We are surrounded by so many things that we use on a daily basis. The moment you wake up in the morning, your desk is covered with water bottles, clothes and other miscellaneous objects while clutter takes over as time goes on. But what’s worse than all of this mess? Getting sick from contaminated surfaces or food due to poor sanitation

The “essay on cleanliness 100 words” is a short essay that has been written to help students and children learn about the importance of cleanliness. This essay can be used as a starting point for larger essays or research papers.

Essay on Cleanliness for Students and Children in 1200+ Words

We have written an Essay on Cleanliness for students in this post, and we have described its characteristics, regulations, significance, influence, effects, and strategies to preserve cleanliness.

a brief introduction (Essay on Cleanliness)

The condition of being clean is referred to as cleanliness. Rather of pushing it, people should encourage it. Sanitation is a pleasant habit that may improve one’s quality of life since all of its types are equally important. Parents and instructors must primarily develop this behavior in children from an early age. This will ensure that people are aware of the need of cleanliness. 

It is not a difficult task to do; rather, it is extremely simple, and as a result, no one should make the error of sacrificing on cleanliness. It is essential for the health and well-being of humans and animals alike. 

Cleanliness is also a condition or habit of being devoid of filth in our surroundings, which is being clean. It can only be accomplished by cleansing yourself and your surroundings via cleaning activities. Living a healthy lifestyle is a pleasurable habit. 

It is necessary to understand and communicate to others that cleanliness is not the duty of others; rather, it is our obligation to be clean and to keep the surroundings clean. Begin with one’s own home and school, then go on to universities, institutions, society, and other organizations. It is not a one-time event; it must be done on a regular basis to maintain things clean. 

This is the most important virtue that everyone should practice in order to improve their level of life. Furthermore, it must be done cheerfully and peacefully, although it is occasionally done aggressively and incorrectly. To keep infections at bay, we must instill the habit of cleanliness in children from a young age. 

Cleanliness in Its Many Forms

The two components of cleanliness that we are familiar with are hygiene and illness prevention. Hygiene does not just refer to keeping oneself clean; it also refers to keeping your house, neighborhood, city, as well as your surrounds and nation clean. Cleanliness will have a greater social and cultural influence as a result of this. 

Cleanliness Guidelines

There are different Cleanliness Guidelines, and also some major roles of using clean things for cleaning. If one uses dirty things to clean something, it will make other things also dirty. 

To avoid contamination and illness, a toilet must now be isolated from the home and have doors. We must wash our hands with hand-wash or soap after using the restroom. 

To avoid certain sorts of diseases, your business or home should have first-aid supplies on hand. 

We must wash everything after each use to avoid the growth of hazardous germs and the subsequent increase in their production, which is very damaging. Also, while cleaning harmful items, we must take adequate cleaning procedures.

Cleanliness’ Effects on Our Lives:

Cleanliness is important at every stage of life and plays an important part in everyday activities and living. To have an influence on learning, we must recognize purity in education.

Students’ mindsets are impacted by their surroundings, which in turn effects their capacity to learn. Dirty environments are not favorable to learning since they cause tension and impair pupils’ capacity to learn. 

Apart from schooling, the same notion applies in the workplace since the environment has an impact on productivity. Employees will work more productively in a clean workplace since they will be less stressed. In a clean environment, further accomplishment will be greater than in a filthy one. 

Cleanliness is important in health because sanitary activities lead to excellent health. People are more susceptible to illness in a filthy environment, which impairs their capacity to conduct tasks, resulting in lower productivity. 

Interacting with others helps to form social bonds. Personal cleanliness is important in the development of social relationships since it is difficult to approach a filthy person because they will have an unpleasant body odor and poor breath, and so we will restrict our interactions due to discomfort. 

Cleanliness’ Effects

There are various positive Cleanliness’ Effects on the surroundings and also on the human body. Cleanliness keeps infections and diseases away from us and helps us in living a beautiful and clean life. It also helps us in physical and psychological development. 

If the meal is healthy and clean, we must consume it with cleansed hands in order to absorb all of the nutrients and avoid sickness. A clean atmosphere also gives us a sensation of freshness, which aids us in living a healthier life, keeping us constantly fresh, and relieves us of all types of stress.

