may be found in almost every city. Many individuals hone their talents in order to operate in vast industrial settings.

DisThe Benefits of Living in the City

In 300 words, describe the disadvantages of living in a city.

Because of the high percentage of unemployment in the city, living in the city is a difficulty. People make a livelihood by committing crimes.

The cost of living in the city is also higher than in the hamlet. In comparison to rural regions, the cost of food, housing, water, and energy is quite expensive in the city.

Another drawback of city living is the congested nature of the streets. Traffic is an issue in the city since there are so many automobiles, particularly during rush hour when people are going to and from work.

The city also has a high degree of pollution. Industrialization causes air pollution, and improper waste management causes environmental contamination.

Other unpleasant aspects of city living include sewage systems. Many individuals utilize the same sewage system at the top of the population, which might produce a clog if it is not carefully maintained.

In addition, there is congestion in the city. It makes walking on the streets difficult since you are likely to collide with other people, which is unpleasant.

When you live in a city, you are also subjected to noise. This is due to the many entertainment venues, automobiles, industry, and other factors.

Another downside of city living is the high cost of land, which is why most people live on rent, which has an impact on their finances. It is also easy to lose culture in the city as a result of exposure to many civilizations.

Some city dwellers may be unaware of pollution. The city is polluted as a result of these individuals. Air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution are three forms of pollution that wreak havoc on the city.

Let’s read some disThe Benefits of Living in the City in detail-

1. Garbage is strewn throughout the city.

We come across garbage that is thrown on city streets. Some folks are completely unconcerned about keeping the nation clean. Because there are less hygienic conditions, the usage of trash increases the dirtiness of the nation. 

2. Mosquitoes spread via a clogged city sewer.

Mosquitoes have spread in various places as a result of the huge and crowded garbage. This is the primary cause for mosquito-borne illness transmission. Many individuals die as a result of a mosquito bite, such as dengue fever, or because they are tormented by rats, among other things.

3. The expense of living is really expensive.

In comparison to rural regions, the expense of living in the metropolis is quite expensive. In the metropolis, most items, such as rent, water, power, and food, are exorbitantly priced.


If you have a steady source of money, living in the city might be a terrific experience. However, living in a community without a work may be difficult, leading to many turning to illicit means of earning money. As a result, moving to the city with a solid employment or a company concept that you can grow is recommended.

Nowadays, the rural area is developing. Thanks to numerous programs that have been undertaking with due diligence. But the The Benefits of Living in the City are much more significant than in rural areas, which is more encouraged.

Essay on City Life for Students and Children in 1500+ Words. This is a 300-word essay that discusses the life of children in a big city. Reference: essay on life in a big city 300 words.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is life in the city essay?

A: Life in the city is a battle. In this life, the challenges are endless and often times overwhelming. Its not easy but it can be done with hard work and determination.

How do you write a city essay?

A: The first thing you need to do is find out what the assignment type is. This will help you narrow down your essay topic in a way that makes sense.

What are the advantages of living in a city essay?

A: Cities have a lot of advantages. They generally offer more opportunities than rural areas, as well as being safer and easier to live in. However, they also do not provide the same natural features or space that people living outside cities enjoy

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