The Value of Cleanliness

Similar to the necessities of life like food, water, shelter, cleanliness also holds great importance in life. It is one of the essential things needed for a healthy living. The first The Value of Cleanliness is that it means the absence of disease and keeping one hygienic and refreshed on a personal level. 

It also reduces the likelihood of any germs or viruses harming us. You’ll be less prone to get unwell if you keep the surroundings clean and remain clean. Then you may enjoy excellent health and live an active lifestyle, which will help you live longer and stay physically healthy.

Similarly, cleanliness in our surroundings would improve our health and attractiveness. It would not only beautify but also make the environment more appealing. It will aid in attracting more visitors, boosting the nation’s economy and giving the country a positive reputation among outsiders. 

In a nutshell, cleanliness is critical for one’s spiritual well-being as well as the growth of one’s body and country’s environment. 

The elderly seldom eat before washing and doing the rituals that keep them fit. Furthermore, cleanliness provides work to a large number of individuals, therefore alleviating unemployment and poverty.

Cleanliness is maintained in a variety of ways.

It is never difficult to maintain cleanliness, and it is essential to do so in order to live a healthy life. When it comes to our personal life, we may keep ourselves clean by bathing on a regular basis. It is also important to wash your hands before eating to ensure that no bacteria enters your body. 

We must also drink clean water and eat nutritious foods at all times. Eat at home as much as possible and avoid drinking water from unsanitary sources. It will be beneficial to personal hygiene. You must also trip your nails on a regular basis to prevent them from becoming too long.

Long nails are filthy, and dirt will collect beneath your hands all the time. Maintain an oral hygiene routine of flossing and brushing twice a day. 

To help the environment, you should clean your home every day to remove dust. Keep your city’s roads clean by never littering them, and instead of throwing chips packets out the vehicle window, keep them with you and dump them in the trash.

Additionally, discourage the usage of plastic bags and urge people to recycle and reuse. Plant more trees to help the environment become cleaner and healthier. 

For excellent health, we should educate the following:

  • Every day, take a bath.
  • Before and after eating, always wash your hands with a good sanitizer.
  • Always dress in freshly cleaned and sanitized clothing.
  • Keep your house and surroundings clean on a regular basis.
  • Cooked food and drinkable water should be covered.
  • Garbage should be properly disposed of.
  • Littering is not permitted in public areas such as hospitals, parks, societies, and roadways.
  • Allowing stagnant water to produce mosquitos and spread illnesses such as malaria, dengue fever, and others is not a good idea.
  • Personal hygiene should be maintained.
  • Make sure your mind and body are in good shape.

Efforts to Improve Cleanliness

Lack of resources might make it difficult to maintain cleanliness, thus water, detergents, and other cleaning materials are required. Because resources are sometimes limited, cleaning may be jeopardized.

Another issue to consider is labor availability. Because cleaning is a laborious task that requires human effort, some individuals look the other way, and therefore cleanliness is disregarded and unattainable. 


We must all do our part to keep the place we live in clean both inside and out. Actually, the government should initiate cleaning initiatives and educate and promote good habits to the residents of the nation for this reason.

We must also be aware of our habits. We need to make it illegal for people to discard trash in undesignated areas. This initiative will eventually contribute to the creation of a clean nation. 

Finally, everyone must preserve cleanliness, whether it is an individual effort or a government-wide effort. We can learn from it and participate in making the world a greener and cleaner place.

The “importance of cleanliness in school essay” is a piece of writing that discusses the importance of cleanliness in schools. It also discusses how students and children should be taught to keep their environment clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a cleanliness essay?

A: To write a cleanliness essay, you must first find an issue or problem with your surroundings and then provide evidence as to why it is problematic. Next, finally, you will be able to make some suggestions on how the issue can be improved.

What is cleanliness for students?

What is cleanliness in simple words?

A: In general, cleanliness is about avoiding pollution and dirt. It also has to do with maintaining a healthy living environment by using disinfectants and preventing the spread of germs.

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